The Phantom of the Opera (1989 film)

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The Phantom of the Opera is a 1989 film about a young soprano who becomes the obsession of a horribly disfigured composer.

Directed by Dwight H. Little. Written by Gerry O'Hara.
Robert Englund Was "Freddy." Now he's the... Phantom of the Opera An all new nightmare!  (taglines)

Erik Destler[edit]

  • Up there, those are the actors and the costumes and the scenery. They don't know the soul of the opera. In your dressing room, I could only teach you the words, the notes. But here... here I can teach you the meaning.
  • Only love and music are forever.
  • I like it better in the dark. The night is far too short as it is.
  • [to Christine] Your father has sent me. I am your angel. All of your lessons have led to this moment. We will make music that the world will love forever. Take the last step to me. To your destiny. To immortality.


  • The Devil: [as he burns Erik's face with a magic touch] People will love you for your music. But that is all that they will love you for.


Insp. Hawkins: Do you believe in God, Mr. Dutton?
Richard Dutton: Yes.
Insp. Hawkins: Good. Because it's going to take a leap of faith for you to understand what I'm about to tell you. The Phantom is real. It has a name. Erik Destler.
Richard Dutton: But that's just a story.
Insp. Hawkins: I know the legend as well as you. He sold his soul to the devil so the world would love him for his talent. The devil had a price. He mutilated his face so terribly, that no one could stand to love him ever again.
Richard Dutton: And it's said the only way to kill the Phantom is to destroy his music.
Insp. Hawkins: I don't believe in phantoms or legends, Mr. Dutton, but I do believe in facts. And the fact is, this man, this creature, is still alive. Still alive and living under your opera.

Martin Barton: Don't test me, Carlotta. I could drown you too easily.
La Carlotta: Better to be submerged in bath water than mediocrity. Wouldn't you agree?

La Carlotta: [about to take off Erik's mask] What will I think when I see?
Erik Destler: You'll just... die!

Christine Day: [as Erik escorts her deep into the sewers] Where are we going?
Erik Destler: Home. No one can hurt you here.

Erik Destler: Could it be that I saw you at the opera last night?
Harrison: It's possible, I am the opera critic of the Gazette.
Erik Destler: Indeed, I found your account of Christine Day's performance, some what troubling. Could it be that we saw different shows?
Harrison: Ah Ms. Day, I was sorry for her, embarrassed really, the role was beyond her!
Erik Destler: Then perhaps you weren't afforded a seat befitting your status and your knowledge of the arts. The acoustics are somewhat inconsistent. Should you reconsider your evaluation, I could provide you with a private box.
Harrison: Sir, you flatter me. But in all truthfulness, I think I would rather die than to listen to that shrieking child for another evening!
Erik Destler: As you wish! [attacks and kills Harrison]

Erik Destler: You love the music. I am the music. Now you are married to the music. You cannot serve two masters. Do not see another.
Christine Day: I promise.
Erik Destler: Tonight, you shall be my bride.

Christine Day: Are you going to kill me now, too?
Erik Destler: Everyone dies... I only choose the time and place for a few.
Christine Day: When do you choose for me?
Erik Destler: This is either a wedding march or a funeral mass. You decide which.

Christine Day: You're him, aren't you?
Erik Destler: Had you expected someone else? Christine, you have always been my inspiration. You. And now, it's only a question of what you want: Love or music. I have waited a very long time for you to come back to me my dear. We had a bargain you and I...FOREVER! Forever.
Christine Day : [snatches up one of his surgical tools] NOT... [stabs him with it] FOREVER!


  • Robert Englund Was "Freddy." Now he's the... Phantom of the Opera An all new nightmare!



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