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The Perfect Score is a 2004 film about six high school students who try to break into a building and steal the answers to the upcoming SAT exam.

Directed by Brian Robbins. Written by Marc Hyman, Jon Zack, and Mark Schwahn.


  • Desmond Rhodes. All-city. But his grades are shitty.
  • I'm the ghost, man. I hear things, and I see things. But no one hears or sees me.


  • Desmond's mother: You're a smart boy, Roy. But there's a lot of dumb dribbling out of your mouth right now.


Francesca: You told Anna Ross?
Matty: Yeah. Kyle said he had a feeling about her.
Francesca: Hey, was the feeling anywhere near your crotch?

Desmond: Who scored the highest on the test?
Roy: Asian chicks. Middle-class Asian girls who watch less than an hour of TV a day. They can't drive, but they can kick the shit out of the SAT.

Anna: If you could do anything with your life, and money was no object, what would you do?
Roy: Anything at all? Well, when I was a kid, I used to play this video game for hours - "Street Fighter 2". And I remember thinking, "You know, people get paid to do this - to think of the game and create the characters." Like there's this one character, Blanka; he's like half human and half lizard who eats his opponents. Well, you know, he either zaps them with lightning, or he bites their faces off. It's pretty cool, huh?
Anna: So you'd design video games?
Roy: No, I'd kinda like to be Blanka.

Anna: Do I look like I need the answers?
Roy: You look like you need a pimp.


  • The S.A.T. is hard to take. It's even harder to steal.


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