The Return of Mr. Moto

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The Return of Mr. Moto is a 1965 film about a detective who goes undercover.

Directed by Ernest Morris. Written by Fred Eggers.
The Most Famous Secret Agent Of All Is Back In A New Adventure!  (taglines)


Inspector Jim Halliday: Are you in the habit of wandering around strange men's apartments?
Maxine Powell, Lennox's Secretary: Mr. Moto is not strange. We're friends.
Mr. Moto: Yes, we're friends.
Inspector Jim Halliday: It's a habit you ought to break. You could lose either your health or your honor.
Maxine Powell, Lennox's Secretary: And you wouldn't protect either!

Mr. Moto: [after being mistakenly thrown by Halliday] Maxine, did he hurt you?
Maxine Powell, Lennox's Secretary': [lying with her skirt pulled up on the couch] I don't think so, but my dignity's in awful shape!
Inspector Jim Halliday: [obviously liking what he sees] It looks fine from here.


  • The Most Famous Secret Agent Of All Is Back In A New Adventure!


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