The Noose Hangs High

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The Noose Hangs High is a 1948 American film about two window washers in a case of mistaken indentity.

Directed by Charles Barton. Written by John Grant, Howard Harris, Charles Grayson, and Arthur T. Horman.
BUD ABBOTT LOU COSTELLO in the CHOKE of the Century!  (taglines)

Tommy Hinchcliffe

  • A mounted fish? What whoppers that guy tells! Did you ever see a mounted fish? Did you ever see a fish on a horse?
  • A guy in a white coat is coming for him and I don't mean the Good Humor man.
  • It's no use crying over spilled milk. It's the nickel back for the bottle that I care about.


Ted Higgins: I'd like to have a tooth pulled. I want no anesthetic and I don't care how much it hurts.
Dentist's Assistant: Oh my, what a brave man you are! What tooth is it?
Ted Higgins: [turns to Tommy] Show her the tooth.

Nick Craig: Where's my dough?
Tommy Hinchcliffe: It's a long story...
Nick Craig: I don't like long stories.
Tommy Hinchcliffe: You like short ones?
Nick Craig: Yeah.
Tommy Hinchcliffe: We ain't got the money.
Nick Craig: Why, you...
Tommy Hinchcliffe: Too short?


  • BUD ABBOTT LOU COSTELLO in the CHOKE of the Century!


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