The Night of the Generals

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The Night of the Generals is a 1967 World War II mystery film about a Polish prostitute and German agent who is murdered in Warsaw. Suspicion falls on three Generals, and a German Intelligence officer seeks justice.

Directed by Anatole Litvak. Written by Joseph Kessel and Paul Dehn, loosely based on the beginning of the novel of the same name.
A manhunt explodes with shock and excitement!taglines

General Tanz[edit]

  • [to Hartmann] I don't want to have to blow your handsome head to pieces.
  • It's like the natural functions. Revolting, but inevitable.

General von Seidlitz-Gabler[edit]

  • [to Morand] I've always felt that even in war, gentlemen, though they may be on opposing sides, still have much in common. It was everyone's misfortune that Hitler was not a gentleman.


Liesowski: But what happens if the murderer really is a general?
Major Grau: What happens? Well, justice is blind, my dear Inspector. Justice cannot see the red stripe or the gold braid, but justice can sometimes hear the cry of a murdered woman.

Liesowski: Her name was Kupiecka. Maria Kupiecka.
Captain Engel: Kupiecka? Oh, yes, she was a prostitute. And a good friend to us!
Liesowski: She was also a German agent.
Major Grau: Killed by a Polish patriot?
Liesowski: Providing the Polish patriot was also a sexual degenerate.
Major Grau: Patriotism has been known to have its vicious side.

Major Grau: Preliminary investigation has established that each of you was... well... unaccounted for last night.
General Tanz: To whom should we be accountable, Major?

Inspector Morand: Welcome, Colonel Grau, to the spider's web.
Major Grau: How did you know it was me?
Inspector Morand: What other German Colonel would enter unannounced?
Major Grau: Any SS Colonel would.

Lt. Colonel Grau: One of them is a... a murderer.
Inspector Morand: Only one? But murder is the occupation of generals.
Lt. Colonel Grau: Then let's say that what is admirable on the large scale is monstrous on the small. Since we must give medals to mass murderers, let us try to give justice to the small... entrepreneurs.


  • A manhunt explodes with shock and excitement!
  • A unique manhunt across the capitals of Europe... across three decades up to today!


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