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The Proposal is a 2009 film which follows Margaret Tate, a witch of a publishing executive, and her assistant, Andrew Paxton. Margaret forces Andrew to marry her so she can avoid being deported back to her native Canada. In order to prove the relationship is real, she travels with Andrew to meet his eccentric family in Alaska. But trying to keep up the façade with his family, friends, and an INS agent who's determined to prove fraud, won’t be easy.

Directed by Anne Fletcher. Written by Pete Chiarelli.
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Andrew: I need the shirt off your back. Literally.
Colleague: You're kidding, right?
Andrew: Yankees, Boston, this Tuesday. 2 company seats for your shirt. You have 5 seconds to decide. 5,4,3,2,1...

Andrew: Morning, boss. You have a conference call in 30 minutes.
Margaret: Yes. About the marketing of the spring books. I know.
Andrew: Staff meeting at 9:00.
Margaret: Did you call, um ... What's her name? The one with the ugly hands.
Andrew: Janet?
Margaret: Yes, Janet.
Andrew: I did call her and if she doesn't get her manuscript in on time you won't give her a release date. Your immigration lawyer called. He said it's imperative...
Margaret: Cancel the call, push the meeting to tomorrow and keep the lawyer on the sheets. Oh, and get a hold of PR, have them start drafting a press release. Frank is doing Oprah.
Andrew: Wow. Nicely done.
Margaret: If I want your praise, I will ask for it. Um... Who is, uh, who is Jillian? And why does she want me to call her?
Andrew: Well, that was originally my cup.
Margaret: And I'm drinking your coffee why?
Andrew: Because your coffee spilled.

Margaret: That your family?
Andrew: Yes.
Margaret: They tell you to quit?
Andrew: Every single day.

Chairman Bergen: We can clean this up, re-file, but even when we do, you’ll have to spend one year out of the country.
Margaret: Well, that’s not ideal, I mean, I can work from Toronto, with video conferencing —
Chuck: Margaret, you don’t understand. If you’re deported, you can’t work for an American company.

Mr. Gilbertson: Have you told your parents?
Margaret: Impossible. My parents are dead.
Mr. Gilbertson: Are your parents dead too?
Margaret: No, no. His parents are very much alive.
Mr. Gilbertson: Have you told them yet?
Margaret: We’re going to their place this weekend. [Andrew stares, disbelieving, at her] …Gammie’s 90th birthday. We thought it’d be a nice surprise.
Mr. Gilbertson: Uh-huh. And where will that be?
Margaret: At Andrew’s parents’ house.
Mr. Gilbertson: Oh, and where’s that?
Margaret: [looking at Andrew] Pssh. Why am I doing all the talking? They're your parents, why don't you tell him? Jump in...
Andrew: Sitka.
Margaret: Sitka.
Andrew: Alaska.
Margaret: [shocked, but trying to cover it] Alaskaaaa…

Andrew: So, these are the questions that INS is gonna ask us. Now the good news is that I know everything about you, but the bad news is that you have 4 days to learn all this about me. So you should .. probably get studying.
Margaret: You know all the answers to these questions about me?
Andrew: Scary, isn't it?
Margaret: Hmm... a little bit. What I am allergic to?
Andrew:: Pine nuts. And the full spectrum of human emotion.
Margaret Oh, that's ... that was funny. (chuckles)'s a good one. Do I have any scars?
Andrew: I am pretty sure that you have a tattoo.
Margaret Oh, you're pretty sure?
Andrew: I'm pretty sure. 2 years ago, your dermatologist called and asked about a Q-switched laser. I of course Googled a Q-switched laser and found that they in fact do to remove tattoos. But you canceled your appointment.So what is it? Tribal ink? Japanese calligraphy? Barbed wire?
Margaret You know, it's exciting for me to experience you like this.

Margaret: Oh my God, what is that?
Andrew: I’m sorry.
Margaret: What is it?
Andrew: It’s… the morning.

[Margaret is trying on the hand-me-down family wedding dress]
Margaret: Wow. Incredible. Maybe a tad loose in certain areas, but otherwise —
Grandma Annie: Oh, sorry. I’m a bit chesty to begin with, and, I happened to be knocked up when I wore this.

Margaret: Why are you out of breath?
Andrew: Because I’ve been running.
Margaret: From Alaska?

Margaret: Why didn't you tell me you're some kind of an Alaskan Kennedy?
Andrew: We were in the middle of talking about you... for the last 3 years.


  • Here comes the bribe…


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