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The Rocketeer is a 1991 period adventure film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and based on the character of the same name created by comic book writer/artist Dave Stevens. Directed by Joe Johnston.

The film was released on June 21, 1991 and bombed at the box office, but received generally favorable reviews from critics.


Cliff Secord: [donning the Rocketeer's helmet] How do I look?
"Peevy" Peabody: Like a hood ornament.

Jenny Blake: Oh, my God... Neville Sinclair is a-
Neville Sinclair: [appears, with Lothar in tow] A what? Spy? Saboteur? Fascist? All of the above.

Jenny Blake: Everything about you is a lie.
Neville Sinclair: It wasn't lies, Jenny... It was acting.

Neville Sinclair: I'll miss Hollywood.
[He takes off in the rocket pack.]
Cliff Secord: I don't think so.
[Barely feet from the airship, the rocket pack bursts into flames, sending Sinclair plummeting, screaming, into the Hollywoodland sign.]


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