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The Philadelphia Experiment is a 1984 film about two sailors that are sent 40 years into the future during a naval experiment.

Directed by Stewart Raffill. Written by William Gray, based on the 1979 novel The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility by Charles Berlitz and William L. Moore.
An adventure beyond time.  (taglines)

David Herdeg[edit]

  • This now, this time, it's not ours. We weren't here when it happened. The experiment took place on a ship in a Philadelphia harbor. It was - 1943, October. Does this sound... crazy? You know, or is this sort of thing possible now?
  • I can't believe this! Germany and Japan are our friends, and Russia's the enemy now?
  • You know, I got it all figured out... Navy owes me 40 years back pay.


  • Sheriff Bates: We've all got problems, honey. But we don't solve 'em with guns.


Jim Parker: Isn't that - water up ahead?
David Herdeg: No. This is a desert. And that's a mirage.
Jim Parker: [later, walking through the flooded plain] How much longer you think this mirage is gonna last?

David Herdeg: [sees Ronald Reagan giving a speech on television] Hey, I know this guy. Is this another movie?
Allison Hayes: [smiles] No, David, it's not another movie.

Major Clark: So, what did you think of 1984?
David Herdeg: Television was great.
Major Clark: You didn't see enough of it.

Allison Hayes: Why'd you join the Navy?
David Herdeg: You know the old saying: girl in every port.


  • An adventure beyond time.
  • The experiment that should never have happened 41 years ago... Is still going on.


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