The Rise of Miss Power

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The Rise of Miss Power is a special one-hour episode of the animated television show WordGirl. The movie aired on PBS on February 20, 2012. In reruns, the special is broken into two half-hour episodes of two segments each. The movie introduces Miss Power, a new villain unlike any WordGirl has ever seen: instead of being prone to malapropisms like her usual rogues' gallery, Miss Power is an eloquent yet sinister bully whom WordGirl does not immediately recognize as evil.

Miss Power[edit]

  • "If I quit, I won't lose, so there, can't beat me, won't beat me, NEVER!"
  • "And together, you and I were going to rule this planet in an awesome, 'We Get To Do Whatever We Want' kind of way!"
  • "You don't deserve to wear this!" *Rips off WordGirl's star insignia*
  • "You see that, everyone? WordGirl is done, finished, defeated! Miss Power rules!"
  • "We're the ones with all the power, so that means we can do whatever we want to whoever we want!


[Miss Power hosts her news show on TV]
Miss Power: Citizens of Planet Earth, guess what? Someone new is in charge. Me.
Man: Hey, what if we don't want you?
Miss Power: You'll get to go to jail.
Man: [gets taken away by Captain Giggle Cheeks] Hey!
Miss Power: You guys aren't really smart enough to be running things on your own. You'll need a new leader. And guess who that is. I nominate me.
Woman: We don't need a new leader. We have WordGirl! She can stop you.
Miss Power: [laughs] No, she can't. I defeated WordGirl! And now this planet is mine! And if you don't like that, well, there's a nice, cozy jail cell for you. Just ask District Attorney Botsford.

Sally: You know if you're all together. There's no way she'd be able to handle you.
The Villians: Yeah!
Sally: And guess what you are right now!
The Villians: All together!
Sally: Time to show this Miss Power why the rest of this city can't stand with you guys!

Sally: Let's go get her! Charge!
Miss Power: Right. Bring it on!

WordGirl: So you're saying I'm going to be triumphant?
Miss Power: Yeah. Yes, that's right you're going to be triumphant. Ha!
WordGirl: I think so too. You know why? Because being triumphant actually means winning!
Miss Power: What? No it doesn't.
The Butcher: [offscreen] Oh yeah it does! WordGirl taught me that just last week!


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