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The Outback (also known as Outback or Koala Kid) is a 2012 computer-animated action comedy film directed by Kyung Ho Lee. It was released in South Korea on January 12, 2012. The movie takes place in Australia.

Directed by Kyung Ho Lee. Produced by Daniel Chuba, Mark A.Z. Dippé, Ash R. Shah, Joshua Sohn and Alex J. Yoo. Written by Scott Clevenger, Chris Denk and Timothy Wayne Peternel.


  • [first lines of the film; voice over] Of all the continents on the planet ... There is none quite like... Australia. [The camera zooms into Australia] And it vast, dramatic wilderness called ... The Outback.
  • [to the koala bullies] You know, you shouldn't judge a bear by its fur. I mean, I'm just like you.
  • I just want to fit in. I wish people like me for who I am. I wish I was ... [showing a picture of Wild Bushman] like him!


  • [first lines; spotting Johnny for the first time] Look at that rare and white koala. Higgens, we finally found that golden ticket back to the carnival.
  • What if I told you there is a place for special little fellas just like you? [Johnny: Really?] Oh sure!
  • [to Lug] A mistake ... I am willing to forgive. See, we can make a deal.
  • Don't you agree? Think... unique and unique sells. Now come and take a look at your new home.
  • Now, why can't you be? You'd be an animal action adventurer. [grabs the picture of Wild Bushman] Like a Wild Bushman, but with claws. We might even make it to the Big Top.





[That night, Lug is having a talk with Johnny, Hamish and Higgins]
Lug: I told you stay out of the Big Top! You don't even deserve a booth in the freak show (anymore).
Hamish: Lug. Maybe. We can fix their show.
Lug: Powder Puff show is OVER! No one cares about a white koala! [walks away]
[Higgins tail is on fire and he tries to blow out the fire]
Lug: [to Johnny] Don't even think about a new show, baby.
[Lug walks into the trailer as Johnny and his friends sigh sadly]


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