The Screwy Truant

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The Screwy Truant is a 1945 Screwy Squirrel cartoon directed by Tex Avery and released by MGM.

Screwy Squirrel[edit]

  • Well, don't want to disappoint you, chum.
  • Don't worry. I've got a plenty good reason.


[In the middle of a scene, a wolf goes by chasing Little Red Riding Hood; Screwy stops him]
Screwy: Wait a minute, pal. You're in the wrong picture, ain't ya, man? [pulls down main title card] See? The Screwy Truant, featuring Screwy Squirrel.
Wolf: Hmm. One of them corny B-pictures, eh?
Screwy: Oh, yeah? Listen, you. If you were my size, I'd bust you right in the nose.
Wolf: Oh, yeah?
[Wolf shrinks down to Screwy's size; Screwy shrinks even smaller and runs away]

Voice cast[edit]

  • Wally Maher as Screwy Squirrel. (uncredited)
  • Dick Nelson as Truant Officer Dog. (uncredited)

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