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The Return of the King (also known as The Return of the King: A Story of the Hobbits) is a 1980 animated musical television film created by Rankin/Bass and Topcraft.

Directed by Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin. Written by Romeo Muller. Based on The Hobbit and The Return of the King by J. R. R. Tolkien.

Frodo Baggins[edit]

  • [to Gollum] Begone and trouble me no moreǃ If you touch me ever again, you will be cast yourself into the Fire of Doomǃ
  • Oh, Sam, what have I said, what have I done?


  • Hear you now a story of good against evil. An epic that has its beginning and an ending and ends at a beginning. Listen as we speak of the fall of a lord of darkness, and the return of a king of light. Concern yourselves with armies and wizards, phantoms and emperors, cloud-capped towers and bloody fields of horrendous carnage. Consider no less than the cataclysmic transformation of that world of wonder and magic to the world we know now, of Man. What hero, you might ask, is mighty enough to be worthy of such cosmic metamophosis?
  • [to the Witch-king] You cannot enter hereǃ Go back to the abyss prepared for youǃ Go backǃ Fall to the nothingness that awaits you and your masterǃ
  • If you keep the book of the Hobbits as Frodo asked, ages from now when your stories are still told, there will be those humans who might well wonder, "Is there Hobbit in me?"


  • Wicked masterǃ Wicked master cheats us, gollumǃ He musn't go that way. He musn't hurt the Preciousǃ Give it to Gollumǃ Yesǃ Give it, give it, give it to usǃ
  • Don't kill usǃ Don't hurt usǃ Let us live. Please, let us live just a little longer. Lostǃ Lostǃ We're lost. And when Precious goes, we'll die. Yes, all of us, die into the dust. Die into the dustǃ

Samwise Gamgee[edit]

  • I could claim you, Ringǃ I would be Samwise the Strongǃ All could be mine if I but claim thee, Ringǃ
  • Will there be no room for Hobbits in this new age of Man?


Pippin Took: Fine time to fall asleep!
Bilbo Baggins: [startled awake] Who's asleep? Just resting my eyes.

Gandalf: You cannot do this!
Lord Denethor: Nay, soon all shall be burned. The West has failed. It shall go up in a great fire, and all shall be in it. Ash, ash and smoke blown away on the wind!
Gandalf: All shall not be ended! Théoden's forces are on their way!
Lord Denethor: [laughs] Pride and despair! Pride and despair... didst thou think that the eyes of the White Tower were blind? I have looked inside my palantír.
Pippin: What is that?
Gandalf: A palantír. The stuff of wizards. A crystal ball to see the future.
Lord Denethor: I have seen more than thou knowest, grey fool! Thy hope is but ignorance! Even with the forces of Théoden there is no hope. Oh, go forth and fight! Vanity! For a little space you may triumph on the field for a day. But against the dark power that now rises, there is no victory! To this dying city, only the first fingers of its hand have yet been stretched. All the east is moving. And even now, the wind of thy hope cheats thee, and wafts up an enemy fleet with black ships. Up the great river, Anduin, they come, even now. The river which leads to the edge of the Pelennor fields!

Samwise Gamgee: The great elf warrior is loose! Stop! Stop, or I'll skin you alive!
Orc: [to Samwise; cowering in fear] Mercy! Mercy!
Sam: I'll think about it. I have some questions, filthy one.
Orc: Yes, I'll tell you anything.
Sam: The Hobbit, Frodo. Is he still alive?
Orc: If anything still lives here, he does.
Sam: What happened here? Why all this carnage?
Orc: Our captains made battle and ordered us to fight also.
Sam: What was in contest?
Orc: The Hobbit's pretty coat when he reveals its hiding place.
Sam: You killed each other for that blasted cloak? Well, I have it! Not Frodo.
Orc: You?! You're just a Hobbit! Give me the coat!

Sam: [to Frodo] Only... a little more... to climb out of the canyon. Then we'll take a look, and see what the vale of Gorgoroth holds for us. [they make it to the top] I told you, you'd see it, Mr. Frodo.
Frodo Baggins: And just look at it.
Samwise: God help us...
Frodo: Behold... Gorgoroth.
Sam: I don't like the looks of things at all. Pretty hopeless, I call it.
Frodo: Yes. And these dark armies are not only of Orcs. There are Men, too.
Samwise: We just can't cross all that open country crawling with enemies.
Frodo: Still, Sam, we shall have to try.

Gandalf: [narrating] Power of good? Indeed, was there none left in all Middle-earth with strength to aid our dying cause? For at that moment, the forces of darkness made ready to break the main gate with a mighty battering ram which they had named Grond. Long had it been forging in the dark smithies of Mordor, and on it, spells of ruin.
Orcs: [chanting] Grond! Grond! Grond! Grond!
[Gandalf and Pippin watch as Sauron's army try to break into Minas Tirith by using Grond.]
Pippin: The gate will never stand up to that thing!
Gandalf: Like the arm of the devil himself! When the gates break, I shall be there to greet it! Have my steed, Shadowfax, made ready! Farewell, Pippin.
Pippin: I go with you, sir.
Gandalf: Then we leave this life together. Come, little one.

Éowyn: Begone, foul Dwimmerlaik, Lord of carrion. Leave the dead in peace.
Witch-king of Angmar: Come not between the Nazgûl and his prey or he will slay thee in turn!
Éowyn: Do what you will. I will hinder it, if I may.
Witch-king of Angmar: Hinder me? Thou fool! Dost thou not know the prophecy? No living man may hinder me!
Éowyn: But no living man am I. You look upon a woman. Eowyn am I. You stand between me and my Lord and kin. Be gone for living or dark undead, I will smite you if you touch him!

Mouth of Sauron: Is there anyone in this rout with authority to treat with me? Not thou, Aragornǃ It needs more to make a king than a rabble such as thisǃ
Aragorn: We shall see.
Mouth of Sauron: Be warned, you are hopelessly outnumbered here.
Aragorn: Our decision is made. Begoneǃ We did not come here to waste words entreating with the likes of you, one of Sauron's slavesǃ Begoneǃ We will meet your armiesǃ

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