The Paradine Case

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Gregory Peck as Anthony "Tony" Keane and Ann Todd as Gay Keane

The Paradine Case is a 1947 film about a happily married London barrister who falls in love with the accused poisoner he is defending.

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Written by Alma Reville, James Bridie, David O. Selznick, and Ben Hecht, based on the novel by Robert Smythe Hichens.

Sir Joseph[edit]

  • She had patience. She could wait. This was, indeed, no ordinary woman.

Mrs. Maddalena Anna Paradine[edit]

  • You are not to destroy him - if you do, I shall hate you as I've never hated a man.
  • I have nothing more to say to you, Mr. Keane. I loved Andre Latour... and you murdered him. My life is finished; it is you yourself who have finished it. My only comfort is the hatred and contempt I feel for you!

Gay Keane[edit]

  • Well, nice people don't go murdering other nice people.


Andre Latour: I know why you wanted to see me - she sent you.
Anthony Keane: She? Mrs. Paradine doesn't even know that I'm here. She had nothing to do with it.
Andre Latour: It seems I'm wrong then.
Anthony Keane: Why would she send me?
Andre Latour: She might have her reasons.
Anthony Keane: I don't know what they might be.
Andre Latour: But perhaps you don't know her as I do.
Anthony Keane: Mrs. Paradine is my client. I know her as her lawyer, that's sufficient for me.
Andre Latour: You may not think it, but you're on the wrong side, sir, and I tell you so.
Anthony Keane: What do you mean exactly by that? You'd better make yourself clear.
Andre Latour: Excuse me, sir. You have only known Mrs. Paradine since she is in prison. Is it not so?
Anthony Keane: Yes.
Andre Latour: Then how can you know her? If you did, I should not need to tell you that only Almighty God or the black Devil himself knows what's going on in that head of hers.
Anthony Keane: I won't hear anything more against her.
Andre Latour: I know what I'm talking about; what I say is true. I know her. And I will tell you one thing more, I will tell you about Mrs. Paradine - she's bad, bad to the bone! If ever there was an evil woman, she is one.
Anthony Keane: Would you mind getting out of here? I don't want any dirty, lying sneaks in my room. Get out!
Andre Latour: Very good, sir, as you wish. [leaving] If you would allow me, sir, I'm very sorry for you - and God help you.

Gay Keane: Have you ever realized what a lot you can learn from photographs?
Sir Simon Flaquer: The social footsteps of time.

Anthony Keane: Does the name of Margaret Wells convey anything to you?
Andre Latour: [hesitating] Yes, sir.
Anthony Keane: What does that name convey to you?
[Latour doesn't respond]
Anthony Keane: Well, I must try to help your memory. I put it to you that some years ago you were engaged to Margaret Wells of Three Rivers, Quebec; that on your wedding day she left you at the church door and went off with a saddler named Richard Truton.
Andre Latour: That is finished! That is in the past!
Judge Lord Thomas Horfield: Your question may be relevant, Mr Keane; its relevance escapes me.
Anthony Keane: M'lord, I submit that the witness has shown, in his evidence and also in his behavior, an almost pathological bias against, not only my client, but against all women.
Judge Lord Thomas Horfield: I may be stupid, but I fail to understand what this jilting has to do with the case; after seeing the witness and observing his appearance and bearing, I should be inclined to regard the young lady's conduct as pathological, not his.

Anthony Keane: Is anyone living at the hall now?
Driver: Only the caretaker, Mrs. Clarr - maybe Andre's back from London now. They say he knows more about the poor Colonel's death than he would tell. He's a queer one, all right.
Anthony Keane: In what way?
Driver: Oh, I don't know. He keeps himself to himself - perhaps that's because he's foreign. They never do seem quite the same, do they, sir?

Gay Keane: Tony's torn him to pieces - it was horrible.
Judy Flaquer: But darling, you've got to remember, its Tony's job.


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