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The Ring 2 is a 2005 sequel to the movie The Ring. Direct by Hideo Nakta and written by Koji Suzuki and Hiroshi Takahashi.

Rachel Keller[edit]

  • (To Aidan) Whenever you feel alone, you just call my name. I'll follow the sound of your voice.
  • It's always open. Her way out is always open.
  • You can't have my son.
  • (To Samara) I'm not your fucking mommy!


  • They don't dream, you know. The dead don't dream, and the dead never sleep. They wait, they watch for a way to get back. My baby told me to, just like your's will tell you, and you have to do it. You have to send it back. They stopped me. Don't let them stop you. You have to listen to the voices.
  • You let the dead get in.


Jake: Have you ever seen something so scary that you just ... you had to show someone else?


Emily: Ever seen a shooting star?
Jake: Sure. You?
Emily: You know what you're supposed to do, right?
Jake: What do you mean, make a wish?
Emily: If you saw one right now, what would you wish for?
Jake: Well, that's a secret.

Max: You know how I can tell you used to work at a real newspaper?
Rachel: Why is that?
Max: Because you're the only one who keeps her office door closed.

Evelyn: It was you! It was you! You did it!
Rachel: What did I do?
Evelyn: You let the dead get in.

Aidan/Samara: Let's watch some TV together.
Rachel: It's kind of late, Honey. Don't you think you should sleep?
Aidan/Samara: I never sleep.
Rachel: Then let Mommy make you something.

Rachel: Promise me something?
Aidan: Yeah. Anything, mom. Anything.
Rachel: Just call me Rachel. At least for a while.


Naomi Watts - Rachel Keller
Simon Baker - Max Rourke
David Dorfman - Aidan Keller
Sissy Spacek - Evelyn
Ryan Merriman - Jake
Emily VanCamp - Emily
Kelly Stables - Samara

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