The Pilgrim's Regress

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The Pilgrim's Regress is a 1933 allegorical novel by C. S. Lewis. The novel portrays a fantasy of a 20th-century pilgrim's struggles somewhat similar to those of the protagonist of Bunyan's 17th-century novel The Pilgrim's Progress.

Book One. The Data[edit]

  • That night he waited till his parents were asleep and then, putting some few needments together, he stole out by the back door and set his face to the West to seek for the Island.

Book Two. Thrill[edit]

  • 'But how do you know there is no Landlord?'
    'Christopher Columbus, Galileo, the earth is round, invention of printing, gunpowder!!' exclaimed Mr. Enlightenment in such a loud voice that the pony shied.

Book Three. Through Darkest Zeitgeistheim[edit]

  • John limped on for about ten minutes. Suddenly he heard Mr. Mammon calling out to him. He stopped and turned round. ...
    'What do you suppose they live on?'
    'I never thought of that.'
    'Every man of them earns his living by writing for me or having shares in my land. I suppose the "Clevers" is some nonsense they do in their spare time — when they're not beating up tramps,' and he glanced at John.

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