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The Rats is a 2002 made-for-TV horror film, written by Frank Deasy and directed by John Lafia It is about a clan of rats in New York City transformed, as part of a DNA research trial, into man-eating killers who take over a Manhattan department store and threaten to overrun New York City.

Directed by John Lafia. Produced by Bob Roe. Written by Frank Deasy.
The City's Rat Race Just Got Deadly.


Susan Costello: Hi, I'm Susan Costello. Oh! Are you alright?
Jay: Yeah, I think so.
Susan Costello: How'd you cut it?
Jay: I don't know, I just reached down to get my clothes.
Susan Costello: Can you show me where?
[They walk to the changing room]
Jay: It was right over there.
Susan Costello: Okay.
[She searches through Jay's clothes then gasps]
Susan Costello: It was a carpet tack.
Jay: But how can that just cut...
Susan Costello: I'm so sorry! I'll have maintenance check it out right away. Listen, you were having a fun day. We don't want to spoil it. I want you to take that outfit home.
Jay: You mean for free?
Susan Costello: Yeah, it looks great on you.
Jay: [she laughs] Wow! Thank you!
Susan Costello: Sure.
Jay: Um, you don't think I'm gonna need a shot or anything, do you?
Susan Costello: Well, it's not rusty, but you should probably have your doctor look at it, okay?
Jay: Okay.
Susan Costello: Fine.
Jay: Thanks.


  • The City's Rat Race Just Got Deadly.
  • They're bold... They're breeding... They're hungry... Most of all... They have no fear.
  • They are intelligent, thirsting for blood... and ready to attack!


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