The Other Sister

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The Other Sister is a 1999 movie directed by Garry Marshall about a mentally challenged girl who sets out to prove that she is capable of leading a normal life and love.

A love story for the romantically challenged. (taglines)

Daniel McMann[edit]

  • I love you every minute. I love you more than marching bands and cookie making.

Carla Tate[edit]

  • (After watching a couple do a body shot at the bar) Normal couples don't do that. They're from college.


Carla Tate: I wonder who thought up sex?
Daniel McMann: I think it was Madonna.

Carla Tate: Have you ever done it before?
Daniel McMann: Well, yeah, kind of. You see, the guys at work, they chipped in and they found this girl, and she had a reputation. There was a lot of kissing and hugging and a lot of rubbing, and I kind of finished before I was supposed to. You have to be a guy to understand that.


  • A love story for the romantically challenged.
  • A Romantic Comedy About Letting Go!


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