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The Owl House is a partially defunct American animated television series created by Dana Terrace that aired on Disney Channel from January 10, 2020 to April 8, 2023.

Season 1


A Lying Witch and a Warden [1.01]

[In Luz's fantasy]
Gildersnake: Foolish child! I could swallow you whole!
Azura: Do not underestimate me, Gildersnake! For I am the Good Witch Azura, warrior of peace! ... NOW EAT THIS, SUCKA! [fires blasts from her staff like a bazooka, hitting the Gildersnake]
Gildersnake: NO! MY ONLY WEAKNESS: DYING! [collapses]

Luz: Oh! Hello, little fairy. Are you going to tell me this is all a fantastical dream?
Fairy: [showing huge pointed teeth] GIVE ME YOUR SKIN!
[Luz yelps and swats her away]

Luz: Flying staffs, crazy monsters, you're a witch! What is this place?!
Eda: This is the Boiling Isles. Every myth you humans have is caused by a little of our world leaking into yours.
Luz: [as a griffin resembling the model she made at school flies near] A griffin! [it barfs spiders] I knew it!
Eda: Yep. Griffins, vampires, giraffes...
Luz: Giraffes?
Eda: Oh yeah. We banished those guys. Bunch of freaks.

Eda: Welcome to...The Owl House. Where I hide away from the pressures of modern life. Also the cops, and also ex-boyfriends.
Luz: This place is beautiful. Do you live here all alone?
[loud, heavy footsteps shake the house]
Eda: Actually, I have a roommate.
King: [in a deep voice] Who dares intrude upon I, [voice lightens] the king of demons?!
[he turns out to be a small creature in a bathrobe, holding a rubber duck; Luz gasps, then tackles and starts cuddling him]
Luz: ¡AY QUE LINDO! Eda, he's so cute! Who's a widdle guy? Who's a widdle guy? Is it you? Is it you? [hugs him]
King: [struggles to escape, horrified] NO! I DON'T KNOW WHO YOUR "LITTLE GUY" IS! EDA, WHO IS THIS MONSTER?!
Eda: [pulls Luz away from King] Oh, this is Luz, the human. She's here to help us with our little...situation.
King: Oh! Hooray!

Katya: The stupid warden likes to lock people up who don't fit in. Like, I write fanfics of food falling in love. I like food, I like love - just let me write about it!
Eye-Eating Prisoner: I'm here because I like eating my own eyes. [plucks an eye out of his head and swallows it; it moves back into place in its socket]
Tinella Nosa: We are agents of fwee expwession! They will never siwence us!
Katya: Yeah, she's really big into conspiracy theories.
Tinella Nosa: The world is a simuwation! We are but pwaythings for a higher being!

Witches Before Wizards [1.02]

Luz: I'm just confused.
Eda: Thinking of calling it quits, huh?
Luz: This place is nothing like I imagined.
Eda: Hmm... maybe not here. But come with me. I got something to show you.
[Eda flies Luz and King up into the sky, the former wearing a blindfold]
Eda: Okay, you can look.
Luz: [takes the blindfold off] Whoa!
[The Boiling Isles is revealed to be the corpse of a Titan]
Eda: The bones of the Isles. Up close, the Isles can be slimy...
King: And very stinky.
Eda: And gross. But if you look at it from a different perspective...
[A shooting star crosses the evening sky above the Titan's skull]
Luz: It's beautiful.
King: Yeah...
Luz: Eda, how did you know that wizard was lying?
Eda: Look, kid, everyone wants to believe they're "chosen". But if we all waited around for a prophecy to make us special, [chuckling slightly] we'd die waiting. And that's why you need to choose yourself.
Luz: Does that mean you'll give me a magic staff of my own?
Eda: Not yet. But... someday.

I Was a Teenage Abomination [1.03]

[Willow's outburst with her plant magic accidentally ties Luz up]
Willow: [realizing] Oh no no no no no, I'm so sorry! [removes the vines from Luz's leg]
Luz: It's okay, the thorns only went through a few layers of skin.
Willow: [gets close to her face and notices her ears] So... circley.
Luz: Eep! [tries to cover her ears]
Willow: [gasps] You're human! This is astounding! A human on the Boiling Isles! [pulls Luz to her feet] How did you get here? What are you doing here? [a bell chimes and Willow slumps] I-I'm sorry, I can't stay. I have to go disappoint my teacher. It was nice to meet you, human.
Luz: Wait! I'm Luz, and you're Willow, right? What you did with that flower and those plants, it was WOWWW.
Willow: Thanks, but, I'm not even supposed to be doing plant magic. My parents put me in the abomination track at school.
Luz: [rushes forward and grabs her shoulders, squealing excitedly] Like, magic school? [Willow nods] That's so cool! I'm so jealous! I have a teacher, but her lessons are a bit... untraditional. I bet she wouldn't even let me enroll. But I wish I could spend one day there.
Willow: I wish I could get a passing grade for once. Then people would stop calling me "half a witch Willow." [kicks at her failed abomination, which makes a groaning noise]
Luz: Hey, wait. I know how we can both get what we want. [scoops up some of the goo and splatters it on her shirt] Make me your abomination! I'll get you a good grade, and you can get me into magic school! It's fiendishly clever! [quirks an eyebrow]
Willow: What?
Luz: I saw that girl's thing, it's just chunks of stuff that talks weird. I'M chunks of stuff, and I talk weird!
Willow: That's true... [giggles] Okay! It's a deal, Luz. [they shake hands]
Luz: This is a great plan.[their hands get stuck together with the goo]
Willow: Oops, abomination goo.
[they struggle to get apart, and Luz falls over into the goo]
Luz: [offscreen] Great plan.

The Intruder [1.04]

Luz: [after the Owl Beast runs away] Oh man, did you see her eyes? They were all like "ahhh!' [sticks her tongue out] What happened to her?
King: Don't you see? The elixir I gave you doesn't give Eda powers! It prevents her from turning into THAT thing! She's turned into a nightmare and it's all my fault! I'm so sorry, Luz. I just wanted you to be into demons like you're into magic. I don't have many friends and no one even pays that much attention to me. I thought maybe if I taught you finally someone would care about creatures like me.
Luz: [holds up her pen] Well, lets finish the lesson.
King: Huh?
Luz: Eda's turned into some kind of demon, and we need to save her. So who knows more about demons than the best teacher in the world?
King: [happily points to himself while Luz nods, smiling. He leaps into her arms, giggling happily. Then, he sets down some leaves and begins to draw on them] Lets see, she was bigger, covered in feathers, and had giant black eyes. Demons with black eyes are usually sensitive to light. [sees Luz's phone in her pocket] That's it, light! Luz, use your human wonder rectangle!
Luz: I can't, my camera's all blasted.
King: Then... what about that light spell?
Luz: [sighs] You saw me, I can't draw circles in the air. I'm not like Eda. [plays Eda's video]
Eda: [on video] Spell circle is really key because- [the phone glitches]
Luz: [gasps] There's a pattern in the spell circle!
King: What? Where?
Luz: [takes a leaf to trace the spell circle] It looks like this. [she draws the pattern and taps it with her pen, making it glow] There. [Luz gasps, amazed, as the leaf turns into a glowing ball of light. She cups it in her hands] It's beautiful. Oh my gosh, I just did magic. [jumps up] I just did magic! I just did magic!
King: Shhh! We're not gonna stop anything with something that small!
[Owl Beast roars]

Convention [1.05]

[Luz spots Amity, who's against the wall, hugging her knees to her chest]
Luz: Amity, I'm sorry.
Amity: Ugh, seriously? Just leave me alone.
Luz: I didn't mean to embarrass you.
Amity: That's all you ever do! First at school, and now this!
Luz: Yeah, but-
Amity: [stands] You made me look like a FOOL in front of the Emperor's Coven! My future! You think it's so easy to be a witch! I have been working my whole LIFE to get to the top! You LOST! You CHEATED! Say it, say you're not a witch!
Luz: [looking down sadly] I'm not a witch. [sits down and creates a light glyph from a piece of paper. She holds the ball of light] But I'm training hard to be one.
Amity: [looks amazed for a second, but then turns away] That's nothing. A child could do a light spell. [Luz sadly puts the spell away] But, I've never seen it cast like that.
Luz: It doesn't come naturally to me like it does for you, so I've had to improvise.
Amity: [sighs and casts a spell circle, grasping Luz's wrist] The oath is unbound. [stands to leave]
Luz: Did it work? Can I still learn magic?
Amity: Humans have no magical ability, but I doubt that'll stop you. [walks away]

Hooty's Missing Hassle [1.06]


Lost in Language [1.07]

[Otabin has sewn Luz into a giant book with Amity after a failed rescue by the former]
Amity: [sarcastic] Great work, Luzura.
Luz: Hey! I was trying to save you!
Amity: Well, it doesn't matter. We're gonna be stuck together forever. [hangs her head, resigned]
Luz: [tugs on the page she is sewn to] No, we aren't. Follow my lead. [starts swinging herself forward] One...! Two...!
Amity: What are you doing?!
[the book falls over forward and hits Otabin, who then notices the girls have fled]
Otabin: Come back! [gives chase]
[Luz and Amity eventually pause to catch their breath]
Amity: Now what?!
Luz: I don't know! I didn't even think that would work! I was all, like, "RAAAGH!"
[Amity giggles, causing Luz to smile warmly]

Once Upon a Swap [1.08]


Something Ventured, Someone Framed [1.09]

Luz: Gus, I'd love to go to school with you, but I don't know how I can. Principal Bump banned me from Hexside.
Eda: But nothing. Bump did you a favor. There ain't nothing for you at that dweebus factory. [to Gus] No offense, dweebus.
Gus: It's okay. I come from a long line of dweebuses.
Luz: [slams down the box she was holding] Well, I would love to go some day. Better than unpacking boxes in the Eda Coven.
Eda: [standing] Oh, you think you're clever, huh?
King: Ooooh! Fight, fight, fight!
Eda: Can it, King! First off, it's the "Bad Girl Coven". And second off, I guess you don't want in on the T-shirt order, huh? [pulls out a piece of paper with a "Bad Girl Coven" shirt drawn on it; rock music plays]
Luz: I don't care about T-shirts, Eda! I want to learn magic, and they teach that at Hexside!
Eda: I mean... yeah, well... [grunts, starts walking out] I don't wanna hear another word about Hexside! Unless it's "Hexside is on fire" and "let's grab front row seats"! [slams the door behind her]
King: [looking sad] Aw, look what you did. [gleefully] I'm gonna go rub it in! Nyeh! [follows Eda, laughing]
[Luz sighs and collapses on the couch.]
Gus: Luz? A-About the ban... I, uh... used my H.A.S. presidential authority to pull some strings! You've been given a full pardon!
Luz: You mean...?
Gus: I got the ban lifted!
Luz: [excited, grabs and shakes Gus] Oh my gosh! Yes, yes, yes! Of course I'll be there tomorrow! Gus, this will be great! [jumping on the couch] I get to see the school, and save the president!
Gus: Great! I'll see you tomorrow! [leaves the Owl House] Yes! You did it, Gus! [dances to some music] You did it, Gus! You're the smartest, you're the best!
Hooty: Sweet moves, little dude.
Gus: [yelps in shock] I always forget you're there!
Hooty: I forget I'm here too... Boop!
[Gus stares at him, looking disturbed.]

Escape of the Palisman [1.10]


Sense and Insensitivity [1.11]

[Luz attempts to write a novel called "Luzura's Awakening"]
King: "Luzura's tears fell on the frozen prince, bringing him back to life"? Eh, this feels a little unrealistic.
Luz: I see what you're saying. But in your version, Ruler just destroys everything. [smiling] I think a little romantic tension could help the scene.
King: Hey, there's more to life than shipping.
Luz: Don't you dare insult shipping in my presence!

Adventures in the Elements [1.12]

[After Hooty destroys the rebellious toys that King bought to life]
King: Private Hooty, today, when the felt flew, you showed grit and determination that were instrumental in securing our victory. May I just say, it has been an honour to be your commander?
Hooty: Sir, the honour is all mine!
King: [hugging him] Private, our hearts have been touched by fire, and--
Eda: [arriving home with Luz] Ahem! What the heck did you two get into?!
King: Um, excuse me?! We're having a moment here!
Hooty: [dramatically] You'll never understand what we've been through together! Never! Never!
King: Ugh, moment ruined. [walks away]
Hooty: [cheerfully] I will be haunted by my actions forever. Hoot hoot!

The First Day [1.13]


Really Small Problems [1.14]


Understanding Willow [1.15]


Enchanting Grom Fright [1.16]


Wing It Like Witches [1.17]

Amity: Luz, this isn't a good idea.
Willow: Yeah, I've never even played Grudgby before! How am I supposed to beat Boscha?
Luz: But you're the better witch. [gets out a DVD of "The Field of Deadly Fates", a sports movie featuring Azura] I don't know much about sports, but I do know about sports movies! We, too, are a ragtag team of lovable misfits joined together to defeat a powerful enemy. With a little team spirit and a training montage, we can win!
Willow: Well, if you think this'll work, then I'm in. How about you, Gus?
Gus: [producing a pair of flags] In seasons past, these flags have waved in support of Grudgby greats. Now they will wave for the greatest: ME!
Luz: What about you, Amity?
Amity: [suddenly looking extremely nervous] Me? On a team with you? ... Running around in cute uniforms?!... SWEATING?! [blushes intensely] I GOTTA GO! [runs off]
Luz: Huh. Well, I guess she's out.

Luz: [plays motivational sports music on her phone and dons a running headband] All right! Every great sports story includes a training montage.
Gus: [raising his hand] What's a "montage"?
Luz: Well...
[We see scenes of Luz explaining what a montage is to Willow and Gus using a chalkboard, then showing them a football movie on a TV, then all three of them having a tea party in animal onesies. Cut back to the field.]
Gus: Oh, I get it now! ... Wait, were we just having a tea party in animal jammies?
Luz: What happens in the montage stays in the montage! Now let's hit the field!

Amity: Luz needs our help! I know she pushed you guys, and she always gets in over her head. She can be so stupid. [smiling] Which I love... [blushing] I mean, hate! In any case, she needs you right now! [smiling again] Which is sweet... [blushing again] I mean, I hate it, and it's dumb!
[Willow looks suspicious]
Gus: You lost me.

Willow: Oh thorns...
Luz: Wha-What happened?
Willow: She caught the Rusty Smidge.
Luz: The what?!
Boscha: Yeah, while you were celebrating your "victory", I caught this guy. It means we automatically win. All magic sports are like this.
Luz: [completely furious] That just invalidates all our efforts! If catching that thing is so important, why do anything else?! There's no reason to watch any of the other players! THAT'S SUCH A STUPID RULE!

Agony of a Witch [1.18]


Young Blood, Old Souls [1.19]


Season 2


Separate Tides [2.01]


Escaping Expulsion [2.02]

Gus: We'll get back into Hexside or die trying!
Willow: No one's dying.
Gus: Not with that attitude.

Echoes of the Past [2.03]


Keeping Up A-fear-ances [2.04]

"Master Wortlop": Mrs. Clawthorne? [clears throat, puts on fake voice] What a fortuitous, uh, surprise!
Gwendolyn Clawthorne: [sternly] You know, right after Eda was cursed, I joined the Beast Keeper Coven. I thought they surely would know what to do. But the beast keepers told me the curse couldn't be tamed, and the healers told me it couldn't be healed. Eda told me she found something that made it manageable at least, but... I didn't listen.
"Master Wortlop": I could give you the next volume? 5% off? 10% off?
Gwendolyn: Leave. [spreads the fire bees from "Wortlop"'s campfire, creating an inferno] And if I ever see you in Bonesborough again, every beast in the forest will be after your head!
[The three gremlins under the "Wortlop" disguise jump out and dig their way underground in terror]
Gwendolyn: [calms the bees and chuckles] Still got it!

Through the Looking Glass Ruins [2.05]

Emperor Belos/Philip Wittebane: My journey through the Demon Realm is far from over. But today I humbly donate my journal to the ages. Entry one: May 21st... I think. My name is Philip Wittebane, and I found myself in a world so horrid, yet so fantastic, few minds could have dreamt it. If only those at home could see what I have, and perhaps they shall. For the more I learn about this realm, the more I am certain I can harness its strange powers to return home. Today I begin recording my journey to create a portal back to the Human Realm.

Hunting Palismen [2.06]


Eda's Requiem [2.07]


Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door [2.08]

Hooty: Are you angry, sweaty? Is there hair in places? Does your voice crack in a super embarrassing way? I have the answers you seek... [turns on the lights, revealing diagrams, charts and boards all over the tower] You're going through demon puberty!
King: [facepalms] Ugh! The last thing I want from you is a health class.
Hooty: This isn't a health class. It's an unholy test, to determine what kind of demon you are! [pulls down a chart of demon traits titled "Who Am I?"]
King: [hopeful] Really?!
Hooty: Yup! Besides, I’m pretty sure I’m the only other demon here, so... [chuckles] what other choice do you have?
King: Eh... all right. What the heck?
Hooty: Yaaaay! [dons a beret/mortarboard bat] Our ancestors arose from the muck of a decomposing Titan. And there are so many of us! But all demons can be placed in three categories: bug, biped, and beast.
King: Yeah okay, everyone knows about the three Bs--
Hooty: [intensely, getting in King's face] DO NOT INTERRUPT! Now, I'm pretty sure you’re not a bug, but we can’t rule anything out. As a type of worm myself... [he wiggles, making King shudder] I'm an expert on this subject. Let's begin!
[Hooty carries King across the room. Cut to King wearing dancing clothes.]
King: [embarrassed] GUUUH!
Hooty: Bug types naturally communicate through dance - like so!
[A fairy and a two-faced butterfly do a dance.]
Hooty: [sniffling and tearing up] Poetic!
[King tries a freestyle dance of his own. Hooty, the fairy and the butterfly look shocked.]
Hooty: [furious] DON'T YOU TALK ABOUT MY MOTHER!!! [starts chasing King]

Luz: It's just... I've been wanting to ask you something for a while, but I wanted to do it in the best way, and in the Tunnel of Love I thought, Amity's too cool for this.
Amity: [blushes] I'm not as cool as you think.
Luz: Okay, everything is so crazy right now, and I have no idea what my future holds but it would be so cool, if you were in it. So... uh- [gets flustered and inhales]
Amity: Do you wanna go out with me?
Luz: [exhales] Nooo, I was so ready.
Amity: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you can say it.
Luz: Okay. Amity Blight, do you wanna go out with me?
Amity: Yes!
Luz: Okay! [they hold hands] Why is this still so scary?
Amity: I don't know.

Eclipse Lake [2.09]

[Amity and King approach Hunter, who is digging in the ground]
Hunter: Don't worry, I won't pick a fight. There's no titan blood.
Amity: Then why are you digging?
Hunter: Oh, it's simple really. Belos needs titan blood to make a new portal key. Can't get to the human realm without it.
Amity: [to herself] There's blood in the key?
Hunter: And since I failed my last mission I thought, hey! A chance to make up for it! But I can't go back empty handed [chuckles hysterically] Not again. Long story short, this is my grave. Want me to make you one too?
King: This is really bumming me out.
Hunter: That's just life, rat. Everyone has a use, and if you don't [blows a raspberry] Buh-bye! Your friend gets it.
King: What's he talking about?
Amity: Luz has been sending me these strange human codes. I don't understand all of them but this one seems pretty clear. "Come back with results or we're done."
[King flips the device so Amity can see the messages from a different angle. Her eyes widen]
Amity: [reading the messages] "U R RAD." "FOOLS BLOOD BAD." "U OK?" "COME HOME." [chuckles happily] Of course! This is Luz we're talking about here.
Hunter: [as Flapjack pulls on his cloak] Hey! Go find a better witch to be with. [buries his head in the dirt]
Amity: [walks over to kneel beside him] You know, you were right. We do have a lot in common. I grew up thinking that everything was an opportunity to justify existing! But there are people out there who won't make you feel worthless. You just have to let yourself meet them. [holds out her hand to him]

Yesterday's Lie [2.10]

Camila: [to a caged, gagged Vee] Hello... This is all so confusing, but... who knew I had such a strong girl living under my roof this whole time? [Vee tears up happily]
Jacob: [interrupts, wearing armor] So how do I look? Maybe we can collaborate on a version that can survive the battles on Mars? [notices Camila's phone, gasps] Wait, what is that?! Are you recording this?!
Camila: [nervously] Uuuuuhhhh...
Jacob: [frowns for a moment, then grins] Wonderful! [taking a knife from the wall] Well, I was gonna wait until after the press tour, but let's begin our live dissection of this demon right now! [turns on Vee]
Camila: STOP! Uh, the... the President just called! Yeah, and, uh... [sees Luz encouraging her from the phone] uh... You know what? I don't have the imagination for this. I will be taking this innocent child with me, and you will never bother us again.
Jacob: What?! No, absolutely not! We made a verbal agreement--
Camila: Mister! [brandishing an upside-down slingshot] You better back the heck down, or I will tell the police you have been illegally setting up traps and cameras on private property! [drops the slingshot]
Jacob: I won't let you take away my discovery! I'm the good guy here!
Camila: [takes out a flip-flop from her handbag] Yeah... a lot of bad guys say that. [strikes him with it]

Follies at the Coven Day Parade [2.11]

Luz: Whoa, what's going on?
King: They're probably prepping for the annual Coven Day Parade. Floats, streamers, fireworks--
Eda: Ah, it's just a fancy way to kiss the Emperor'ssssss... [Luz covers King's ears and glares at her] whatever! I'm just here to pick something up.

Eda: [about Raine] If they're here for the parade, they'll probably be surrounded by scouts. Oh, we'd need someone on the inside to lend us a hand.
Luz: Hmm... [she sees Kikimora tripping over a plank of wood and being walked over by scouts, then turns to Eda with a sly smile] Hmm?
Eda: [snorts] Yeah, right. As if she'd give us the time of day.
[Cut to Kikimora tearfully talking to Luz about her problems with her mother, while Eda stands by looking exasperated.]
Kikimora: And then... and then she... she said if I don't make it back for the family reunion, I'd be banished from Palm Stings and the family home! But I've failed too many missions, and if I leave my job now, I'll be banished from my LIFE! [breaks down crying]
Luz: [patting her] There you go. It's gonna be okay. Maybe there's a way we can help each other out-- WHOA!
Eda: [pulling Luz up by the hood] Are you out of your mind?! Kikimora nearly turned me to stone, she attacked you back in Latissa, and she didn't blink when your girlfriend was thrown down a pit! Oh, she is bad! And not the hot kinda bad...
Luz: But this could be your way to talk to Raine! Isn't it worth the risk?
Eda: [folding her arms] Mmmaybe.... but what're you getting out of this?
[Luz glances at Kikimora pacing and talking to herself.]
Kikimora: On the one hand, I miss my family, on the other, Belos is not a forgiving man, but I'm just a party planner at this point...
Luz: [sweating slightly] I'm... just a sucker for romantic reunions?
Eda: [frowns for a moment] This is true. Ugh, fine!
Kikimora: Fine? What's fine? What are you cretins planning?
Luz: Worry not, Kikimora. We're gonna help you... by kidnapping you and Raine!
Eda, King and Kikimora: WHAT?!

Luz: Let's go over the plan one more time. King and Hooty will pilot the float during the parade. Once it gets to the halfway point, you two will set off all the glyphs, potions, and fireworks to distract people.
King: With my love of mayhem and Hooty's desperate need for attention, this'll be a cake walk! [Hooty nods]
Luz: When Kikimora sends off the guards to investigate, that's when Eda and I will obscure the stage and whisk her and Raine away. The Coven can't banish Kiki if she's missing! She'll get the best of both worlds! She'll set an example for us all!
[The others stare at her.]
Luz: [nervously chuckles] Um, I mean... Eda gets to talk to Raine! It's romantic!
Eda: [blushing] Oh, it's not that romantic.
Hooty: Witch, this is peak of Mount Romance.
King: Hooty, what would you know?
Hooty: I've been around!

Elsewhere and Elsewhen [2.12]

Luz: Come on, time pools. Mama needs to commune with the dead.
[She pokes her head into one, and sees three medieval-looking witches sitting around a campfire]
Witch 1: Tonight I shall revel so hard, I shan't stand any longer!
Witch 2: I shall revel mineself to death!
[Pulling her head back to the present, Luz sees his skeleton in that very spot, giving two thumbs up]

Any Sport in a Storm [2.13]

Viney: [about Hunter] Did he just make an account?
Willow: Wow, he is a slow typer.
Gus: [chuckles] He's worse than my dad.
[They notice Luz and Amity up ahead]
Willow: Oh! Hey, guys!
Luz: I am really digging those outfits. So, how was work at school? Did we miss anything?
Willow: Just had our first team win as the Emerald Entrails. [she and her team pose]
Luz: Oooh! Lemme see! Lemme see!
[Willow displays the Emerald Entrails' team photo in her social media feed; seeing Hunter among the group, Luz and Amity gasp]
Luz and Amity: [in unison] WHAT?!

Reaching Out [2.14]


Them's the Breaks, Kid [2.15]


Hollow Mind [2.16]

Eda: Listen, Belos has been Emperor for fifty years. Everyone is used to this. No one's gonna risk change unless you have proof that he's up to something. [sees Luz looking dejected] Ah, come on. We'll figure something out. But first, let's see if there are any respectable criminals left in this city.
[As Eda walks away, witches and demons give her dirty looks and whisper gossip.]
Luz: I hate seeing people look at Eda that way. But how can I prove he's actually evil? It feels so obvious, but no one believes me! No one answers my letters! [groans] I don't know what to do!
King: No one wants to think they've wasted their life following the wrong person. You just gotta find something big to change their minds.

[While Luz and Hunter are inside his mind, Belos tricks them into helping him capture the creature resembling his monster form, composed of the souls of the Palismen he's devoured.]
Belos: Ah. I was finally able to catch it. This thing's been a thorn in my side for years. All these weepy Palismen souls, their voices constantly nagging me. [grabs a bird Palisman out of the creature] Vile. But without them, I wouldn't be able to do this. [to Hunter's horror, Belos transforms his arm and crushes the Palsiman] Ah... I'm feeling better already. Thank you for distracting it.
Hunter: [close to tears] What did you do to the other guards? To our family?! It wasn't wild magic, was it?!
Belos: [coldly, flicking Hunter's hair] What a shame. [sighs] Out of all the grimwalkers, you looked the most like him.

[Confronting Belos while inside his mind, Luz has learned that he is really Philip Wittebane, who tricked her into helping him when she travelled into the past.]
Belos: It does feel good to hear another human say that name. I had to change it when Philip was run out of too many towns. I told you once before, "Luzura"... [morphing into Philip] perhaps we were destined to meet.
Luz: And what about Hunter? What's a grimwalker?
Belos: [turning back] He's... a better version of an old friend. But thanks to you, I'll have to make another one.
Luz: But... why? Why go through all this?!
Belos: I'll do anything to save humanity from evil.
Luz: [shakes her head in revulsion] No. You're evil!
Belos: [nonchalantly] Can't reason with crazy.

Edge of the World [2.17]


Labyrinth Runners [2.18]

Guard Captain: When Emperor Belos catches wind of this...
Principal Bump: [smirking] I'm sure he'll be thrilled to learn one of his captains was defeated... by a couple teenagers.
Guard Captain: [groans, then notices a guard leaving] Severine! Get on that ship or you'll be walking back to the castle!
Severine: Y'know what?! It has been a rough year, and my self-esteem can only take so much! [removes her mask and throws it to the ground, revealing her cat-like features] I QUIT! I'm going back to the Tiny Cat Coven...!

O Titan, Where Art Thou [2.19]

Eda: Raine, why didn't you tell me anything? I could've helped.
Raine: Is it so unbelievable that I wanted to keep you safe? But, in typical Eda fashion, you're not gonna stop until you make things right.
Eda: [smiles] I guess not.
Lilith: Things aren't hopeless. They have a plan to stop Belos and the Draining Spell!
Luz: [gasps] Really?! Wait, wait, before you get into that, please tell me you have a cool rebel name!
Raine: Actually, we do. Allow me to introduce...
Darius: Wait, hold on.
Raine: The Covens Against the Throne...
Darius: We talked about this, you promised!
Raine: AKA...
Darius: [angered] I DID NOT AGREE TO THIS NAME!
Raine: The CATs!
[Katya, Amber and Derwyn do playful hisses.]
Luz: [pulls up the cat-eared hood on her hoodie] Everything's come full circle, baby!

Clouds on the Horizon [2.20]


King's Tide [2.21]

The Collector: [in shadow form, excited] We did it! It's done, it's done! Now you can set me free and we can play new games!
Belos: [with a cruel smirk] I'm afraid that's impossible.
The Collector: [confused] Uh... excuse-a-what now? [Belos sets down the mirror dismissively] B-But you said... you'd use the Titan blood to help free me!
Belos: And I'm sorry, but I just realized I only have enough Titan's Blood to open the portal.
[After removing his cape and tying back his hair, Belos takes out the portal key and drains the last of the blood into a device powering the portal]
The Collector: [with rising anger and hurt] But you said we were friends! W-We pinky-swore! You lied! Liar! Liar! LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR!!! LIAR-- [disappears as Belos covers the mirror with his cape]
Kikimora: [entering with the orb containing Luz (whom she thinks is Hunter)] Emperor, congratulations on this momentous day. I come bearing a gift. [Belos slowly walks towards her] You had been looking for the Golden Guard, and here he is! Perhaps this act is worthy of me returning to my old post? Or, if you're looking for a new right hand...?
Belos: Have you as my right hand? I'd sooner cut off my whole arm.
Kikimora: [taken aback] But... uh... I just want to help!
Belos: You want to help? [takes the cloak-covered mirror, with the Collector's muffled screams still audible, and forces Kikimora out of the room with magic] Go find a hole to wither away in. [leaves a shocked Kikimora, goes to the edge of the bridge and uncovers the mirror] And you...
The Collector: [appearing again] I gave you the draining spell! I taught you magic stronger than anybody's!
Belos: And that's why I won't release you. Can't have you giving that to anyone else. Goodbye. [throws the mirror and cloak over the edge]
The Collector: [screaming as the mirror falls] YOU'RE A LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!!!

Belos: I didn't realize you're already combining glyphs! You do have a strange intuition with these. It took me years to figure that out. Almost like the Titan himself didn't want me to have that knowledge. Though you're still decades away from beating me. [seizes Luz in a morphed hand]
Luz: [screams in anger] EAT DIRT, BELOS!
Belos: It's Philip. And despite our differences, I want to help you, Luz. I can send you home. I have just enough Titan blood for one more trip. [Luz glances at the portal] Please. I don't want to see another human life destroyed by this place.
Luz: [disgusted] You're such a hypocrite. You talk big about protecting humanity, but after everything you've done, you're barely human yourself!
[As she speaks, Belos' scar reappears on his face]
Belos: I do pity you. These monsters have warped your sense of reality. Perhaps it'd be merciful to put you out of your misery.

[While Luz and the others try to force Belos to stop the Day of Unity, King encounters a forlorn and weakening Kikimora.]
Kikimora: It's pointless. Belos can't stop the spell any more than they can. Only the Collector has that power.
King: Who... is the Collector?
Kikimora: Neither witch nor demon - a child from the stars. Belos only talked to him when he thought no one was around, but I was always listening. Belos was afraid of him.
King: [thinking] An opportunity...! Take me to him!
Kikimora: If that means kicking the Emperor's butt... gladly.

[A transformed Belos corners Luz and the Hexsquad, and prepares to kill them - but his scythe-shaped arm is effortlessly held back by the Collector in his true, childlike form, to everyone's surprise.]
The Collector: [smiling cheerfully] Whatcha playin'?
Belos: [trying to hide his fear as the Collector glares at him] Collector! You're free, just as promised...
The Collector: "As promised"? I remember someone throwing me off a bridge... [smiles again] I'm not angry, though. Say, you wanna play tag? [twirls his finger, dragging Belos towards him] I'm it.
[The Collector taps Belos' face, immediately launching him into the door and splattering his body into a pile of slime, to the Hexsquad's further shock.]
The Collector: [giggles] Too slow! [approaches the Hexsquad curiously] You guys look slow too. Do you need a head start?
King: [hurrying in, nervously] Whoa, whoa, Collector! Buddy, pal!
The Collector: [happily] King!
King: Remember what we talked about? You gotta help all my friends outside, or, uh... we won't get to play "Owl House"! [looks back at the group]
Luz: [playing along] Uh... Owl House? Uh, gosh! [chuckles nervously] I love that game!
Amity: The memories last a lifetime!
Willow: I play it every day!
Gus: I play it every hour!
Hunter: [squeals, looking particularly terrified]
King: I'll explain the rules later. But remember, we need lots of players.
[The Collector looks outside, wincing as he sees the eclipse, and briefly enlarges his eyes like binoculars to see everyone having their magic drained away.]
The Collector: Hmm... okay! Boop!
[He moves the moon with a simple movement with one finger, stopping the spell and saving Hunter and everyone else. The Hexsquad wait to see what happens next.]
The Collector: Hmm... [chuckles] If we're gonna play Owl House, [floats up into the air] we're gonna need an Owl House!
[He claps his hands, and the Titan's skull starts to disassemble into rearranging pieces, while the Hexsquad looks on in growing fear]
The Collector: [excited and delighted] WE'RE GONNA HAVE A BLAST, EVERYONE!

Season 3


Thanks to Them [3.01]

Mr. Sandoval: "Foes vanquished, he trod the shores of his fatherland, family by his side, finally at peace." This epic ends with the homecoming of not just a man, but a hero.
Luz: Hero? Everywhere he went, people ended up suffering.
Mr. Sandoval: It does get bleak, but no one said his mission would be easy. And when you take into account the ripple effects of his actions--
Luz: Who cares about the ripple effects?! He was just a pawn in someone else's game! A-and he was never smart enough to realize it! If his friends and family knew about his mission, they'd know that their lives would have never been in danger if it weren't for him! They should hate his guts! And it would have been better if he literally never existed!
[Everyone in the classroom gives her shocked and worried looks]

Hunter: [pricks himself while sewing] Ow!
Gus: You good? That sounded...painful.
Hunter: [scoffs] I've been training in the Emperor's Coven for as long as I can remember. I think I can handle a little– [yelps as the sewing machine stabs his finger; squeaky voice] Pain...
Gus: D'ohhh... That went clean through.

Masha: I hope you're all prepared for a truly scary ride.
Gus and Willow: [chanting] Make us cry! Make us cry!
Masha: Because there's nothing scarier than knowledge.
Gus: Boo, just lie to me!
Masha: Let me tell you the eeriest unsolved mystery of Gravesfield: the Tale of the Brothers Wittebane.
Amity: [to Luz and Hunter] Wittebane? Isn't that Belos?
Masha: The year is 1613. Two orphaned brothers arrive in Gravesfield. Their names? Philip... and Caleb.
Hunter: [experiencing flashbacks of Belos and himself] Oh, no...
Masha: Caleb did his best to take care of his younger brother. They tried to fit in with this town, and its unsavoury practices. They became witch hunters! Local lore suggests that the Brothers Wittebane met a real witch from another world - her name was Evelyn! And the older brother was spirited away. She dazzled him with magic and visions of a strange yet beautiful place! They used a secret code to travel between worlds. Philip set off to save his brother and bring the witch to justice - but neither were ever seen again! Maybe Philip saved Caleb, and they went on to lead peaceful lives. Or maybe he's still chasing his brother, [shining their flashlight under their face] caught in a cycle of horror and strife! [turns off the flashlight, casually] Sounds like big bro got a hot witch girlfriend and little bro got upset. But that's just me.

Luz: [in her video diary] Dear Diary, all I ever wanted was to be good at something, to be around people who also liked that something. And when I found the Demon Realm, I-I thought, "Wow, I found it. I can learn magic. I can be a witch. I-I won't be the dummy in the principal's office anymore!" But I messed up too much and put everyone in danger. Mama says I have to learn from my mistakes. So, I know what I have to do now - on Halloween, after the Hayride, I'm telling everyone I'm staying in the Human Realm. Permanently.
[Watching on Luz's laptop, Camila looks shocked and saddened, then determined.]

Luz: You! You survived!
Belos: [possessing Hunter] I did. Thanks again for all the help, Luz, but I don't need you anymore.
[He swipes at her with his transformed arm, narrowly missing her and Flapjack and making her drop her vial of Titan blood]
Luz: Flapjack! [takes the palisman onto her shoulder]
Belos: [gripping the vial] Ah. There you are. [Luz knocks it out of his hand with an ice spike, but her other glyph attacks miss; he looks at her mockingly] You're not even trying right now. What? Afraid you'll hurt him?
[As Luz sweats with fear and anger, her other friends and mother arrive.]
Camila: Is that Hunter?
Gus: Something's wrong.
Belos: [raises Hunter's voice above his own to mock Luz] See, this is why you're so useful, Luz. You're so desperate to help even helped me meet the Collector.
[The others look shocked]
Amity: What?
Luz: I didn't mean to! I thought I was doing something good!
Belos: You did do something good. I thought this one was another lost cause. Because of you, we can finish our work as witch-hunters, starting with them!
[He reaches for the witches, but Amity swats his hand away with her palisman, and a fight begins. Belos destroys one of Gus' illusions and laughs.]
Gus: [flying near him] Hey, Belos! Remember me?
[Belos tries to strike him again, only to hit another illusion, while Willow slams down one of his arms]
Vee: Hang tight, Hunter! [starts draining Belos' magic]
Amity: Vee, watch out! [pulls her back before Belos can grab her]
[After more fighting, Luz darts towards the possessed Hunter and embraces him]
Luz: I know you can hear me, Hunter! Fight him off!
[Belos throws her away, and Amity creates a safe landing for her with mud and ice. Flapjack starts pecking at Belos' antlers, only to be grabbed by him.]
Belos: That's right. You wouldn't want me harming your precious palisman, would you? Oh, but then again, I don't care what you want. Goodbye, Evelyn.
[To everyone's horror, he pierces Flapjack and starts absorbing his essence, but Hunter's personality starts to resist, forcing him to let go, and the wounded Flapjack flies back to Luz.]
Luz: [crying] Flapjack! Flapjack, you'll be okay...
Hunter: [regaining control] You know what I'd like, Belos? [struggles and groans in pain] I'd like to leave the Emperor's Coven and never step foot in that throne room again. I'd like to study wild magic, and learn how to carve palismen. I'd like to attend Hexside as a regular student and play flyer derby with my friends. [grabs the vial of blood] But most of all, I'd like to make sure you NEVER HURT ANYONE AGAIN! [throws the vial into the moat]
Belos: NO!
[Belos jumps into water to retrieve the vial, but he and Hunter cannot swim and begin to drown]
Luz: No, no, no!
Camila: Move. [dives into the moat and resurfaces with the possessed Hunter, whom she drags onto the bridge]
Willow: Be careful with him!
[An enraged Belos leaves Hunter's body and materializes before the group in his lich form]
Belos: Caleb! You would stab me in the BACK?!
Luz: [coldly] You did it to him first.
Belos: [growls and smashes the vial of blood against an archway, creating a portal to the Demon Realm] This is for the good of your souls. You'll thank me later! [leaves through the portal]

Camila: Are you ready?
Luz: Are you? I'm not sure what we'll see on the other side.
Camila: [beat] Then we don't wanna leave unprepared. [points to Luz's Good Witch Azura hat on the ground; Luz retrieves and puts it on] A good witch always has to have her hat.
[The Nocedas hold hands and walk through the portal, which then disappears; Vee, satisfied, walks away as the camera pans up to the night sky]
Vee: Shoot! Camila still has the car keys!

For the Future [3.02]

[A deteriorating Belos is tormented by a vision of Caleb Wittebane, the brother he murdered for falling in love with Evelyn, glaring at him with a bloodstained dagger floating over him.]
Belos: [enraged] Don't...mock me! I tried to save your soul! It's your fault this all HAPPENED!
[He shrieks and tries to slash at Caleb with his arms, only for them to pass harmlessly through him. Belos' left hand falls off, and he collapses weakly.]
Belos: I need...a new body...
[Caleb closes his eyes in disappointment as Belos drags himself away.]

[Terra Snapdragon is forced to act like Eda in one of the Collector's games.]
Terra: [deadpan] Oh, hooray, I'm back to normal.
Luz: [hiding and watching with her friends] What?
Terra: Who's got a pint of Apple Blood? Hoot hoot.
The Collector: [groans] Time out, everyone, time out! Terra, for the last time, Eda doesn't sound like that! She's got more of a, like a... a "cool aunt" vibe who pretends to be all cold-hearted, but actually cares a lot!
Terra: Ugh, you're a real thorn in my side, you know that?! I've had it with you and your stupid little dog!
[Upon hearing her insult King, the Collector looks shocked, then glares in anger.]
Terra: Ugh, whatever. All I have to do is play Eda the Owl Lady and I don't get turned into one of those things, right? Then let's just continue. [mockingly] "Oooh, I like musicians!"
The Collector: [charging up a crescent moon shape] You're not being very nice right now.
Terra: [suddenly scared] Wait!
[The Collector sends the moon towards Terra, hitting her in the forehead and turning her into a puppet, to Luz and her friends' shock. The Collector sits on his star platform unhappily.]
King: Collector, buddy, you gotta stop doing that. Think about what you're doing to these people!
The Collector: You are so boring! I'm just playing pretend!
King: Even playing pretend has consequences. [sadly] A cranky old witch taught me that...
The Collector: [excited] You mean Eda, right? That's what we need! The real thing! A cranky, know-it-all mentor figure, no substitutes allowed! Maybe if I ask real nice, I wouldn't have to turn her into a puppet!
King: N- No! Her curse is effect. [the Collector looks disappointed] But I can check if she's feeling better.
The Collector: [smiling] You promise?
King: You can trust me, Collector.
[They shake each other's pinky fingers.]
Camila: [to Luz, as they watch] Is that the little "King" guy you were telling me about?
Luz: [nods and smiles] Mm-hmm.
Camila: [gushing] ¡Ay, qué lindo! (Translation: Oh, how cute!)

[Kikimora is revealed to be behind Boscha's domination of Hexside.]
Luz: What gives, Kikimora?! Are you working for the Collector?
Kikimora: The days of Kikimora the underling are over. I prefer partnership such as ours. We need to establish our rule now, for the well-being of future generations.
Camila: Okay, I'm still catching up - what's the little red kitten trying to do?
Luz: She's just copying Belos' "scare people into worship" thing, because she has NO IDEAS OF HER OWN!

Luz: [screams in fury] My whole plan fell apart! I-- I messed up again! [throws her witch hat aside]
Camila: What are you talking about?
Luz: [sighs] It doesn't matter. [starts walking away]
Camila: [grabs her daughter's hand, stopping her] No, mija. It does matter. You don't want to leave the Demon Realm, do you?
Luz: Of course not! But...
Camila: You keep messing up? Messing up is a part of living! You don't think I've ever messed up before? Ha! Okay, well, once I scheduled my wisdom tooth surgery the day before my wedding. Oh, then there was that time I got road rage and didn't realize I was cursing out your new principal! And, you know, I sold energy drinks for a pyramid scheme for three years! [starting to tear up] And of course, I was convinced we should move to Gravesfield to be closer to that fancy hospital. You know how that ended. [Luz tears up as well] And worst of all, I didn't stand up for you when you needed me most. [sniffles] I forgot about the Astral Oath.
Luz: ... The what?
Camila: The Astral Oath is a promise made between Captain Avery and his family, to love and protect each other, just as they are, through supernovas and solar winds.
Luz: [starting to smile again] Mom... are you a secret nerd?
Camila: I had a hard time growing up. [places Luz's witch hat back on her head and caresses her cheek] I was afraid you would too. My biggest mistake was trying to protect you, by changing this beautiful Good Witch into something she wasn't.
[Luz sheds more tears. Inside her waist pouch, unnoticed by either of them, her Palisman egg starts glowing and cracking open]
Luz: I think I just realized something... I don't know why it took me so long to figure out. The only thing I've ever really wanted...was to be understood!
[Camila notices the egg glowing brighter than ever, and it finally hatches]

Watching and Dreaming [3.03]

The Collector: I don't get it, King. I really don't get it. I thought you loved playing our games. Why do you choose these itty-bitty spiders over me?
Eda: Because your games stink, squirt!
Luz: And spiders are awesome!
King: Yeah! Especially the itty-bitty ones!
The Collector: Ah, you act like I'm doing something bad. But I'm just having fun!
King: Trapping people and scaring them and controlling them? That's not fun, Collector!
Eda: And everyone nearly died from the Draining Spell!
The Collector: So? Toys break all the time. You just fix them! [he creates a doll of himself, pulls its head off and drops it, where the pieces come back together]
Luz: Do you...not understand what death means to mortals?
The Collector: Well, don't worry, 'cause I don't wanna scare you anymore. I think we can all be great friends! So let me show you some of my favourite games...!

Luz: Collector... you know this can't last forever.
The Collector: [sniffs] Why? 'Cause you know you'll "Luz"? [sees that Luz, King and Eda are willing to listen, and looks sad] I just wanted a friend who wouldn't lie to me, or trick me. But everyone's the same! King lied, Belos lied - even they lied.
Luz: Who's "they"?
The Collector: The Archivists, my siblings. "Oh, let's play a game," they said! "Let's play hide and seek! You go down there and see if the Titans wanna play!" So I played - and it was great! The baby Titans were the cutest, just like King, and they were all so welcoming! But the Archivists were scared of their power. So one by one, they disappeared, until there was only one Titan left - and he thought I was the bad guy! He hid his egg from me and trapped me! But I showed all of them! Even when those Trapper jerks started acting weird! Even when Belos lied to me! I found King! I found the last Titan, and he's my friend now!
King: [deeply shocked and saddened] Collector...
The Collector: I know it's just pretend! I don't care! I'll pretend as long as I want!
Luz: [sympathetic] But that's not what you want, is it?
The Collector: What do you know?!
Eda: We know what it's like to feel alone.
King: And abandoned.
Luz: And misunderstood. Hey, what if... we showed you how we became friends?
The Collector: King already told me about your adventures.
Luz: It's different when you can see them. [shows him one of her polaroid pictures] What do you think? Can we tell you our stories?

[After infecting the Titan's heart, Belos begins to attack the entire Boiling Isles with an all-consuming mold and emerges in a massive, Titan-like form.]
[He blasts the surrounding landscape with blue flames, causing the mold to spread further.]
Eda: Is that Belos?!
Luz: How'd he get here without a body?!
[The Collector finds Raine's earring with a bit of mold stuck on it, and seems to realize that Belos was controlling Raine's puppet body to manipulate him before.]
King: What do we do?! There's no way we can stop that!
The Collector: [looking determined] Yes, there is. [begins glowing] And I know how. [he flies straight towards Belos, stopping just short of the monster's face]
Luz: No...what is he doing?
The Collector: [smiling] I get it now. You just need kindness and forgiveness, huh? [he hugs Belos's skull, to everyone's shock and confusion, then turns back to the others happily] Luz, look! We can all be buddies now!
[Belos prepares to blast him in the back.]
Luz: COLLECTOR! [flies out on her staff]
King: NO!
[Luz reaches and protects him just before Belos's attack can hit home.]
The Collector: Huh? But... I thought I was doing the right thing!
Luz: [smiling gently] No, no, you did good, Collector. But this is a little more complicated. Don't worry, I think it... missed... me...
[She turns to realize that the mold is consuming her right hand, and Eda and King watch in horror as it spreads across her body.]
The Collector: [scared] Luz... what's happening?
Luz: [starting to tear up] Eda, King... looks like we're gonna be split up again... I feel like I should be used to this feeling by now, but... I still don't know what to say...
[Luz's body is completely consumed and dissolves into orbs of light. The Collector catches one and holds it tightly while he and Stringbean float back down. He turns to Eda and King, sad and confused.]
The Collector: Where'd she go?

Luz: King?
Titan: [chuckles] No. But he does get his good looks from me.
Luz: [shocked] Oh... Titan.
Titan: Oh, me! Nice to meet you, Luz the Human.
Luz: [shaking his hand] You can't actually be the Titan Titan, right? You're the Boiling Isles, and that Titan is all--
Titan: Dead-looking?
Luz: Does that mean I'm also--? [starts to sink, but the Titan lifts her back up]
Titan: Ah, no, nope, no, don't wanna do that. If you go under without a portal, you really will be dead-looking.
Luz: I can't believe this... you're King's dad!
Titan: I think King said it best once: "I am both King and Queen, best of both things!" [chuckles] But "Dad" works fine.
Luz: What is this place?
Titan: This is the space in between... well, in between a lot of places. And I've been stuck here for quite some time. But at least I can keep an eye on my child, and those who have been kind to him. [gazes into a floating block, showing King spending moments with Luz and Eda]
Luz: [sadly] I'm not so kind. When I saw the Collector fly up to Belos, I hoped with all my heart I would see them blast him away, and... [sighs]
Titan: Hey, I can relate. I was willing to do anything to keep my kid safe. [looking remorseful] But I attacked the wrong person. Dragged the Collector down here for nothing.
Luz: Does that make us as bad as Belos?
Titan: [chuckles] What? Have you been drinking Eda's homemade Apple Blood?
Luz: Well, Belos says he's trying to save humanity, and we're saying we want to save our families, so isn't that the same thing? Don't—Don't these feelings come from the same place?
Titan: Well, you assume Belos's goal comes from a genuine place. But that man doesn't care about about anything but his need to be the hero in his own delusion. And because of that, he fears what he can't control.
Luz: And now that fear is going to win.
Titan: [notices Belos' corruption spreading across his chest] Ah, dang... I thought I had more time left. But Belos will have full control soon. You ready to stop him?
Luz: What? What can I do?
Titan: You've already helped King so much - so let me use my last bit of life to help you. [extends his hand, with various glyphs appearing on it]
Luz: Are you sure you wanna give this power to me?
Titan: Well, you're the one here, and you seem like a good witch. But I can't give you anything unless you choose to accept it. So the question is... will you choose yourself? [Luz takes his hand, and a golden orb surrounds her] Now, Belos will be able to control everything, so you have to defeat him fast.
Luz: But--
Titan: And my power won't last forever, so use your time wisely.
Luz: Oh, but what about--
Titan: Eda the Owl Lady? [salutes] Send her my regards! Big fan!
Luz: [grabbing his claw] No, King! What about King? Don't you wanna say something to him? [the Titan thinks for a moment, then whispers something in her ear; she chuckles and sheds a tear] Oh... he'll love that. [she sees the Titan's spirit form replaced by his larger, skeletal body, which sinks and disappears into the water]
Titan: Goodbye, Luz.

Belos: You can't defeat me!
Luz: [grinning] Do not underestimate me, Belos... for I am the good witch Luz! Child of the Human Realm, student of the Demon Realm, and warrior of peace! NOW EAT THIS, SUCKA!!!!! [rips him out of the Titan's heart]

[After Luz, empowered by the Titan's magic, rips Belos out of the Titan's heart, stopping him from destroying the Boiling Isles, he assumes the form of the younger Philip Wittebane.]
Belos: [as Philip] Luz... Luz, I'm... I'm free! Thank goodness you saved me from... from that horrible curse! [Luz silently glares at him in disgust, clearly not believing him. A storm starts to brew around them.] Yes, I-I was cursed with a terrible, terrible sickness, dark magic, just like your mentor. It forced me to do all those horrible things, but...but now I'm free! [Boiling rain starts to fall, and it begins to dissolve away his glamour; he cries out in pain and begins crawling towards her in a panic] Qui-Quickly, now! Don't-Don't you want to make peace, Luz?! [Luz is still unfazed, the boiling rain clearly not affecting her. Belos drops all pretenses as he is reduced to his melting skeletal form] Don't just stand there! [groans in pain and keeps crawling towards her, still falling apart] You'll be just as bad, just as conniving, just as evil, and just as unforgivable as those WITCHES! [grabs her leg] We're human! WE'RE BETTER THAN THIS!
[Luz steps back without saying a word. Eda, King and Raine move in front of her, protected by a leaf Raine has conjured, and look down at Belos with anger.]
Eda: Well, we ain't!
Belos: [eyes widen with alarm] Huh?
[Eda, King, and Raine repeatedly stomp on what remains of Belos, finally killing him for good. The weather clears around them.]
Raine: [exchanges smirks with Eda] That was...extremely satisfying.
King: Ew, it's on my claws!
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