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The Schwa Was Here is a young adult novel by Neal Shusterman. Published by Penguin Books and Dutton Books in 2004, it is about an eighth-grader's friendship with another student named Calvin Schwa, who is capable of seemingly not being noticed by the people around him.


Antsy: Now I know why Howie buzzes his hair, because if he didn't he'd have millions of people trying to pull it out.
Antsy: All tell cameras were messed up. One was pointed the wrong way into a sign about the proper handling of kosher pork. The only thing anyone saw was that the pork sign had not been stolen.
Howie: Dude, if you're going to make something up, make up the proper term.
Antsy: Old testament, new testament, red testament, blue testament. This one has a little star See how many faiths there are. This was the point I realized how much sleep I missed.

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