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The Proud Family is an American animated television sitcom that ran on the Disney Channel from September 15, 2001 to August 19, 2005.

Season 1[edit]

21 Episodes by September 15, 2001 - May 24, 2002

Episode 1. Bring It On[edit]

The Gross Sisters: We're not here to do some stupid cheer, so just empty your pockets and put the money in here.
Nubia: Now!
Suga Mama (to Penny): I told you to ditch that Dijonay a long time ago!

Episode 2. Strike[edit]

Penny: How do they expect me to act like a grownup on this little bit of money they give me?
Dijonay: I don't even get the little, just the bit.
LaCienega: I hear that. I can't do anything on the 50 my parents give me.
Penny: Fifty cents? I guess I shouldn't feel too bad!
LaCienega: That's fifty dollars, Penny Pincher!
Oscar (to Penny): What have you learned?
Penny: That an allowance is not a right, but a privilege. And from now on, let Mama do the negotiating.
Oscar: What? Did you hear what she just said?
Trudy: Yes, and that's my girl.

Episode 3. Rumors[edit]

Trudy (to Penny): Ok, baby. You know the rules. No loud music.
Oscar: No boys.
Trudy: No running up my phone bill.
Oscar: No boys.
Trudy: And the most important rule of all...
Penny, LaCienega, Zoey & Dijonay: No boys.
Dijonay: Yesterday, someone spread a nasty rumor about Penny Proud and Myron Lewinski. Today, Myron is in my studio guest and he's here to clear things straight. Welcome to the show, Myron!
Myron: Thank you, Dijonay, with your fine self.
Dijonay: Oh, Myron, you so smooth. If you weren't with Penny, I--
Penny: Dijonay!
Dijonay: So, erm, Myron, what exactly DID happen between you and Penny last Saturday night?
Myron: As usual, the ladies are all over me and... (Penny slaps Myron in the back of the head) Uh, I mean nothing happened. Penny is a nice girl and I have nothing, but the utmost love... (Penny slaps him again) I mean respect for her.

Episode 4. Tiger Whisperer[edit]

Ajay: I like antelope liver. With some fava beans. And a nice chianti.

Episode 5. EZ Jackster[edit]

Wizard Kelly: That's Mission Impossible. Everywhere the Wizard goes, I hear a Sir-Paid-A-Lot song. "I'm gonna BEEP BEEP your BEEP!". It's just so darn catchy.
Penny (to Dijonay): Can you keep a secret?
Dijonay: Girl, you know I can't!
Penny: Good.
(After Penny is arrested)
Trudy: Well, this has to be the most embarrassing night of my life.
Oscar: So I forgot to take down the Christmas lights, I said I'm sorry.
Suga Mama: Not you, Jingle Bells, she's talking about Penny.

Episode 6. Spelling Bee[edit]

(Penny sees a photo of Oscar as a teen)
Penny: Ew! Why is your hair sticking out like that?
Suga Mama: Because it was N-A-P-P-Y.

Episode 7. She's Got Game[edit]

Oscar (to Penny when she wants to play boys' football): There's no pain like football pain.
Trudy: Oh, yeah. What about childbirth?
Oscar: Well, okay, that's worse, but I'm not signing a permission slip for that either.
Penny: I could have won the game.
Trudy: Oh, Penny, you won so much more. You won so much more.

Episode 8. Forbidden Date[edit]

Penny (to Oscar) You always tell me to grow up, but when I try to, you treat me like a little kid! You guys don't let me do anything!

Episode 9. Teacher's Pet[edit]

Episode 10. Don't Leave Home Without It[edit]

Oscar (to Trudy): How can you be afraid of mice? You're a veterinarian. You give shots to lions and tigers, for crying out loud.
Trudy: I can't help it. It's those beady eyes, that little, those big ears and that boney tail.
Suga Mama: Do you realize you just described Oscar to a "T"?
Oscar: At least that mouse is gone. (The mouse reappears right next to him) He's standing right next to me, isn't he?

Episode 11. Seven Days of Kwanzaa[edit]

Bobby (singing): Merry Christmas y'all! And a Happy Hanukkah too. Feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad!
Oscar: Well, Margaret, thanks to your stories about how turkeys are enslaved before they're pumped full of steriods, nobody could eat. Except for Bobby.
Bobby (singing): I ate it all, y'all. It was good, y'all. Now I need an antacid, y'all!

Episode 12. Makeover[edit]

Penny: Now you guys want to explain to Olei why you can't help her? (Dijonay, Zoey and LaCienga shake their heads) Cause y'all are gonna help me, right? (Dijonay, Zoey and LaCienga nod) Now give me your lunch money! (Dijonay, Zoey and LaCienga put out their money) Just kidding.

Episode 13. The Party[edit]

LaCienega: Bam! Because I'll be hosting my party that night.
Penny: Bam! I got MC Sticky.
Trudy: Okay, everyone. Now it's time for everybody's favorite part of the night.
Penny: Everybody goes home?
Penny (crying): I can't believe I have such fake friends!
Trudy: You mean like you're being right now?
Nubia: No, you about to get got.
Suga Mama (to Myron): Slow your roll, Urkel. We playing Pretzel.

Episode 14. Love Thy Neighbor[edit]

Penny (to Oscar): You and Mom tell me all kinds of things I think are stupid until I hear them from somebody else.
Michael (about LaCienega's feet): Hey, everybody, it's Flipper!
Penny : It's LaCienega. We had to take our swim test the other day and…well…
Sunset: It's the foot thing again, isn't it?
Penny: Everybody laughed at her.
Trudy: Foot thing? What foot thing?
Sunset: LaCienega's a little special.
Felix: She's got feet like a duck.
Sunset: Felix!
Felix: But it's true.

Episode 15. I Had a Dream[edit]

Mr. Webb: Black History Month has fallen into a rather predictable pattern.
Dijonay: Does that mean we're not going to have George Washington Carver peanut butter cookies?
Mr. Webb: Of course we will, Ms. Jones. Some things you just don't change.
Mr. Webb: A person who doesn't understand his past won't have a future.
Penny: Why is everyone at school separated?
Zoey: What do you mean?
Penny: You know, the whites, the blacks, LaCienega.

Episode 16. I Love You, Penny Proud[edit]

Suga Mama: I'm glad the restaurant lost our reservation.
Papi (in Spanish): Lost? I canceled them. I couldn't risk being seen with you in public.
Penny (to Johnny): That's it. I've had it with you. It's over.
Johnny: Wait, what's over?
Penny: We're over!
Johnny: I thought you liked me. I thought you were my girlfriend. I know, it's my wheels, isn't it?
Penny: No. Your wheels aren't the reason I don't like you. But they are the reason I said I'd be your girlfriend. That and because I felt sorry for you. But I don't anymore. You need a personality check, Johnny. You're rude, obnoxious, inconsiderate. You disrespected my parents, my grandmother, me. You're not a nice person, Johnny. But my family, they are nice people and I'm sorry I ever brought you around. So why don't you break?

Episode 17. Puff's Magic Adventure[edit]

LaCienega: I'm here for the reward.
Oscar: Where is Puff?
LaCienega: Oh, you want the dog? So that's how that works.
LaCienega (to Penny): Look, Proud. Bebe's Kids and Snoopy will be fine, okay?
Trudy: You’d better do something, Oscar, Suga Mama has been here three weeks. It’s time for her to go. I understand she’s been depressed, but enough is enough.
Oscar: Well what do you want me to do? Just throw my poor mama out?
Trudy: Of course not, Oscar. I would never ask you to throw her out. Show her out, drop breadcrumbs, I don’t care, just get her out of my house!
Oscar: That’s cold, Trudy.
Penny: Mama, Suga Mama says she’s ready for you to file her corns.
Trudy: That’s it, Oscar. That’s the last bunion. Either she goes or I go. It’s your choice.
Penny: look, for whatever it’s worth I think we owe Suga Mama. Let’s not forget it’s our fault Puff is missing.
Oscar: Let’s get something straight here: you lost Puff.
Trudy: No, you should have never left him!
Oscar: If you had just let it be Oscar Day like I had planned, none of this would have ever happened. But No! You just had to go shoppin’!
Trudy: Yes, I had to go shopping! All you do is sit on that couch all day long and whine!
Penny: Stop it! We’re all responsible. None of us cared about Puff, I know I didn’t.
Trudy: None of us did, honey.
Oscar: I gotta admit. As much as I can’t stand that dog. He’s the only one that could have put up with Suga Mama. If he ever finds his way back, I’ll treat him like the true hero he is. I’ll let him sit in my chair, eat my food and watch his stories anytime he wants.

Episode 18. Enter the Bullies[edit]

Dr. Payne (to Oscar): According to my record, you missed a flu shot.
Oscar: Is that all? Just hook me up with a vaccine pop, preferrably cherry.
Dr. Payne: You don't get a sucker, sucker!
(Oscar blinks his eyes in surprise and Dr. Payne pulls him with his stethoscope)
Oscar: Trudy, help me! Mama, give me something!
Suga Mama: Stop acting like a baby. Be a man!
Penny: I'm just gonna find some common ground.
Dijonay: Oh, you gonna find the ground, all right.
Suga Mama: Fifty dollars? Tell me where these hooligans live. (karate sounds while making a karate move) Nobody steals from my grand baby.

Episode 19. The Altos[edit]

Suga Mama (talking to Trudy about Oscar): I must need a hearing aid because, I thought you said hero, not zero.

Episode 20. Hip Hop Helicopter[edit]

Oscar (to Penny): If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?
Penny: If it was fun!
Oscar: Fun?!!
Penny: Mommy, Daddy, can I go with my girls to go see the Hip-Hop Helicopter?
Oscar: Nope.
Penny: Why not, Daddy?
Oscar: Cause I've seen that show and I know there will be boys there.
Trudy: Oh, Oscar, you're impossible! Do you know there are boys at church too?
Oscar: Fine. She can't go there either.
Sunset: We need to respect our elders.
Oscar: No; we need to bury them.
Oscar: You need a spare to win. Don't choke.

Episode 21. Romeo Must Wed[edit]

Dijonay (to Penny): Ooh, let's go over and check out the "Other woman". Oh, wait a minute. Technically, you're the Skeezer!

Season 2[edit]

20 Episodes by September 27, 2002 - September 26, 2003

Episode 1.A Star is Scorned[edit]

Wizard Kelly: Everybody say Penne 'cause it rhymes with money!
Dijonay (to Penny): Since when are we your background singers?
Penny: Since you've been standing in the back.

Episode 2.A Hero for Halloween[edit]

Oscar (about his Proud Snacks): What's wrong with them?
Garrett Krebs: Your face on the wrappers probably scared them.
Oscar: Hey! Nobody insults Oscar Proud in his own house.
Garrett Krebs: Where do they go to insult you?
Garrett Krebs (to Oscar about the Prouds) Silence! You have a wonderful family, a pretty wife, three lovely kids and a cute little doggy!

Episode 3.Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thingy, Baby[edit]

Oscar: Thingy went AWOL and these babies are about to go off the wall and I don't mean like Michael Jackson.

Episode 4.Poetic Justice[edit]

Dijonay (while reciting one of her poems): Rip, rip, ree, kick em' in the knee! Rip, rip, rass, kick him in the...other knee!
Penny (while reciting her poem): Life is a cool breeze on a hot summer night. Or a hug from your mom that feels just right. Life is fun like playing in the sun. Life is real, you know the deal. Enjoy every minute, don't let it pass you by. Because life is a gift. So, you better, fly high.
Gangster: For the last time: Where's the money?
Oscar: What money? I don't know what you're talking about!
Gangster: Okay, boys. Help him remember.
Oscar: Trudy! I'm sorry! Please change the channel! (screaming as he gets beaten up)

Episode 5.Behind Family Lines[edit]

Ray Ray (to Dr. Parker): If you call me one more name that I don't understand, you ain't gonna have to worry about no baptism, you gonna have to worry about a slap-tism!
Trudy (to Penny & her cousins): What on Earth were you kids thinking?
Oscar: Trudy, we know what they were thinking. That's how you drive the truck!
Trudy Do you kids realize how lucky you were that Sunset pulled you over and not some other officer? They would have thrown your little butts in jail.
Rueben: Well, whose idea was this?
Ray-Ray: Like you gotta ask, Rogaine, it was your little daughter.
Leslie: Please, Chanel knows better, I’m sure the overweight grub over there had something to do with it.
Boonetta: I know you not talkin’ about my baby! My baby ain’t never taken anything that’s not his!
Maureen: Except the entire dinner last night. You Prouds are nothing but trouble.
Suga Mama: Girl, you haven’t seen trouble yet, those are figthin’ words!

(a fight ensues)

Episode 6.Hooray for Iesha[edit]

Oscar: Trudy!
Suga Mama: What now?
Oscar: I asked for Trudy, not Howdy Doody. Ha-ha!
Suga Mama: Trudy, this probably isn't a good time to tell you, but Oscar is scared of heights, water, his shadow...
Voice: Warning: The flames you see burning are real.
Oscar: Those flames are not real. Watch. (sticks his hand in the flames and is burned to a crisp) See, nothing happened. (disintegrates from the flames) Trudy, call the doctor.

Episode 7.Camping Trip[edit]

(A sign reads "There Are No More Gas Stations" )
Oscar: Oh, come on, they just say that to scare you!
(Another sign reads "No, Really, There Are No More Gas Stations" )

Episode 8.Crouching Trudy, Hidden Tiger[edit]

Suga Mama: You know what I could have bought for a hundred and twenty five dollars in my day?
Oscar: A chariot? A painted wagon? A brontosaurus burger?(laughs)
Suga Mama: You better find my son's car!

Episode 9.Pulp Boot Camp[edit]

Penny: So what you gonna do, Trudy? Ground me as usual? I don't care. I'll do the time.
Oscar: Oh, you'll be doing the time alright, but you won't be doing it here like I am. You're going to boot camp!

Episode 10.Tween Town[edit]

Penny: Wait! Why are we tripping? There's no way our parents are going to let us go to a teen nightclub. Shoot, my daddy won't even let me join the Glee Club. (imitates Oscar) "I don't want you singin' with no boys. Trudy!!!!!"
Dijonay: This club is the bomb!
LaCienega: Yes I am!
Dijonay: I said the club is the bomb. Not you!

Episode 11.One in a Million[edit]

[After Dijonay speaks in Italian to Kobe Bryant]
Zoey: Dijonay, I didn't know you speak Italian.
Dijonay: I was speaking Italian?

Episode 12.Hmmm... Tastes Like[edit]

Suga Mama: Where's my grandbaby?
Penny ( moaning ): Here. Daddy made me siiiiiiick! ( sobs )
Suga Mama: I know he did, baby. Your daddy makes everybody sick.
Oscar: Hmm, maybe because it's two million dollars more than I thought I'd ever see in my pathetic life!

Episode 13.There's Something About Rene[edit]

Episode 14.Adventures in Bebe Sitting[edit]

Dijonay (to Penny): I'll be back before you can say duck!
(Penny gets hit on the head with a book)
Penny: Hey!
Dijonay: I told you to duck!
Penny (to Dijonay): Can't you control your brothers and sisters?
Dijonay: No, can you?
Nutmeg (to the limo driver): At least my Daddy don't have a big old head.
Limo Driver: My head's big. You better look in the mirror. Oh, but you can't cause your head's so big. It's so big you need an IMAX theater to see it.

Episode 15.Surf and Turf[edit]

Dijonay (to Sticky): Who are you?
Sticky: I'm Sticky. Sticky Webb. The man you stalk.
Suga Mama: Papi, if I don't make it, tell my family that I love them!
Papi (translated): If you don't make it, lots of fish will eat well tonight!

Episode 16.Johnny Lovely[edit]

Johnny Lovely (to Penny): I'm just being polite.
Penny: Like I said, nobody acts like that anymore.
Penny (to Johnny Lovely): Haven't you ever heard of Oprah? J-Lo? Janet Jackson? Kim Possible?

Episode 17.The Camp, the Counselor, the Mole and the Rock[edit]

Peabo (to Oscar): Remember what happened last time you asked me to spy on Penny?
Oscar: Hey! Those charges were dropped!
Dijonay: Hey, Mr. Proud!
Oscar: Don't "Hey, Mr. Proud" me!

Episode 18.It Takes a Thief[edit]

Trudy: Get up, Oscar. We're going to take the twins to the zoo.
Oscar: Come on, Trudy. The twins don't wanna go to Suga Mama's house!
Penny (to LaCienega): So, are we girls again?
LaCienega: We never were.

Episode 19.Wedding Bell Blues[edit]

Suga Mama: Don't worry. Suga Mama's got figgity-fat pockets.
Oscar: No, you got pockets of figgity-fat!
Suga Mama: I have to tell you something. It's bad news.
Papi (translated): You have a twin sister?

Episode 20.Penny Potter[edit]

Oscar: In with the spice and out with the not-so nice.
Wizard Kelly: Suga Mama, what are you doing?
Suga Mama: Trying to watch the movie if you'd shut up!

Season 3[edit]

11 Episodes by October 10, 2003 - August 19, 2005

Episode 1.Monkey Business[edit]

Oscar: I can do anything a monkey and a 9 year-old can do.

Episode 2.Thelma and Luis[edit]

Sunset: I'll send out a APB!
Oscar: I'll do better than that! I'll send out a I.G.L.O.O! My man, Igloo!
Trudy: Oscar! He's a mall cop!
Suga Mama: I don't know who that man was on the massage table, but it wasn't Papi. His feet have NEVER been that small.
Penny: Then you believe us?
Suga Mama: Of course. Now come on. I got the girls and Sticky down in the car. We're going to break Papi out!

Episode 3.Culture Shock[edit]

Episode 4.Election[edit]

Penny: I wanna win this election fair and square.
Nubia: Fair? The last person who said fair was Al Gore.
Penny: I can't show that tape. It will hurt Wizzie's feelings.
Zoey: He's rich! He can buy new feelings!

Episode 5.The Good, the Bad and the Ugly[edit]

Oscar: (singing) LaCienega is the winn-ega!
Penny: (singing) But the contest-a was a-rigged-a!

Episode 6.Smackmania 6: Mongo vs. Mama's Boy[edit]

Trudy: Hot Mama, meet Baby Mama!!!
Trudy: I'ma get you Oscar! I'll get you and your monkey too!

Episode 7.Suga Mama's Believers[edit]

Suga Mama: You can do anything if you put your mind to it!
Oscar: Roses are red, violets are blue, today, you'll be playing in your underoos!

Episode 8.Twins to Tweens[edit]

Trudy: Penny!
Penny: What? You need me to iron Bebe and Cece's clothes?
Trudy: No, that can wait.
Zoey (to Penny): Bebe and Cece are hot and you're not!

Episode 9.She Drives Me Crazy[edit]

Oscar: You can't hurt anything that old! Suga Mama survived some of the greatest disasters in the history of mankind: The Hindenburg, the Titanic, that meteor that took out the dinosaurs and 30 years of "The Jeffersons" reruns.

Episode 10.Who You Callin' a Sissy?[edit]

Penny: Daddy, do you know where a thesaurus is?
Oscar: No, but I know where a dino-status is. We call it Suga Mama. Ha, ha!
Suga Mama: I heard that!
Monster Michael: Tookie Thomas, come on down!
*Monster Michael picks up Tookie*
Tookie: I want my mommy!
Penny: Michael, stop!
Monster Michael: I would if I were Michael, but I'm not. Who's a sissy now?
Tookie: I am, I am! I'm a sissy.
Penny: Look, I know he hurt you, Michael, but this is not the answer.
Monster Michael: I'm just following your advice. I'm doing something about the way people treat me.
Penny: Yes, but I say to express your feelings, not hurt people.
*Everyone gasp*
Penny: Doing this doesn't make you any better than them.
Monster Michael: But it makes me feel better.
Penny: Look, I know how you feel.
Monster Michael: You don't know how I it hurts when people laugh at you, make you feel different like you're a freak of nature. You don't know how it feels to go home and cry because people you thought were your friends really aren't. You don't know how it feels to be ridiculed because you're you.
Michael: Well, I'll tell you Tookie. If being a sissy means you're a good student, a sensational designer, a fabulous basketball player, who schooled you on the court, a loyal, caring friend...then I'm cool with it, cause that's who I am.
Tookie: And-and that's what I meant when I said it. No disrespect here.
Sticky: Yeah Michael. I mean, I was just going along with everybody else. I'm sorry, man. I'm not mad at you. You're not mad at me, are you?
Nubia: Yeah, hey, Michael, I mean, you cool with the Gross Sisters. Anybody give you grief, we got your back. All right, everybody, break it up. It's over.
Omar: Hey, Michael, I like what you said, man. You got heart, dawg. And by the way, I like that jacket. Where can I get one?
Michael: Call me.
Zoey: Way to go, Michael.
Penny: So do you feel any better?
Michael: Yeah, I do. I feel great. I finally stood up for myself. You were right, Penny. That's all I had to do.
Penny: Exactly. Because it's not good to keep things bottled up inside.
Dijonay: Yeah, because you want to start Candy Man on us.
Sticky: This next song goes out to my main man, Michael. Check it out, y'all. Check it out.
(Spooky Organ Intro)
Michael: Hey, that's my song!
LaCienega: Michael, would you like to dance?
Michael: No, thank you. I'm here with Penny.
Penny: Go ahead. I don't mind.
*Michael and Penny hug*

Episode 11.Psycho Duck (A.K.A. Duck Story)[edit]

Dijonay: I want to kiss my Sticky, not something icky.
Oscar: I know evil! I would know! Evil gave birth to me!



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