The Return of the Vampire

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The Return of the Vampire is a film about an errant bomb that unearths the coffin of a vampire during the London Blitz, and a gravedigger who unknowingly reanimates the monster.

Directed by Lew Landers. Written by Randall Faye.
Can She Escape the Vampire?  (taglines)

Armand Tesla[edit]

  • Come Andreas. I must find a new resting place. There you will bring the coffin with my native soil... and then, Andreas, I have other plans!
  • You're a very brilliant woman, but a foolish one to pit your strength against mine!


  • Lady Jane Ainsley: Your eyes look like burning coals. Don't come any nearer. Don't touch me.


Andreas Obry: Help me, Master. I am hurt!
Armand Tesla: What is that to me?

Armand Tesla: [Offscreen, as Andreas walks in the woods] Andreas! Andreas!
Andreas Obry: [Suddenly seeing Tesla] You! You have no power over me! That was ended many years ago! I'm no longer your slave! Dr. Ainsley has cleansed me of all the evil you forced upon me! You can't bring it back! You can't! I won't let you! I won't!
Armand Tesla: You're a fool, Andreas! A complete, utter fool! Your fate is to be what you are - as mine is to be what I am... your Master! Come here !
Andreas Obry: I won't!
Armand Tesla: [Commandingly] Look at me, Andreas! Look at me! Andreas, come here!
Andreas Obry: Master, you have returned.


  • BEAUTY at the mercy of a MONSTER!
  • Eerie! Terrifying! Chilling!
  • The Vampire's Prey... a Beautiful Girl! Compelled to follow his commands! The blood of her fiancé on his hands! How can she escape the vampire?
  • Can She Escape the Vampire?
  • Eerie! Chilling! Screamy!
  • Terrifying! Paralyzing! Horrifying!


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