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The Secret Show is an animated show commissioned by BBC Children's in partnership with BBC Worldwide. First debuted in 2006, it currently airs on CBBC and BBC One.


  • A secret show about secret people doing secret things.


  • For reasons of security my name is changed daily...
    • Leader of U.Z.Z. (most often called "Changed Daily"). Typically followed by "Today you may call me..."
      "Changed Daily" names:
Hunda Von Lampgurgle
Flobber Wobber Bobber Bobber Bobber Bobber
Cheeky Chops
Mummy Dearest
Broccoli Spears
Squeaky Fritter
Chuckle Bottie
Foo Foo Flubber Faucet
Princess Dainty Cakes
Silly Lily Longbottom
Timmy’s Cheeky Chipmunk
Snortington Fairy Shoes
Spicy Onion Dip
Nibbly Nobbly Knock Knees
Nincy Nancy La La
Rock Justice
Englebert Humperdinck
Bubbles Kissycuddles
Pooky Wooky
Yummy Yummy Says My Tummy
Stinkey Winkey
Patty Cake
Peek A Boo
Wibbly Woobly Bobbly
Pineapple Chunks
Dibby Dibby Dibby Dobs
Polly Wolly Dolly
Kimberly Bimberly
Warty Fingleblaster
Pongo Piffle Pores
Lamby Wambykins
Oinky Doinky
Mimsy Woo Woo

Website toons[edit]

Quotes of animations and voices at the The Secret Show™ official website
Fluffy fluffy bunnies bouncing in the wood.
Fluffy fluffy bunnies bouncing as they should...
  • Hello you cutesy, wootsy, squiggly, bunny friends! Sweet Little Granny here. Welcome to the Fluffy Bunny Show. Shall we sing our song?
    • "Sweet Little Granny"
  • Fluffy fluffy bunnies bouncing in the wood.
    Fluffy fluffy bunnies bouncing as they should...
    • "Sweet Little Granny"
  • Positive I.D. on the granny. Over.
    Copy that. Prepare to clear this time slot. Over
    Bunny baggers stand by!
    • Secret Agent voices
  • Code Custard! Code Custard!
    The Martians are inside the website! Run! Run! Run as fast as you can!
    • Professor Professor
  • Anita! The martians have gotten into the webite. Clear the area!
    • Victor Volt
  • Who put a martian option there in the first place?
    • Anita Knight
  • T.H.E.M want YOU!
    • Animated T.H.E.M. recruitment e-cards
  • U.Z.Z. The only thing missing is U — Join now!
    • Animated U.Z.Z. recruitment e-cards

Quotes and catchprases[edit]

Professor Professor: Victor! are you still alive?
Victor: [Irritated] Yes, I'm still alive!

Quotes about The Secret Show[edit]

  • "The Secret Show" takes its cue from those classic ITC spy series of the sixties. It's "Mission:Impossible" meets "Austin Powers", "Danger Man" and "The Avengers" and a bit of "Monty Python" to boot. The show is positively overflowing with enthusiasm, effervescent humour, enraged enemies, and fluffy pink bunny rabbits.
  • The series (a British import) chronicles the unyielding battle between a covert agency called U.Z.Z. (the good guys) and ultra-secret T.H.E.M. (The Horrible Evil Menace), a group striving to — what else? — take over the world. U.Z.Z. special agents Victor Volt (voiced by Alan Marriott) and Anita Knight (Kate Harbour) are the dauntless hero and heroine who manage time and again to outsmart the sly bad guys.

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