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The Real Macaw is a 1998 Australian adventure film written by Bruce Hancock and Matthew Perry and directed by Mario Andreacchio. It was produced by Becker Entertainment and distributed by Paramount Pictures. The film was released on 24 September 1998 and released on VHS on 11 July 2000 by Paramount Home Video. It stars Jason Robards as Grandpa Girdis and John Goodman as the voice of Mac the macaw.

Big Secret. Big Mouth. Big Trouble!(taglines)


Mac: Stop repeating everything I say. I'm the parrot!

[J.T. Barker comes out of the bank and is questioned what he was doing in there. He said he was closing up his account]
Bad Guy: What the hell are you gonna do with a 152 dollars? We're taking 18 God damn million dollars out of here on Thursday!
J.T. Barker: I know that. I just don't wanna split *my* 152 dollars 4 ways...

J.T. Barker: That's right she's your mama. You're her son. We're rich. Let's go to Rio.


  • Big Secret. Big Mouth. Big Trouble!
  • An ancient legend. A buried treasure. One amazing talking bird holds the key to both.
  • Any Bird Can Talk. This One Talks Back!


  • Jamie Croft as Sam Girdis
  • Deborra-Lee Furness as Beth Girdis
  • Joe Petruzzi as Rick Girdis
  • John Waters as Dr. Lance Hagen
  • Jason Robards as Grandpa Girdis
  • John Goodman as Mac the Parrot (US Version)
  • Gerry Connolly as Lou Rickets
  • Robert Coleby as Mr. St. John
  • Petra Yared as Kathy Girdis
  • Nathan Kotzur as Scarlatta
  • Kevin Hides as Business Man on Plane
  • Penny Everingham as Nurse Gimlet
  • Murray Shoring as Dr. Thompson
  • Daniel Murphy as Pet Store Owner/Mac the Parrot (Australian Version)
  • Anna-Maria La Spina as Museum Receptionist

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