The Notorious B.I.G.

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The Notorious B.I.G. (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997) was a rapper.

"Juicy" (1994)[edit]

  • "It was all a dream, I used to read word up magazine, salt-n-peppa, heavy d up in tha limosuine, hangin pictures on my wall, every saturday rap attack, mr magic marley marl"
  • "I let my tape rock till my tape pop, smoking weed & bamboo, sippin on private stock"
  • "Way back when i had the red & black lumberjack, with the hat to match"
  • "Remember rappin duke duh-ha duh-ha you never thought that hip hop would take it this far"
  • "Now im in the limelight cuz i rhyme tight"
  • "Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade, born sinner, the opposite of a winner, remember when i used to eat sardines for dinner"
  • "Peace to ron G, brucy b, kid capri, funkmaster flex, lovebug starsky"
  • "Im blowin up like you thought i would call the crib up same number same hood its all good"

  • "I only got beef with those that violate me / I shall annihilate thee"
    • "Going Back to Cali"
  • "I made a change from a common thief, to up-close and personal with Robin Leach, and Im far from cheap

I smoke skunk with my peeps all day, spread love its the Brooklyn way. The moet and alize keeps me pissy Girls used to diss me, now they write letters cuz they miss me. I never thought it could happen this rappin' stuff. I was too used to packin' gats an' stuff. Now honeys play me close like butter played toast, from the Mississippi down to the East Coast." Condos in queens, indoor for weeks. sold out seats to hear Biggy Smalls speak. Livin life without fear, putting 5 carats in my baby girls ears. Lunchies, brunchies.Interviews by the pool considered a fool coz I droped out of High school. Steriotypes of a black man misunderstood and its still all good. uhh and if you dont know now you know nigga."

  • "Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis. When I was dead broke, man, I couldn't picture this."
  • "Birthdays was the worst days; now we sip champagne when we thirsty."
  • "Damn right I like the life I live, 'cause I went from negative to positive."
  • "And if you don't know, now you know, nigga."


  • "Kick in the door/Wavin' the .44/All you heard was, "Poppa, don't hit me no more" - Kick in the Door
  • "B-I-G P-O-P-P-A/No info for the D-E-A" - Mo' Money Mo' Problems
  • "Who the fuck is this?/Pagin' me at 5:46/In the morning/Crack of dawnin'/Now I'm yawnin'/Wipe the cold out my eye/ See who's this pagin' me, and why?"-Warning
  • "Pay attention, I mean this frank/These cats we fuckin' with put bombs in your mom's gas tank/ Get this money, baby, they shady, we get shady/ Dress up like ladies and burn 'em with dirty 3-80's, then they come to kill our babies,tha call out, got gatz to blow tha wall out, clear the mall out, fucka fall out
  • "Goodness Gracious The Paper! Where the Cash at? Where the Stash at?" - Gimme The Loot
  • "It's the N-O, T-O, R-I, O; U-S, You-Just, Lay-Down, Slow"
  • "It's the B, I, double-G, I, E"
  • "I love it when you call me Big Pop-pa/throw your hands in the air if youza true playa" - Big Poppa
  • "Celebrate my escape/sold the glock bought some weight/laid back I got some money to make/mothafucka" - Runnin'
  • "I got 7/ mack 11's/about 8/.38's/9/nine's/10/mack 10's/the shits never end/you can't touch my riches/even if you have MC Hammer and them 3-5-7 bitches" - Come On
  • "More money more problems"
  • "B-I-DOUBLE G-I-E"
  • "You just mad cause I got my dick sucked, and my balls licked" - Goin Back To Cali
  • "Never get high on your ownly supply" - Ten Crack Commandments
  • "Black and ugly as ever, however I stay Coogi down to the socks, rings and watch filled with Rocks" - One More Chance
  • "When I die fuck it I wanna go to hell, cause I'm a piece of shit it aint hard to fuckin tell" - Suicidal Thoughts
  • "When I figured out nicks went for 20 down south, packed up my tools for my raw power move, glock 19 for casket and flower moves"
  • "Even when I was wrong, I still got my point across"
  • "Forget the tele, we just go to the crib, watch a movie in the jacuzzi and smoke Ls while ya do me" - Big Poppa
  • "My rappin tactics are drastic, stretchin' muthafuckas like Mr. Fantastic."
  • "There's gonna' be a lotta slow singin' and flower bringin' if my burglar alarm starts ringin'" - The Warning
  • "You're nobody 'til somebody kills you"
  • "Rule nombre uno: never let no one know how much, dough you hold, cause you know the cheddar breed jealousy 'specially if that man fucked up, get your ass stuck up"
  • "never sell no crack where you rest at/I don't care if they want a ounce/tell em' bounce"
  • "that goddamn credit/forget it/ u think a crackhead payin u back nigga forget it
  • "Seven: this rule is so underrated Keep your family and business completely seperated
  • "Money and blood don't mix like two dicks and no bitch, find yourself in serious shit"
  • "C4 to your door no beef no more" - The Warning
  • "Lyrically I'm, Untouchable, Uncrushable, getting mad blunted in the S-500" - Think BIG
  • "I got nine`s in the bedroom, glocks in the kitchen, a shotti in by the shower if you wanna shot me while i`m shittin
  • "Fuck a holster got the mac eleven swingin from my shoulder" - House of Pain
  • "Is Brooklyn in the house? - Without a doubt I'm the rapper with clout everybody yap about" - Get Money Remix
  • "Tell them hoes take their clothes off slowly,"
  • "Hit em with the force like Obi, dick black like Tobi,"
  • "watch me roam like Gobi, lucky they don't owe me."
  • "Where the safe? Show me, homie."
  • "Im hard, Jehovah said I'm barred from the pearly gates fuck em, I didn't want to go to heaven anyway.But my mama got me on my knees with my hands gripped talkin bout some praise the Lord shit."
  • "I drop unexpectedly like bird shit."