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The Order (2019–2020) is a Canadian-American horror/drama web television series created by Dennis Heaton and written by Heaton, Shelley Eriksen, Rachel Langer, Jennica Harper, Penny Gummerson, and Jason Filiatrault. The series premiered on Netflix on March 7, 2019 to June 18, 2020.

Season 1[edit]

Undeclared: Part 2[edit]

Lilith: It's the twenty-first century. Women can be werewolves.

Lilith: Can you even make a decision without resorting to beer pong?
Hamish: I'm not resorting!
Randall: No, you're an alcoholic.
Hamish: I'm an alcohol aficionado!

Finals: Part 1[edit]

Jack: I just don't understand why she can't see what a monster he is!
Hamish: It's because your monster is her idol. You can't tear someone's idol down for them, they have to do that themselves.

Finals: Part 2[edit]

Edward: [Glares Malevolently]
Edward: I'm going to dissolve the Gnostic Council.
Elizabeth Kepler: ...
Edward: Not literally.
Elizabeth Kepler: Oh thank God.
Edward: You're welcome.

Randall: [Explains Plan]
Randall: It's perfect!
Alyssa: It's murder!
Hamish: At best it's depraved indifference to human life.
Randall: I always forget you were pre-law.
Hamish: My father doesn't.
Alyssa: I can't be part of this.

Season 2[edit]

Free Radicals: Part 1[edit]

Selena Durov: Undergrads... so naïve. They actually think their education will be used in the real world.
Hamish: Oh don't be cruel. If they didn't want their useless degrees we would never get the teaching assistants jobs we need to pursue our useless degrees.

Vera Stone: Do I really need to remind you of the danger of answering my questions with a question?

Spring Outbreak: Part 2[edit]

Vera Stone: Of all the incompetent things you have ever done—and they are legion—this is by far the most incompetent!
Elizabeth Kepler: My incompetence is not in question here!
Vera Stone: No, it isn't.

New World Order: Part 1[edit]

Vera Stone: We should have a party. I think we could all use one. ...Elizabeth, if you could see to the arrangements?
Elizabeth Kepler: I'll order some wine.
Vera Stone: [Taken Aback] Champagne, please! We're at war with Praxis, not good taste.

New World Order: Part 2[edit]

Jack: A human magistratus isn't powerful enough to open a portal to the demon realm... "Open a passage to the demon realm." What... what happened to me? I was gonna be a marine biologist.
Randall: Oh shit! Dude, you finally figured out your major.
Jack: Marine biology... or film school.
Hamish: That's what the apocalypse needs—more film students.


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