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The Pretender is an American drama television series starring Michael T. Weiss and Andrea Parker, produced by NBC Studios. Aired from September 19, 1996 until May 17, 2000.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.1][edit]

Sydney: The Centre wants him alive.
Miss Parker: Preferably.

Every Picture Tells a Story [1.2][edit]

Jarod: When are you due?
Martha Poole: I should've made L.C. months ago but Commander Powell keeps putting it off.
Jarod: Not your promotion. Your baby. I'd say from your nausea and your sore back, you're about nine weeks.
Martha: My husband doesn't even know. What are you, a part-time obstetrician?
Jarod: No, but I was a midwife once.

Kimberly King: Didn't you ever eat cookies as a kid?
Jarod: They didn't have cookies where I grew up.
Kimberl: Where'd you grow up? Mars?
Jarod: Sort of.

Flyer [1.3][edit]

(After learning that he can now communicate with Jarod face to face over the computer.)

Sydney: I don't want Miss Parker to find out about this.
Broots: Uh, wait...wait a minute. Uh, you want to play political Parcheesi with the Ice Queen, you go...go right ahead, but I'm not dancing in the minefield. No way.
Sydney: (laughing) You are afraid of losing your job!
Broots: I'm afraid of losing my life.

'Bartender: What's your poison?
Jarod: Excuse me?
Bartender: What's your drink?
Jarod: Uh, I was raised on optimized nutritional supplements: hearts of palm, wheatgrass, asparagus mixed with tomato.
Bartender: Virgin Mary, celery garnished.

Jarod: You can stretch it, bounce it, and copy newsprint with it, and it comes in its own plastic egg.
Store Clerk: Yeah. See, the egg is like a symbol of this stuff's birth, you know? Its being. It's not just putty. It's whatever you want it to be.
Jarod: Oh. Well, why would they call something this versatile silly?
Store Clerk: Would you buy something called Versatile Putty?

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