The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas is a 1993 film about the inhabitants of Halloween Town, who kidnap Santa Claus and take over Christmas one year, and the chaos that follows.

Directed by Henry Selick. Written by Tim Burton, Michael McDowell and Caroline Thompson.
A ghoulish tale with wicked humour & stunning animation.

Jack Skellington[edit]

  • (part of "What's This?") There's children throwing snowballs
    Instead of throwing heads.
    They're busy building toys
    And absolutely no one's dead!
  • (part of "Jack's Obsession") Just because I cannot see it doesn't mean I can't believe it!
  • (to the Easter Bunny) I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, Sir.
  • I am the Pumpkin King! HA! HA! HA! HA!
  • Well, at least they're excited,
    but they don't understand
    that special kind of feeling
    in Christmas Land. Oh, well.
  • Interesting reaction! But what does it mean?!
  • EUREKA! This year, Christmas will be OURS!

Dr. Finkelstein[edit]

  • You've poisoned me for the last time, you wretched girl!
  • Careful, my precious jewel.
  • You can come out now, if you promise to behave. Sally? Sally?! [growls in frustration at the audience] GONE AGAIN!
  • Nothing's more suspicious than frog's breath!

Oogie Boogie[edit]

  • Jack! But, they said you were dead. You must be... DOUBLE DEAD!
  • Well, come on, Bone Man!
  • My bugs! My bugs!


  • Narrator:
    'Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems,
    in a place that perhaps you've seen in your dreams;
    for the story that you are about to be told
    took place in the holiday worlds of old.
    Now, you've probably wondered where holidays come from.
    If you haven't, I'd say it's time you begun.


Saxophone Player: Nice work, bone daddy.
Jack: I guess so. It's just like last year, the year after that, and the year before that.

Dr. Finkelstein: Hmmm. What's this? Wormswort... and frog's breath?
Sally: What's wrong? I thought you liked frog's breath.
Dr. Finkelstein: Nothing's more suspicious than frog's breath! Until you taste it, I won't swallow a spoonful!
Sally: I'm not hungry.

Dr. Finkelstein: Curiosity killed the cat, you know.
Jack: I know.

Kid: Santa?
Jack: Merry Christmas! And what is your name?
Kid: I... um...
Jack: That's alright. I have a present for you anyway. There you go, sonny! [Jack slips out up the chimney, cackling as he goes.]
Mother: And what did Santa bring you, Honey?
[The kid shows his parents his present: a shrunken head.]
Jack:[flying away]: Merry Christmas!

Jack: The job I have for you is top secret, it requires craft, cunning, mischief...
Shock: And we thought you didn't like us, Jack.
[Lock, Shock and Barrel giggle at this]
Jack: Absolutely no one is to know about it, not even a soul! Now... (whispers for a time) and one more thing... leave that no-account Oogie Boogie OUT OF THIS!
Barrel: Whatever you say, Jack.
Shock: Of course, Jack.
Lock: Wouldn't dream of it, Jack.
[The three giggle again, and share looks, as if they have all crossed their fingers]

(After Jack asks to make Santa comfortable)
Barrel: Where're we taking him?
Shock: Where?
Lock: To Oogie Boogie, of course! There isn't anywhere in the whole world more comfortable than that. And Jack said to make him comfortable, didn't he?
Barrel & Shock: Yes, he did.
Santa: (from inside the bag) Haven't you heard of peace on Earth and goodwill toward men?
Lock, Shock & Barrel: NO! (Burst out laughing.)

Dr. Finkelstein: That's twice this month you've slipped Deadly Nightshade into my tea and run off.
Sally: Three times.
Dr. Finkelstein: You're mine, you know! I made you! With my own hands.
Sally: You can make other creations! I'm restless. I can't help it.
Dr. Finkelstein: It's a phase, my dear, it'll pass. We need to be patient, that's all.
Sally: That's all.

Mayor: We've got to find Jack! There's only 365 days left 'til next Halloween!
Werewolf: 364!
Mayor: Is there anywhere we've forgotten to check?
Clown: I looked in every mausoleum!
Witches: We opened the sarcophagi!
Mr. Hyde: I tromped through the pumpkin patch.
Vampire: I peeked behind the cyclops' eye. I did, but he wasn't there.
Mayor: It's time to sound the alarm!

Oogie Boogie: [after Jack rips his sack skin clean off his body] NOW LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE! MY BUGS! MY BUGS!
[Oogie Boogie's repetitive scream of "My Bugs!" get distorted as the bugs spill into the lava pit and got incinerated, except for the last one which is trying to escape, but Santa squashes it with his foot]

Sally: [To Oogie Boogie while lashed to the roulette wheel with Santa] You wait 'til Jack hears about this! By the time he's through with you, you'll be lucky if you--
Mayor: [On the speakers while driving his car] The King of Halloween has been blown to smithereens! Skeleton Jack is now a pile of dust!
Sally: [Gasps]
Jack: [Bursting out of a tombstone in the Halloween Town Cemetery] Come on, Zero, Christmas isn't over yet! [Runs through Halloween Town countryside]
Oogie Boogie: [To Sally while leering at her] What's that you were saying about luck, ragdoll?
Jack: [Arrives at Oogie's lair and sees Sally and Santa tied up]
Sally: [Cries for help]
Santa: [from the distance] You monster! You fiend!
[Jack hears her cries for help and sneaks into Oogie Boogie's lair]
Oogie Boogie: [from the distance] Seven! Well, guess what? Looks like it's Oogie's turn to boogie now!
Sally: [Screams]
Oogie Boogie: [With short jerks of the table lever] 1 2 3 4... [With fast jerks of the lever] 5 6 7! [Laughs maniacally]
Santa: This can't be happening!
Oogie Boogie: Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust. [Mockingly] Ohh...I'm feeling weak... with hunger! One more roll of the dice... ought to do it. [Laughs and throws the dice into a skull; the dice come out and read Snake Eyes]
Oogie Boogie: [Enraged] What?! Snake Eyes?! [Bangs his fist on the table and the dice read eleven] Eleven! [Laughing Menacingy] Looks like I won... the Jackpot! [Waves farewell to Sally and Santa] Bye-Bye, Dollface and Sandman!

[When Lock, Shock and Barrel bring the Easter Bunny to Halloween Town instead of Santa to Jack, the Easter Bunny leaps out of the bag and stands there, as he looks at the audience]
Jack: That's not Sandy Claws!
Shock: It isn't?!
Barrel: Well, who is it, then?!
[The Easter Bunny hops around the room and sniffs at Behemoth]
Behemoth: BUNNY!
[The Easter Bunny is terrified, and leaps back into the bag he was kidnapped in]
Jack: NOT Sandy Claws! Take him back!
Lock: But, we followed your instructions.
Barrel: Well, we went through the door.
Jack: Which door?! There's more than one! Sandy Claws lives behind a door that's shaped like THIS! [Holds up a Christmas tree shaped cookie; Barrel and Shock look at Lock who looks awkward for a second before Shock strangles him]
Shock: I told you!
[The trio fight in anger; an annoyed Jack roars, and makes a monstrous face, which instantly stops Lock, Shock and Barrel's fight, freezing them on the spot.]
Jack: [To the Easter Bunny still in the bag] I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, Sir. [To Lock, Shock and Barrel] Take him home first! And apologize again! Be careful with Sandy Claws when you fetch him. Treat him nicely!
Lock: Got it!
Shock: We'll get it right...
Lock, Shock and Barrel: Next time!

Jack: Forgive me, Mr. Claus. I'm very sorry I've made a terrible mess of your holiday.
Santa: Bumpy sleigh ride, Jack?! The next time you can get the urge to take over someone else's holiday, I'd rather listen to her! [indicating Sally] She's the only one who seems to make any sense in this insane asylum! [grumbling to himself] Skeletons, boogeymen...
Jack: But, I hope there's still time to save Christmas!
Santa: To fix Christmas? Of course there is! I'm Santa Claus!

[the Tall Witch and the Short Witch both cackle at each other]

Clown: It's over!
Behemoth: We did it!
[Clown and Behemoth do the stomach bump]

Wolfman: [to Mr. Hyde and Cyclops] Wasn't it terrifying?
Mr. Hyde and Cyclops: [in unison, as Mr. Hyde strangles Cyclops by the neck with a chain link] Oh, what a night.


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