The Princess and the Pea (2002 film)

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The Princess and the Pea is a 2002 American-Hungarian traditionally animated musical fantasy film adaptation of the popular 1835 fairy tale The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen. It was released August 16, 2002 as an American-Hungarian production of Feature Films for Families & Swan Productions.

Directed by Mark Swan. Written by Ken Cromar and Forrest S. Baker. Based on The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen.

Never underestimate the power of a vegetable.

Sebastian the Raven[edit]

  • It's in the princess, not the pea! Ha, ha, ha, ha!


[The "birthmark" on Hildegard's foot is smudged, proving that it's fake]
Sebastian: Aha, ha, ha, ha! I was right! Hildegard is NOT your daughter, Heath!
Helsa: AH! The pig's out of the bag!
[Fearless pops out of his hiding place. Princess Daria and Hungry appeared as well]
Prince Rollo: Fearless? Princess, Hungry! But if you're here, then...
Sebastian: Heath, your daughter is...
Laird: ...RIGHT HERE!
[The camera pans to Laird above the crowd. Princess Daria is in her clutches]
Princess Daria: LET ME GO!
Prince Rollo: DARIA!
Laird: Take another step, and she goes over the side! [laughs evilly] Helsa and Hildegard! Come to me!
Helsa: [grabbing as much food as she can] I'm coming, I'm coming...
Laird: NOW!
[Helsa and Hildegard hurry]
King Heath: Hildegard... LAIRD! Where is your conscience?
Laird: You're so predictable! Blade! [throws a dagger to Blade, who flies to the chandelier above Prince Rollo, cutting the ropes that hold it up] Say goodbye to your "future son-in-law"!
King Heath: ROLLO!
[King Heath pushes Prince Rollo out of the way, diving under the falling chandelier himself - it crushes him, and he appears dead]
Laird: What a tragic accident! At this time of sorrow, I sadly proclaim myself king, and denounce this girl as an imposter!
King Heath: [slowly lifting his head] Wrong... again... brother!
Laird: Hmm? [whining] I WANT THE KINGDOM!
King Heath: [getting up] Let... my daughter... free!
Laird: [groaning in frustration] My reign was short but glorious. [takes off with Princess Daria]

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