The Peanut Butter Falcon

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The Peanut Butter Falcon is a 2019 American indie drama film about Zak, a boy with Down syndrome who runs away from an old folks home that is his state-assigned group home in North Carolina, with caretaker Eleanor on his trail who befriends Tyler, an unlicensed crab catcher and eventually Eleanor befriends Tyler and they are threatened and pursued by Tyler's two rival crab catchers highly begrudged at Tyler for incinerating their gear. The reason for Zak's escape is because he is a fan of retired wrestler; Sweet Water Redneck who humors Zak by pro bono coaching him wrestling.

Co-directed and co-written by Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz.
From the producers of Little Miss Sunshine comes a modern Mark Twain adventure story. taglines


  • You are not invited to my birthday party!
  • Tyler, I am going to give you all of my wishes for my birthday.
  • Maybe we could be friends and buddies... bro dogs... and chill. Have a good time!
  • [To a stranger] Hey, do you want to come to my birthday party?


  • You might not be saying the word 'retard', alright, I'll give you that, but you're damn sure as making him feel retarded.


  • [Zak is inserting a VHS tape] I don't know. I'd love to have a nickel for every goddamn time we had to watch this tape. I'd be a rich 'un.
  • Friends are the family you choose.

Blind Jasper John[edit]

  • There are sheep in this world and there are wolves in this world. And I know that you two boys are just two weary travelers who have lost your way. So, we are going to clean you up right with a baptism.

Rest home orderly[edit]

  • [Pounds wall and says to Zak] Bedtime, retard.

Salt Water Redneck[edit]

  • [Eleanor is watching tape] Come to my wrestling school in Ayden, North Carolina. And become a disciple of Salt Water Redneck. You can become not only a badass, the badass. You will learn.


Lunch lady: Well, hey, there, Zak.
Zak: How are you doing?
Lunch lady: I'm good, thank you.
Zak: Hmm, I meant your pudding.
Lunch lady: Oh, silly me. Here's your pudding. [Puts it on Zak's tray]
[Zak gives Rosemary a pictorial request of her agreeing to distract staff in exchange for pudding which she confirms with a thumbs up]
Eleanor: Hey Zak, that is so sweet of you to give Rosemary your pudding.
Zak: That is why I'm being a nice guy. [Eleanor walks away] Now. [Eleanor feigns choking and Zak make a break for it and is immediately tackled by rest home staff]

Video Salt Water Redneck: ...Salt Water, some people claim the Atomic Throw is impossible. Those people are wimps! If you believe in yourself, like the Salt Water Redneck believes in himself, you too can learn the moves, the skills, the Atomic Throw. [Zak mimics throwing] Some of these moves are outlawed in international countries.
Carl: We watched that throw ten times already.
Zak: I love Salt Water Redneck, and he is my hero, and he is totally... he is totally a badass. And he's the greatest person ever. That's it.
Carl: And you will be the next badass.
Eleanor: [Comes in and turns off TV] Zak, you and Rosemary have both lost your privileges for the week.
Zak: Oh, I really don't care.
Eleanor: Oh.
Carl: I got the solution for that. Move Rosemary in her with him and I. I can keep an eye on both of them.
Eleanor: Oh! That'd be great. I'll set that right up.
Carl: Yeah, sure.
Eleanor: Zak, this is not a joke. That's twice. Two times that you've tried to run. And no I have to label you a flight risk. That sucks. [Holds up pictorial request paper to Zak] Is that what you gave Rosemary to convince her to pretend be choking?
Zak: Yes, it is.
Eleanor: It's really creative.
Zak: Thank you.
Carl: Not just creative. It's genius. You know why? That's an advertisement for what he wants to do for the rest of his life!
Eleanor: Carl.
Zak: I don't know her. I am young, and I am not old. Carl is old. And we are different. And I don't know why I am here.
Eleanor: I wish I had a better option for you, Zak. But I don't. You don't have a family that can provide adequate supervision for you. I know. So that the state has to put you somewhere, and this just happens to be that place.
Carl: You been here two years?
Zak: Two and a half years.
Carl: We gotta fix that.
Eleanor: Just try to be good. Okay? Tell me you'll try.
Zak: Fine.

Winkie: [Approaches Tyler at work cleaning a fish] Tyler. Hey, Tyler.
Tyler: Yo.
Winkie: Duncan and Ratboy are looking for you. And they're gonna beat your ass. They're gonna kill you if you keep shitting with their crab pot.
Tyler: All right.
Winkie: Turn that damn box off and listen to what I'm telling you, boy. You been stealing their damn crab pots. You know what that's gonna cost me?! It's going to cost me my damn license for this building here! What seems to be your problem?! Best thing for you is to just quit with them damn fish and leave. Go home. Go, just go. You done pissed me off now.
Tyler: Let me finish the fish.
Winkie: Go. Get. Yeah, I know what I said. Go. Just go.
Tyler: Let me fix that hoist monitor and I'll leave.
Winkie: The hoist monitor's been fixed.
Tyler: I need a job, Winkie.
Winkie: You just go.
[Tyler is sitting at dock with Winkie coming over and sits next to me]
Winkie: [Pats Tyler on back] Hey, man. You can't be bringing me illegal stuff no more. Duncan's fishing on Mark's license.
Tyler: What am I supposed to do? I would have brought it if...
Winkie: [Puts hand on Tyler's shoulder] Hey, hey, hey. Mark wouldn't want you to do this. He's your brother and he's looking down from above, thinking about you. Thinking about the wrong you're doing. Get your life together. Get it in order. Mark would be proud of you if you did that. [Gets up] He'd be very proud of you if you did. [Walks away]

Carl: [Bends apart metal bars on window using cloth] You put this all over your body. It's soap. It'll make you slippery. I was an engineer before. I don't know if I ever told you that. But that's as good as I could get. You just slip through there, and off you go on your way. Okay, bud?
Zak: Carl, you are my best friend. And... and you are my family.
Carl: Well, that's it. Friends are the family you choose.
Zak: And, Carl? You are invited to my birthday party.
Carl: Oh, God. Thank you. I'm there. [Hugs Zak deeply] Go kick some ass.

Duncan: You pulled my pots? Huh? You stealing crab now?
Obese black man: Come on Dunc'!
Duncan: I've been laying pots for years. Powell's Point was Mark's, but Mark is gone.
Ratboy: Can't lay traps here no more.
Duncan: Well, I guess taking shit that don't belong to you runs in the family, you know.
Ratboy: You bitch.
Duncan: You got no license now. You know how things are done around here, Tyler. There's ten crabbing licenses to go around Deer County.
Obese black man: Put them hands on him Dunc'! Get him!
Duncan: This used to belong to Mark, but now it says Duncan- [Tyler punches Duncan who gut kicks Tyler knocking him to the ground with Ratboy kicking Tyler]
Obese black man: Kick him again, Duncan!
Duncan: You owe me twenty pots. Touch my gear again, I shit you not, I'll bash your skull in with a tire iron!
Ratboy: [Leans over Tyler] You hear that?! You can't fish, and you sure as shit can't fight! You're still doing accounting! [Kicks sand in Tyler's face and walks away]

Eleanor: [Comes in room] Zak. [Sees bent window bars] Shit. Carl.
Carl: What?
Eleanor: Explain. What happened?
Carl: Don't look at me. You were with the boy every day. He's incredibly strong.
Eleanor: [To orderly] What?
Orderly: Lee wants to see your ass in his office right now. We are so screwed.
Eleanor: [Points at him] I'm not done with you.
Carl: I had nothing to do with it.

Glen: [On Phone] Oh, hell yeah, continental breakfast. Hmm-mm, listen, I, I gotta go. All right. Bye. [Hangs up and says to Eleanor] A flight risk?
Eleanor: Yeah, I...
Glen: Looks like all that family money of yours bought you a degree that didn't get you no common sense.
Eleanor: I don't think that.
Glen: Oh, don't speak. You let a half-naked boy with Down syndrome who has no money, no family, and no idea how to get along in this world just slip out from under your nose into thin air. And you have no idea where he is? Where he's at? Who he might be with?
Eleanor: Actually, I...
Glen: The nurses tell me you two are close.
Eleanor: We are.
Glen: Then you'll figure out where he's at and you'll bring him before I have to report this to the state.
Eleanor: No, Glen, you have to report this. He's missing.
Glen: Find him.

Tyler: [To Zak] You know that's just trespassing don't you?! [Shoots boat repeatedly with shotgun] We have 30 minutes before this whole shit's underwater.
Zak: Excuse me?! Can you please help me?! I'm scared! I can't swim!
Tyler: You following me?! You ain't got a lick of water on you, do you? When I can leave you, I will.
Zak: I feel great going to Salt Water Redneck's wrestling school and everybody's going to say; "Zak is awesome". I'm going to throw people out the ring. It'll be the Atomic Throw. And I can fight all my friends. We'll have a party. Having a good time. And I feel great.

Tyler: End of the road. You know my name?
Zak: No.
Tyler: Good. This never happened okay?
Zak: Okay.
Tyler: Okay.
Zak: Hey. Can I come with you?
Tyler: Why would I need you to come with me?
Zak: Maybe we could be friends. And buddies. And bro dawgs. And hang. And chill. Have a good time.
Tyler: ['Walks away] Be good.

Tyler: [Hitch hiking in a pick up truck with an oversized dog] Is she a good dog?
Driver: Good enough. She don't run away. So I guess that makes her mine. My wife's long gone. My kids are grown. We look out for each other.
Tyler: That's all right.
Driver: Crazy, ain't it?
Tyler: What's that?
Driver: The fire down at the docks.
Tyler: There was a fire at the docks?
Driver: Yeah.
Tyler: No shit. I didn't hear nothing about that.
Driver: Yeah. It started out small, but got out of hand pretty fast.
Tyler: Did it?
Driver: Some of them boys are out right now trying to catch the guy that lit it. They set up a roadblock down 158.
Tyler: 158 huh?
Driver: Yeah. [A freight train crosses their road]
Tyler: Shit, you know what? I left something back there. I got to go back. [Gets out of truck]
Driver: You sure you don't want a ride all the way back into town?
Tyler: No, I forgot something back there.
Driver: I'm going right there.
Tyler: Oh, I appreciate it thanks. [Walks away]

[Tyler is walking down dirt road to find Zak is at the top of a diving tower with a prepubescent boy]
Heckler boy: Jump, retard, jump!
Zak: No, I'm not gonna do it.
Heckler boy: I thought you were a retard. Not a pussy!
Zak: No, I'm not.
Tyler: Hey!
Heckler boy: Come on, jump!
Zak: No.
Heckler boy: Do it!
Tyler: He can't swim!
Heckler boy: Like I care, dipshit! Come on. Let's go!
Tyler: What? [Sets down gear]
Heckler boy: You heard me!
Zak: No. No.
Tyler: Hey! [Takes off shirt]
Heckler boy: Come on, do it! Jump!
Zak: I am not going to do it.
Heckler boy: Come on man! Too bad, do it.
Tyler: Hey!
Heckler boy: Jump retard! [Zak jumps]
Tyler: Didn't I just say- [Punches heckler boy in face and jumps in after Zak]

Zak: [He and Tyler are walking through corn field] Hey Tyler, my feet hurt. Do you have a car? Tyler? Can we walk on the road? Uh, excuse me? Will you please answer me?
Tyler: [Turns around and heads to Zak aggressively] Let me tell you something. Imma tell you a story. I'm gonna tell you a story. When I was younger, my brother and I were camping at this place called Caffey's Inlet, and there was a big ass hornet's nest down by the water. So I walked over to them all excited. I'm young, I'm into baseball. And I hit that son of a bitch like a fucking home run. And it exploded on me, and I got stung up real bad. My face swelled up, my eyes got real tight, and I couldn't see shit. Walked back into camp and my brother Mark said to me; "You keep stirring shit up, you're gonna get yourself killed boy". You understand what I'm saying? You ever kick a hornet's nest?
Zak: Last night.
Tyler: You hit a hornet's nest last night?
Zak: Last night.
Tyler: So you understand why we can't go up on that road again? Stop with this "Tyler" shit. We're gonna be quiet the rest of the way. [Turns around and begins to walk]
Zak: Tyler.
Tyler: Oh, my, [Turns around and walks to Zak] finish what you got to say. Finish what you have to say and then we'll walk on silent. We're not gonna do this no more. "Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler," what?!
Zak: I want you to know about me. I am a Down syndrome person.
Tyler: I don't really give a shit. Do you got supplies on you? That's what we need, don't we? [Turns and starts walking] You got supplies?!
Zak: No.
Tyler: No, you don't! No, you don't! No more; "Tyler, Tyler"! No more!

Tyler: [He and Zak are lying in wait in cornstalks observing the gas station convenience store] You got any money?
Zak: No. No, I have no money and I got no pockets.
Tyler: I'm gonna give you pockets. [Throws cargo shorts to Zak] There's your pockets. I'm going in there to get essentials.
Zak: Can I come?
Tyler: No.
[Tyler gathers food items, immediately realising he is very short on cash and is told by cashier how the items add up]
Convenience cashier: Pardon me if I seem alarmed, but I don't normally negotiate with fellas if they got shotguns all over their backs.
Tyler: Oh, shit. [Puts down hiking pack] I understand.
Convenience cashier: Ooh, thank you.
Tyler: Yeah, your welcome. Hey, you got any of the, uh- you got any of them two-dollar airplane whiskeys back there?
Convenience cashier: No, but uh, I got this. [Produces a moonshine jug]
Tyler: Oh, I can't afford that.
Convenience cashier: It's on me, son. It looks like you might need it more than I do. I'm just gonna get a little swig to calm my nerves.
Tyler: Sure, yeah. You made it?
Convenience cashier: I did, sir.
Tyler: [Takes a sip] Ooh. Yeah, you did.
Convenience cashier: [Eleanor enters store] Ma'am.
Eleanor: Gentlemen.
Convenience cashier: Ma'am, you'll have to forgive me for staring at you, but you're one of the prettiest women I've seen in ages.
Tyler: Where did you blow in here from?
Eleanor: Richmond. Hmm-mm.
Tyler: Richmond? That's nice. So you, uh, you graduated JMU, or GW?
Eleanor: GW.
Tyler: Yeah. Yeah, you got that look about you.
Eleanor: Oh, yeah? What look is that?
Tyler: You know, just uh, "excited to be alive" kind of look. What you doing up here?
Eleanor: Your nosy aren't you?
Tyler: Yeah, nosy. That's the word for you it. Nosy. Or interested.
Eleanor: Interested?
Tyler: Yeah. Interested. Are you interested?
Eleanor: No, I'm working.
Tyler: Working. What, you working crab boats?
Eleanor: No.
Tyler: I know, that's funny.
Eleanor: I know why you think that's funny.
Tyler: Oh, your trouble I see. Okay, you don't like jokes.
Eleanor: [Holds up Zak's picture] I'm looking for a missing person. Have either of you gentlemen- I'm assuming I can use the word; "gentlemen".
Tyler: Have you seen him?
Convenience cashier: No. I aint- I ain't seen him.
Eleanor: [To Tyler] Have you seen him?
Tyler: Why? What'd he do?
Eleanor: He ran away from the nursing home I work at. Why? Have you seen him?
Tyler: So you got some kind of reward?
Eleanor: No.
Tyler: What are you? Are you a bounty hunter?
Eleanor: Would I be a bounty hunter if I just said there's no bounty?
Tyler: No. What are you, his sister? Minder or something?
Eleanor: Not that it's any of your business, but I care about him and he's alone, and I want to find him.
Tyler: Maybe.
Eleanor: Maybe? Maybe what?
Tyler: Yeah, yeah. Well, maybe he's alone. Maybe he ain't alone. You know, you don't know. What if he's living the American dream and, you know, he just, uh, ran into a bunch of hitchhikers? You know, like the Mark Twain story or something?
Eleanor: Hmm-mm. [She begins to walk away]
Tyler: You like Mark Twain?
Eleanor: Thank you.
Tyler: You like Louie L'Amour? You got a good phone number?
Eleanor: Yeah, I got a phone number.
Tyler: Yeah? You gonna give it to me? So I find him, what you want me to do? Just holler for you?
Eleanor: Yeah, just do that.
Tyler: Yeah? You got a name?
Eleanor: Yeah, I got a name.
Tyler: What is it?
Eleanor: Eleanor.
Tyler: Eleanor. [She gives him the finger and walks out the door] All right partner.
Convenience cashier: Come back.
Tyler: [Laughing and pointing at Zak] You're a goddamn criminal. You're a goddamn criminal ain't you? Fugitive. Little man on the lam. Met your girlfriend back there, Eleanor. Cute on from the old folks home. She likes you quite a bit. Got a picture of you and everything, showing everybody. That's not a bad thing. As far as I'm concerned, it's a good thing. See, we're going 70 miles upriver. We need a tie that binds. And this right here, you being a wanted man, this is it, just the kind of tie we needed. Hell, yeah. Two bandits on the run. [Shakes Zak's hand upwards] Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah, partner! Come on! Hell, yeah! Listen, we got new rules now, all right? We can't keep doing this way. New rule is, you can't slow me down. you understand? Put these on. [Hands Zak boots] So, what I says go. I say jump, you say; "how high"?
Zak: How high?
Tyler: There it is. Rule number one, don't slow me down. Rule number two, I'm in charge, and you're going to carry your own weight.
Zak: You are in charge.
Tyler: That's right.
Zak: Uh, maybe we should... maybe we should have our own secret handshake.
Tyler: What kind of secret handshake? For what?
Zak: Buds, dudes, friends.
Tyler: Buds-dudes-friends-handshake? All right, come here. Let's go, hurry up. [Zak starts slapping Tyler's hands] All right, three of those, four of those. Four of those. Now what? [They bump fists and mimic explosions] Like that.
Zak: Yeah.
Tyler: Only when special shit happens though, alright?
Zak: Yeah, special things.
Tyler: Special things, you don't curse.
Zak: No.
Tyler: Why don't you curse?
Zak: Because I don't.
Tyler: Okay, come on. [Starts to walk away but Zak stands still]
Zak: You are in charge.
Tyler: Exactly. Come on. [Zak starts walking] Hey, what's rule number one? What's rule number one?
Zak: Party.
Tyler: No, not party. No, it's not party. Don't slow me down. That's rule number one. Let's go, come on. Come on, pick it up. There you go. You got boots on now.
Zak: Rule number one is not "party". What is rule number one?
Tyler: "Don't slow me down". Rule number one?
Zak: You are in charge.
Tyler: All right. We'll figure it out.

[Tyler and Zak are standing at river banks]
Zak: It is too... too from the other side.
Tyler: Yeah, well, we ain't got many options. I'm not walking through two days of brier bushes, and we can't go back the way we came. So, we're going swimming. You got a better idea?
Zak: We... we could get a plane.
Tyler: Take your pants off.
Zak: I can't swim.
Tyler: Yeah, I know you can't swim. But you can float. [Wading in river] Zak, I need you to listen to me. That bag and them pants can hold air. They're going to float you. Do not let them go. You hold on with everything you got, because I sure as shit don't want to have to go swimming over there thinking about you sinking us. I don't want to dredge the bottom for your body. You understand?
Zak: Tyler, am I gonna die?
Tyler: Yeah, you're gonna die, it's a matter of time. That ain't the question. The question's, whether they're gonna have a good story to tell about you when you're gone. Now, don't be a bitch. Let's go. Don't cry Zak. [A fishing trawler heads towards them]
Zak: [After narrowly avoiding the trawler] That is the greatest story to tell. Uh, come on.

[Tyler and Zak are on a beach in late evening with Zak doing deranged laughter impressions lying down]
Tyler: I ain't the slightest bit scared of you.
Zak: I... I want to be... a professional... wrestler. And I am a bad guy.
Tyler: Why do you wanna be a bad guy?
Zak: Because my family left me.
Tyler: That don't make you a bad guy. Good guys get left too, Zak. Ain't no silly laugh, or wearing black, or eyed shadow and shit. Ain't nothing to do with that. It has to do with what's in here, in your heart. You got a good-guy heart. You can't do shit about it, that's just who you are. You're a hero.
Zak: I can't be a hero because I am a Down's syndrome.
Tyler: What's that got to do with your heart? Who told you that?
Zak: Coach. Teachers.
Tyler: Your coach? What'd your coach say?
Zak: I am retarded.
Tyler: Your coach said that? [Zak nods] What a shitty coach. Your team ever win anything? [Zak body language confirms negative status] No? Some shit you ain't never going to do. That's all right. You can't be everything. You ain't gonna be no professional basketball player. You ain't gonna dunk no basketball, or be an Olympic swimmer. You sink like a stone, because your all muscle. Muscle sinks. Today, you pulled me up out that water, you almost pulled my whole arm out the socket. Most grown folk I know ain't got that kind of strength. You're strong, Zak. Fuck your coach.
Zak: Tyler.
Tyler: Yeah?
Zak: Who those people on the boat?
Tyler: On the boat? That's Duncan and Ratboy.
Zak: They are a good guy or a bad guy?
Tyler: Bad guy.
Zak: Tyler.
Tyler: Hmm?
Zak: Are you the good guy or a bad guy?
Tyler: I don't know. What you think?
Zak: You are a good guy.
[Tyler has flashbacks to bonding with brother Mark and it is revealed that Tyler fell asleep while driving with Mark possibly to leading his death]
Tyler: [Wakes up to see Zak] What?
Zak: Will you please train me?
Tyler: Yeah, I don't know shit about wrestling.
Zak: I want to learn. I want to be a hero.
Tyler: You know how to do pushups. Yeah? Let's go.
Zak: Oh, what do you want to do?
Tyler: We're gonna train.
Zak: Yeah.
Tyler: [Zak walking on diverging train tracks] It's balance. [Hands shotgun to Zak] This kicks back, you understand? [Teaching Zak to aim] Always keep your hand like that so you can steady.
Tyler: Hey, so, what's the deal with Eleanor? She's your friend?
Zak: Yeah.
Tyler: She's a nice woman?
Zak: Hmm-mm.
Tyler: What's she like?
Zak: She is my friend. And she has been looking out for me.
Tyler: She's your friend?
Zak: Yeah.
Tyler: [Hands Zak a drink] Cheers.

Tyler: [He and Zak come across a metal rowboat] This can work.
Jasper: [Walks out of house pointing a pistol] Freeze, you son of a bitches! You son of a bitches think you can come over here and rob Japser just 'cause he's blind?! Well, you better think again, goddamn it! Y'all boys black or white?! Okay! [Fires shot narrowly missing Tyler]
Zak: White!
Tyler: White!
Jasper: I knowed you was white! I could smell you a mile off! Is you God-fearing?!
Tyler: Yup.
Jasper: Well, good.
[Jasper is in fishing overalls waist-high wading in a river]
Jasper: There's sheep in this world and there is wolves in this world. I may not have my eyes, but I know the difference. And I know that you two boys, fleece-wearing weary travellers who lost their way. Neither of you are wolves. You're just sheep who strayed from his flock. I'm donating the supplies from my junkyard for your pilgrimmage. Anything but that tin boat, y'all can have it because I figure it's my duty to get you back to your shepherd. Now, I can't have you boys running off of here with your hands all dirty and everything, because a wolf might hunt you down just by the smell of your past sins. And I wouldn't want no wolf to get ahold of you, because that'd be a frightful bloody mess. So, we gonna clean you up right... with a baptism.
Zak: What's a baptism?
Tyler: It's like swimming.
Jasper: Y'all boys come on down here and bathe in the warm waters of forgiveness.
Tyler: I'm more of "baptism by fire" type.
Jasper: Well, unfortunately, I don't perform those kinds of baptism.
[Tyler and Zak push off a home made floating platform]
Jasper: Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Nothing can touch you now, by the grace of the Lord.
Zak: Bye Jasper. Stay cool. Take care.
Voice over Jasper: Accept his blessing. Let all the wolves of your past be laid to rest.
Zak: [Puts his hand on Tyler's back] Tyler, I am going to give you all my wishes for my birthday.
Tyler: Thank you.
Zak: Your welcome.

Eleanor: [Knocks on Jasper's door and he appears] Hi, sir. Sorry to bother you. I'm wondering if you've seen this young man. [Holds up Zak's picture]
Jasper: I ain't seen shit, girl.
Eleanor: I... I apologize. Um... maybe have you... have you heard him? Have you heard his voice?
Jasper: God-fearing?
Eleanor: Sometimes.
Jasper: Well, good. You can come on in here and let's talk about Jesus.

[Tyler is guiding the floating platform towards the beach]
Tyler: When you get off, go towards the shore. There's drag marks. What happened?
Zak: My ankle hurts.
Tyler: Your ankle hurts?
Zak: Yeah.
Tyler: All right, we'll fix you right now. [Hands Zak the moonshine jug] Drink that. Make you feel better. [Zak drinks it effortlessly] All right, rule number one is what?
Zak: Party!
Tyler: Party! All right! Ha!
Zak: Yeah! Yeah!
[Zak is counting his jumping jacks at the beachfire with Tyler]
Zak: I cannot feel my... my hands. I cannot feel my hands and I cannot feel my ankle.
Tyler: [In an immature tone] You can't feel shit! [In a redneck drawl tone] You can't feel shit! [Zak walks to Tyler] Don't step on me now! Don't step on me!
Zak: Oh, excuse me, Tyler, you can't feel shit.
Tyler: What?!
Zak: I gotta get my log. [Attempts lift up beachfire log but relents]
Tyler: Hey.
Zak: I'm not strong enough.
Tyler: Who's strong enough? Who's strong enough? Hey, you know what you need? You need to change your- you need to change your name. You need to get a... an alter ego. You know what I'm saying. Like in the Wrestling Federation. Wrestlers go their alter egos. What's your favorite wrestler's name?
Zak: The Salt Water Redneck.
Tyler: The Salt Water Redneck ain't born with that name. You need a name. What's your name?
Zak: Falcon!
Tyler: Falcon. Falcon. Ooh, falcon. Falcon. That's a good name. Hold on. Ooh, I got an idea. Hold on right there, wait right there. You got to make a uniform. Falcon uniform! Hell, yeah!
Zak: Falcon!
Tyler: Hey! Did I tell you could have some of that peanut butter?! It ain't snack time! It's jack time! [Starts strapping branches to Zak's back] Here we go. Whoo-hoo! [Starts smearing peanut butter on Zak's face] We need war paint! Yeah. I need peanut butter. You want to be slick.
Zak: The Peanut Butter Falcon!
Tyler: [Zak starts pushing up a log to the beachfire] Get it up! Pick that sucker up! Push it! Push it! Push it! [Zak pushes the log into the beachfire with Tyler cheering] You got it! You got it!
Zak: [Roars to the sky] Peanut Butter Falcon!
Tyler: You got it!
Zak: [Roars to the sky] I'm the Peanut Butter Falcon! [Passes out after drinking]

Eleanor: [Drives to the beach and runs to Zak] Zak. Zak. Zak. Oh my god. Zak, are you okay? Oh my god.
Tyler: [Urinating off shore] Hello! Hey!
Eleanor: Come on, sit up.
Tyler: You found us. Them pheromones. Like a bear.
Eleanor: What is this? What's on your face?
Tyler: Yeah!
Eleanor: I thought you said you hadn't seen him! He's right there.
Tyler: There he is.
Eleanor: Come on buddy. Let's go. Come on. Thank you.
Tyler: No, we're good. You're good right there. Sit right there. He's all right.
Eleanor: Okay, I don't know what's going on, but, uh...
Tyler: Put that on, Zak. Here brother. I've got it.
Eleanor: Thank you.
Tyler: He could do it. He could put his own shirt on. He's 22 years old.
Eleanor: Thank you. I've got it. We're good now.
Tyler: Huh.
Eleanor: Here you go bud. You ready? You good to go? you okay?
Zak: Ah, my ankle.
Eleanor: What? What...
Tyler: He's fine
Eleanor: What happened to his ankle? What's wrong with his ankle?
Tyler: Nothing's wrong.
Eleanor: What are you doing?
Tyler: [Mocking] What are you doing?
Eleanor: Who are you even?
Tyler: [Mocking] Who are you even?
Eleanor: You have a young boy with Down syndrome in the middle of nowhere.
Tyler: I'm the one who's been taking care of him because you can't do it unless you put him in a cage.
Eleanor: Okay, um. Look, he needs to be properly take care of, and that's my job. I'm sorry to break up your primitive little gang, or whatever's going on, but this is not Lord of the Flies. Okay, you can't. There's rules, regulations. Medication. Paperwork.
Tyler: . Yeah. All right. Well, while you've been doing paperwork, we've been something called living, ain't that right, brother?
Zak: Yeah.
Eleanor: Okay. Cool. [Tyler chuckles] But we're gonna go, so, thank you.
Tyler: No, we're not. He's fine where he is.
Eleanor: May I please speak to you in private?
Tyler: Oh. Oh, like, a private party? Yeah, all right.
Eleanor: One second, Zak.
Tyler: I got water. You want water?
Eleanor: Right now.
Tyler: [To Zak] "Primitive gang". Hell yeah. [To Eleanor] I like when you put your hair up like that. It's nice. Water?
Eleanor: Look, I could have you arrested for kidnapping, okay?
Tyler: Oh, you're going to have me arrested? How- how do you figure? You can't have me arrested. He's a runaway. Can't kidnap a runaway. Come on, genius. You said GW, didn't you?
Eleanor: I'm sure I could find some reason to arrest you.
Tyler: Hey, let me ask you, what do you want for him?
Eleanor: I'm not going to sell him to you.
Tyler: No, I mean what do you want for his life? His future?
Eleanor: Why are you- you don't know anything about him.
Tyler: You know about the wrestling?
Eleanor: Yes, of course I know about the wrestling.
Tyler: All right, so I know something about him, don't I? So, uh, you're a little late to the party. This is what's going on. I made a promise to him, to get him to that wrestling school in Ayden.
Eleanor: Oh.
Tyler: You understand? I gave him my word, and I ain't gonna back down on my word. [Zak sees Eleanor's van keys and takes it] Now, you seem like a nice person. You care for him and all. You came all the way out here. Maybe it's because you like me. I don't know. Yeah? And, uh, Imma offer you a favor. You can get on the raft with us and you can ride down there if you want.
Eleanor: No. No, we're not going to hop on your little raft and cruise around the river.
Tyler: It's hot. You're confused. I'm not asking you.
Zak: Hey, Eleanor! [Throws van keys into water]
Eleanor: Oh! Ooh! Oh! Oh.
Zak: I want to see Salt Water Redneck. And I don't want to go home.

Eleanor: Ahem. So how far is it, um... on the raft?
Tyler: [Makes a measurement gesture with index finger and thumb] About that far on the map.
Eleanor: Are your fingers to scale?
Tyler: Yeah.
Eleanor: [Makes a far wider measurement gesture with index finger and thumb] So how much time is that much?
Tyler: That's different than what I put up.
Eleanor: All right.
Tyler: What I did is about a day. Maybe two days.
Eleanor: Days? Like..
Tyler: Yeah.
Eleanor: Okay. [Checks phone] Are you kidding? What in the Christ... Hey, Zak, why don't you sit down, bud. You're kind of close to the edge. I don't want you to fall in. Hey, are you hungry? Have you eaten anything?
Zak: I am not really hungry.
Eleanor: Well, maybe you just have a bite of something for your blood sugar.
Tyler: He don't want nothing to eat.
Eleanor: You know how you get, buddy. I have an apple.
Tyler: Hey.
Eleanor: I have some M&M's. What?
Tyler: Don't do that.
Eleanor: Don't do what?
Tyler: Hey, I got an idea. Why don't we keep your training going? Just because we're on a raft doesn't mean we can't stop training, does it? All right, so we're going to do some breathing exercises. She's worried about your blood sugar. We're gonna breathe. Take a deep breath in. Out. Cool. Now, come over here and put your head underwater. I'm gonna time you.
Eleanor: What? No, no, no, don't do that. Zak.
Tyler: No. He can do that. He can do that. He can... there you go. [To Eleanor] You better stop calling him a retard.
Eleanor: I have never called anyone a... that word.
Tyler: Okay. Hold on, listen. When people are saying he's a retard, really what they're saying is he can't do some shit they can do. See, you might not be saying the word "retard", all right, I'll give you that, but you damn sure is making him feel retarded. That ain't gonna help his life. [Zak resurfaces] Hey, there we go.
Zak: Time. How long is that?
Tyler: Long.
Eleanor: Not long enough, Zak. Do it again.
Zak: Okay. [Puts head underwater]
Eleanor: You have got some real nerve talking to me like that. Do you even know what I do? I've spent the last two years of my life volunteering to hold people's hands as they pass away. I talk to them, I feed them, I wipe their asses, I change their clothes, I put them to bed. And I'm the last person they see. Don't act like you know jack shit about me.
Tyler: [Throws up both hands] All right.
Eleanor: Yeah, maybe he should not be in a retirement home, but I didn't choose that for him. But, that's what's happened and now I am doing the best I can.
Tyler: [Zak resurfaces with a fish in hand with Tyler grabbing it] Oh! Oh! Hey! Oh, shit! Oh! God! Zak! [Starts pounding fish's head on the platform] Okay! Yeah! Lunch!
Eleanor: Zak, did you just catch that with your hands?! How'd you do that?! You're a wild man! Oh my god!

Tyler: [Frying the fish] We got three options for lunch today. We can boil water from the sound, make a little chowder, huh?
Zak: Hmm-mm.
Tyler: Plain fish?
Zak: Hmm-mm.
Tyler: Fish with peanut butter?
Zak: Fish with peanut butter!
Tyler: Hey! You got to give him what he wants then. Here, go ahead. Load up.
Eleanor: Oh, just right on there.
Tyler: There you go. Right on there. You want a big piece or small piece?
Eleanor: That's good. That's great.
Tyler: If you fold it, you can make a little taco.
Eleanor: Okay, that's nice.
Tyler: Yeah. That's a good bite. That's good, huh?
Eleanor: Five stars.
Tyler: You hear that? [Does handshake motions with Zak] Bang. Boom.
Eleanor: What is that?
Zak: That is our special handshake. Yeah. That. Is our special thing.
Tyler: Yeah.
Eleanor: I want to have a special handshake.
Tyler: It's only for special shit.
Eleanor: Like what kind of special shit?
Zak: I don't know. Go ahead.
Tyler: No, you tell her. You brought it up.
Zak: Um...
Tyler: Talk about the boat.
Zak: Oh, uh. We did... hit by a boat. Almost.
Eleanor: You... you got hit by a boat?
Tyler: Almost.
Eleanor: What happened?
Tyler: We almost got run over by a shrimp boat.
Eleanor: What?
Tyler: Yeah.
Zak: And we did... the shotgun.
Tyler: Shotgun. Buckshot. He fired a shotgun. And we got shot at, remember?
Zak: Oh yeah. I did remember.

[Tyler, Zak and Eleanor are swinging off the barge from the crane's rope]
Zak: Eleanor, this is so easy.
Tyler: Easy.
Zak: Uh, just hold on and let go.
Tyler: Let go. That's it. Let go. Ready?
Eleanor: Let go.
Tyler: Ready? Three-
Eleanor: No, no, no. Don't rush me.
Tyler: -two, one.
Tyler: Get it, get it, get it! Come here!
Zak: I love my family and I hope that we will share it forever, for the rest of our life. Yes!
Eleanor: [Dancing with Zak] If you were the prince in a royal family, what would your name be?
Zak: Uh, Zak Prince.
Eleanor: That's really good.

[Tyler is woken up in a shed to fire flames and runs out to see the floating platform ablaze]
Duncan: [Appears with Ratboy holding a hun at Tyler] Hold up Tyler.
Tyler: Hey, hey! Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait!
Duncan: Get on your knees! Get on your knees! Over there! Right here!
Tyler: Okay.
Duncan: That's $12,000 worth of gear you burnt up. That's my season. What's to stop other people from messing with us now that you have?
Tyler: I won't ever mention it, no harm done.
Duncan: Even so, I gotta make it right. Not just for me, but for all of us. For our livelihood.
Tyler: You ain't gonna shoot me, Duncan. I'm gonna get you your money! I promise you! I promise you!
Ratboy: Shut the hell up! Shut up!
Duncan: Right hand or left hand, Tyler?
Tyler: I'm gonna make it right, I'm gonna get you your money.
Duncan: No, Tyler. Right hand or left hand? I'm giving you a choice. You better hurry up.
Ratboy: Screw this! Right hand!
Tyler: Wait, wait, wait, wait! Whoa! Zak! Stay there! [Zak appears from shed brandishing the shotgun]
Ratboy: You could pull the trigger. Can you aim that thing?
Zak: It's a buckshot!
Tyler: Get back in your boat, and your gonna leave. We ain't never gonna see each other again. Or he's gonna shoot ya.
Duncan: You're not the only one that's hard up around here. We need that money.
Eleanor: Tyler, what was that?
Tyler: Trouble. Problems.

Tyler: [To Eleanor and Zak] You upset with me? It ain't gonna happen no more.
Tyler: [To Eleanor] What's that "T" on your wrist?
Eleanor: It's a "J".
Tyler: What's the "J" on your wrist?
Eleanor: Um. It was for my husband.
Tyler: You're married?
Eleanor: No, I'm not married anymore.
Tyler: You divorced?
Eleanor: No, I'm a widow.
Tyler: I'm sorry.
Eleanor: It's okay. Don't be sorry.
Tyler: We're really similar. And not at all too.
Eleanor: I'm having some breakfast. Peanut butter.
Tyler: You're having some breakfast?
Zak: Yeah.

Eleanor: [Watching Zak do boxing moves on Tyler's hands at the end of a diner while on the phone] Hi, Glen. Yeah. Yes, I have him. I... he is sitting right next to me. No, he's... he's fine. Uh, he was alone. Yeah. Hmm-mm. There's no need to send anybody. I've got it. What? No, Glen, that's not... I'm... No. Cherry Hill is a place where they send drug addicts and prostitutes, not Zak. Yes, I did know I labeled him a flight risk, but I just think he might be better suited in an... I... I understand what you're... okay. [Hangs up]
Zak: Boo-yeah!
Eleanor: Okay, yeah, no, I get it. Okay, schedule his processing for tomorrow afternoon then. [Susan, a heavy set middle aged waitress comes over]
Susan: Oh, you mighty thirsty. Here you go. Can I get you anything else, hon?
Eleanor: No, I'm... actually, do you know who the Salt Water Redneck is?
Susan: Oh, everybody around here knows Salt Water. He used to be a celebrity.
Eleanor: Do you know where he lives?

Eleanor: [Reading paper] Maybe, it's...
Tyler: Let me see.
Eleanor: Maybe it's not the right place.
Tyler: This is the right place, 5-3-0. Yeah, this is it. [Camera reveals a semi-rundown trailer with Tyler going up to the door]
Clint: [Appears at door] Jesus Christ. Who are you?!
Tyler: You're Salt Water Redneck?
Clint: What is this?!
Tyler: I'm sorry, is this the wrestling school?
Clint: Whose asking?
Tyler: My name's Tyler. I ain't selling nothing to you. You see that boy back there?
Clint: Yeah.
Tyler: Yeah, so, we done, uh... we done some hard trailing to get to you. It's a big deal seeing you here. You mind waving to him? He's got a lot riding on him. You mind just waving to him?
Clint: How you doin'?
Zak: Hey.
Tyler: You don't teach no wrestling school here no more?
Clint: I closed that ten years ago.
Tyler: Did you? So I promised him he would do this one thing. You know, this wrestling thing. And he told me about this school here in Ayden. And we... we had a big journey to get here. And, uh... now I gotta break his heart, you know? And I don't really know what to say to him. But that ain't your shit, you know? I don't mean to bring shit to your doorstep or nothing like that. What's your name?
Clint: Clint. It's Clint.
Tyler: It's nice to meet you.
Clint: So... he used to be a fan?
Tyler: Oh, man, shit, you're his hero. He believes in you. That's a hard thing to do, believe in something, you know? Hey Zak!
Zak: Yeah.
Tyler: This is Clint! Hey, come up here. You mind if he comes up and says hi?
Zak: Hey Clinton.
Clint: That'd be alright.
Tyler: Hey pal, Salt Water don't live here no more. But, uh, Clint's a regular guy, just like me or you. He wanted to shake your hand.
Zak: Hey. How are you doing?
Clint: Good. Nice to meet you.
Zak: Thanks.
Tyler: [Starts herding Zak away] All right, thanks, partner. Come on, bub. Nice to meet you, Clint.

Zak: Hey Tyler.
Tyler: What?
Zak: I bet, we could find him by... by the raft. Maybe he is hiding in the swamp.
Tyler: He's not real, bud. Salt Water don't exist.
Zak: I saw the videotape, and he is real.
Tyler: He's not real.
Zak: I just saw, like, a thousand movies of him.
Eleanor: Zak, I don't think we're gonna find him. I think it's time for us to go back now.
Zak: I don't wanna go back. Tyler told me this, and he lied to me, and he promised me. And I don't wanna go back. I wanna stay here.
Eleanor: We can't, Zak. We have lives to go back to.
Zak: Eleanor, I am strong enough. And I could catch a fish for you. And I'm gonna be a hero. And I could take care of you. We could be a family. [Clint comes swerving around billowing up dust in a muscle car] Holy shit. Salt Water Redneck. It's you. Hey. [They shake hands]
Clint: Hey.
Zak: How you doing buddy?
Clint: I'm doing good.
Zak: I'm so happy to see you.
Clint: I'm happy to see you.
Zak: I saw so many videos about you.
Clint: Yeah? You want to learn some wrestling?
Zak: Oh, hell, yeah. And I feel great. Um, can I, uh... uh, join you for the ride?
Clint: Of course. Get in.
Zak: And.. and... and can I bring my family?
Clint: Sure.
Zak: I told you. I told you. I told you. He's real. Come on. Join us. Have some fun. [Tyler and Eleanor get in Clint's vehicle]
Clint: Damn.

[Clint is mentoring Zak in an impromptu wrestling ring set up in his front lawn]
Clint: First thing you do is, you're gonna kind of just, like, you're gonna feel out, you know, just how big the ring is. you just go, you know, kind of check out, you know, what your space is, where you're gonna be moving around. All right, one of the fundamentals now is when you go to hit a guy with an elbow. You got to hit a guy with an elbow, but you also gotta do a foot stomp. [Zak mimics] Yeah, but kind of pop your head too. Just gives it more energy. Yea. Okay, that's good. Um, was there anything special in the video that you want me to teach you?
Zak: Uh, will you please show me the Atomic Throw? [Sam chuckles derisively]
Clint: Ah. Yeah, the Atomic Throw. Honestly, Zak, we just made that up. You know, it was smoke and mirrors. It was just a camera on my face. And then it looked like I was holding the guy up over my head, and then we'd cut to a guy getting thrown out of the ring. It's not possible to do. But I can show you a lot of other cool stuff. What do you think, Sam?
Sam: Might try to do a collar and elbow lockup.

There you go, lockup. All right, now, what you do, you come in and boom, right there, boom. You know, boom, boom. But when you come in to do it, you got really, really, really slam... yeah. Yeah. Growl all you want, see? Then we kind of... now we move around a little bit, like this. You don't know what I'm going to do...

Eleanor: What are you going to do?
Tyler: What do you mean?
Eleanor: I mean, what are you going to do after all this is over?
Tyler: Well, I'm going to settle my debts with Duncan. Imma go up to Jupiter, Florida. Town called Jupiter up there is a small fishing town. It's on the Indian River and it opens up to this big estuary. It's the biggest estuary in America. I'm gonna get a boat and I'm gonna just live a good life. Run charters and take people sport fishing.
Eleanor: Hmm.
Tyler: You ever been to Florida?
Eleanor: Hmm-mm.
Tyler: No? You want to go?
Eleanor: to Florida?
Tyler: Yeah.

Clint: [To Zak] You know, certain things, it take years to learn. Like how to fall without hurting yourself. But then that stuff just comes with time. As you don't do the same move-
Sam: [Walking past] It takes time.
Clint: Yeah, it takes time, but as long as you don't do the same move in the same bout, you're good to go. You look real.
Zak: Oh, yeah, and I'm totally ready to do this.
Clint: You want to fight for real?
Zak: Yeah. For real-match.
Clint: For real?
Zak: Yeah.
Clint: You want to do a match?
Zak: Oh. Oh, yeah, seriously. Yeah. I love it.
Clint: That's great.
Sam: I don't think he's ready.
Clint: Oh, lookit, he can't be out here practicing all the time. He did great today. We can set that up. I mean, there's a card in Jacob's backyard tomorrow. I mean, you're fighting on that card.
Sam: Yeah.
Clint: Okay. Y'all two can fight.
Tyler: Hey! That's outstanding! A real match! [Pats Zak's shoulders] You want to fight Samson?
Zak: Hell, yeah.
Sam: Good.
Zak: Yes, I do. Tomorrow.
Tyler: Oh, man! Yeah, take on Sam.
Zak: Yo, um, please, don't mess with the Peanut Butter Falcon.
Clint: Peanut Butter Falcon in the house.
Eleanor: I see a problem here. Seems a bit soon.
Sam: He's great! Really!
Clint: Yeah! I'm going to be there! He's going to take care of him. It'll be like dancing.
Sam: Oh, yeah.
Clint: Sam? Really?
Sam: Yeah.
Clint: Oh, come on, man. He's in, he's in. He's grumpy. He's in. Just let him lead, huh? All right, yeah.

[Cline takes Zak, Tyler and Eleanor to a live wrestling match]
Clint: I need you to put somebody else on the card to fight Samson. Yeah, look over there.
Referee: Looks kind of lean, wiry, like a swimmer's physique.
Clint: No, no, not him. The little guy. [Walks to Zak] Had to grease your wheels a little bit, but, Zak, you're good buddy. You're fighting. [Points to Eleanor] You want to fight? They'll take girls. [Eleanor looks on disapprovingly] Okay. All right. Yeah.
Obese black man: [On phone] Yeah, Tyler's here. At this wrestling thing in Ayden.
Clint: [To Zak in a warehouse] Zak! One thing you got to remember, buddy. Huge part of the game is smack talk. As soon as you set foot in that ring, I want you to say the meanest, evilest thing that comes into your head, Zak, okay? You got to go in aggressive. He is gonna hit you. He's gonna hit you, but you come back harder! Harder, Zak, all right? Oh, one last thing, okay? It may not even happen. If you start bleeding, though, take it to your advantage. All right? Rub it on your face a little bit. Get it on your hands. He hates that. He believes in vampires and shit. All right, I think that's it. It's Zak attack time. How are you feeling? you ready? Rah! Oh, you're up, yeah! [Walks out of warehouse and slams door]
Tyler: I wish I was in there with you.
Zak: Tyler.
Tyler: What?
Zak: I'm scared.
Tyler: No, don't do that right now. Hey. Hey! Don't do that right now. I know you got this Zak. You got this. I know you can do this. Say; "I got this". You've been out here. You got this. Say; "I got this".
Zak: I got this.
Tyler: No, not... like you're asking a question! Like you mean it! Mean it! Mean it! I mean, in your heart! You know it! Say; "I got this".
Zak: I got this.
Tyler: I got this.
Zak: I got this.
Tyler: Mean it. Make me believe it.
Zak: I got this. [ Stands up and yells] I got this!
Tyler: Do it again!
Zak: I got this!
Tyler: Say it!
Zak: I got this!
Tyler: Say it!
Zak: I got this!
Tyler: It's you. There he is. [They start doing handshakes] Peanut Butter Falcon. Really? You're gonna win. You're just gotta show up. Take your shirt off. We got to find some cardboard. Wait. Wait. Come here come here. Get this box, get this box

Referee': Ladies and Gentlemen, can you feel it?!
Spectators: Yeah!
Referee': I said; ladies and Gentlemen, can you feel it?!
Spectators: Yeah!
Referee': Can you feel the heat?!
Spectators: Yeah!

[Tyler and Eleanor are sitting in Clint's vehicle]
Tyler: I understand why you took me out of here, but there ain't no reason to be scared. We're talking about two different matches. You're talking about a hardcore match which was what you just sat through, and then Zak's gonna be doing, which ain't gonna be the same match.
Eleanor: No.
Tyler: He's going to do a couple moves, he's going to lay down, it's going to be simple, and that's going to be that. Zak's gonna win and we go home.
Eleanor: Tyler, they don't care about him.
Tyler: I care about him.
Eleanor: I know. We care about him. They don't.
Referee': Well, that was going to be the case but then, at the very last moment, an old friend stopped by.
Spectators: Who?! Who was it?!
Referee': The Salt Water Redneck. The Salt Water Redneck stopped by and brought with him tonight a protégé.
Tyler: Okay.
Eleanor: Okay?
Tyler: Yeah. [Leans in and passionately kisses Eleanor] You want popcorn?
Eleanor: Tyler, oh my god. Tyler, what the... [Realises that Tyler tricked her in handcuffing her to the steering wheel]
Tyler: I'll get you popcorn.
Eleanor: Are you kidding me?!
Tyler: You're good.
Eleanor: Oh, my god!
Tyler: Nobody's gonna die today. I'll be right back.
Referee': May I present to you... the Peanut Butter Falcon! [Tyler bangs on door] Let's go! Let's go! [Zak comes out dressed as a falcon]
Tyler: Hey! Whoo! [All spectators silently stare unimpressed]
Clint: He's wearing a freaking cardboard box.
Tyler: Falcon time! Here we go, here we go. Fly around baby! Fly around baby! Whoo! [Zak starts slapping hands of front row spectators] The Falcon! Falcon! [Spectators start cheering] Whoo!
Clint: All right, Zak!
Spectators: [Chanting] Peanut Butter Falcon!
Referee': Who's ready for some wrestling?!
Clint: Whoo!
Tyler: Come on Zak! [Zak faces Sam who puts hands on top of Zak who immediately falls over into a corner]
Clint: Zak, say something!
Sam: What do you think about that, huh?! I've been doing this for 38 years, and guess what?! This isn't Make-A-Wish Foundation!
Tyler: Kick out, Zak! Kick out that leg! Legs! Kick out! There you go, there you go. Get up, get up! Recover!
Sam: Oh, son! You messed up! [Zak wraps arms around Sam's waist] You want to play some more?! [Sam pounds Zak's back sending falling down]
Tyler: Get up, Zak, get up!
Clint: Samson.
Sam: The Peanut Butter Falcon?! Are you ser- How bout Tweety Bird? That's more like it! Tweety Bird!
Tyler: Get up. Get up bud. Fight!
Sam: You want to play some more? You know, I've never had enough of you. [Knocks down Zak with a running finisher]
Clint: Samson! We had an agreement!
Sam: Don't come to me and expect favors! [Picks up Zak and throws him down]
Clint: Bullshit.
Tyler: Get up. Get up, Zak.
Sam: What else you want? You stupid little punk. You're going down. Retard, get up, man. Get your stinking ass out of the ring, man. [Zak rolls around in pain]
Eleanor: [Sees Duncan and Ratboy arriving] Oh, my god.
Tyler: Hey, hey, hey. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Hey, hey, look at me. Let me know, do you want to do this anymore? [Does double thumbs up with Zak doing a thumbs up] Then get up now!
Referee': Listen up, Sam. You're a piece of shit.
Clint: Say something, Zak.
Tyler: Come on, Zak! Come on, Zak! Come on! [Samson gives referee the finger in the style of a Jack-in-the-box]
Zak: Excuse me Samson!
Sam: What?!
Zak: You are not invited to my birthday!
Tyler: Go, Zak! Go, Zak! Run! Run! [Zak wraps arms around Sam's waist] Yeah! Go underneath! Up! Up! [Zak picks up Samson entirely starts walking to the ring edge with Duncan and Ratboy arriving with Eleanor in pursuit, Ratboy stares in awe when Zak throws Sam out of the ring, Duncan strikes Tyler's head with a tire iron]

[Zak and Eleanor are at a hospital]
Tyler: [In flashback of bonding session] Let's just start from there.
Zak: Yeah.
Tyler: [Going through handshake motions] Boom. Boom. Boom. You wanna hug? [They hug] A little tap of a hug or just a straight hug?
Zak: Straight hug.
Tyler: Straight hug.

Eleanor: [Driving with Zak] Zak. Zak. Look.
Zak: Florida. We are in Florida. [Pats Tyler in backset] We... we are here in Florida! We made it!


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