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The Rasmus are a Finnish alternative rock band, formed in Helsinki in 1994.


Into (2001)[edit]

  • She's found something to die for
    Something to fight for
    Someone to show her the way
    She's found someone to cry for
    Someone to lie for
    Heart full of blood of the dinosaurs
    • "Someone Else"
  • You make it easy to love you and hate you
    can't explain it, I feel insicure.
    You say it's simple, you die just to live again
    you say get ready for the last waltz
    • "Last Waltz"
  • Another you and me
    another revolutionary heavenly romance, waiting for the last waltz
    And so it seems we won't find the solution>br>confusion leads the dance>br>waiting for the last waltz
    • "Last Waltz"

Dead Letters (2003)[edit]

  • You're up there
    You're always with me
    Smiling down on me
    • "Still Standing"

  • These foolish games
    always end up in confusion
    I'll take you back
    just to leave you once again
    • "Funeral Song"

  • No more shame

She has felt too much pain in her life
In her mind she's repeating the words
All the love you put out will return to you

She's fading away
Away from this world
Drifting like a feather
She's not like the other girls

    • "Not Like The Oteher Girls"

Hide from the Sun (2005)[edit]

  • No reason to lie, no need to pretend
    I'm grateful to die
    to live once again
    I'm fearless to fly
    and reach for the end
    And reach for the end
    • "Sail Away"

  • I'll take the shot, for you

I'll be the shield for you
Needless to say,
I'll stand in your way

I'll take the shot, for you
I'll give my life, for you
I'll make it stop
I'll take the shot for you

    • "Shot"

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