The Prince & Me: The Elephant Adventure

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The Prince & Me: The Elephant Adventure (also known as The Prince & Me 4 and renamed The Prince & Me 4: Royal Adventures in Paradise when shown on television) is a 2010 American romantic comedy film directed by Catherine Cyran, which was released direct-to-video.

Directed by Catherine Cyran. Produced by Frank DeMartini and Tom Waller. Screenplay by Blayne Weaver.
Take a Trip to Paradise.


  • Sir, this has international incident written all over it!
  • This has international incident written all over it.
  • Well, I guess the jungle is as good a place to die as anywhere.
  • [while taking a picture of Queen Paige climbing an elephant] This is going on my Facebook page.


Edvard: Paige, you are the queen of Denmark.
Paige: And you are the king. So what?

Edvard: Søren, do something!
Soren: I only know how to say 'Hello' in Sangyoon, not 'Please don't kill us!'

Soren: I think I might catch up on a few vacation days.
Paige: I think that's great, Søren. You've deserved it.
Edvard: Any particular reason?
Soren: I make her laugh!


  • Kam Heskin as Paige, Queen of Denmark.
  • Chris Geere as Edvard, King of Denmark.
  • Jonathan Firth as Soren.
  • Selina Lo as Rayen.
  • Ase Wang as Princess Myra.
  • David Bueno as Soldier No. 3.
  • Prinya Intachai as Kah.
  • Frank DeMartini as Drummer.
  • Joe Cummings as Violist.
  • Vithaya Pansringarm as King Saryu.
  • Leigh Barwell as Nurse.
  • David Allen Jones as Guitar Player.
  • Amarin Cholvibul as Alu.
  • Felix John Fraser as Secret Agent 2.
  • John Dang as Singer.
  • Charlie Ruedpokanon as Soldier #2.
  • Peter Mossman as Secret Service Agent #1.
  • Emma Dortsch as Little Girl.

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