The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue

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The Secret of Nimh 2: Timmy to the Rescue is a 1998 film in which the rats and mice, made intellectually superior in the original Secret of N.I.M.H., return to Thorn Valley to groom their destined leader - young Timmy Brisby.

Directed by Dick Sebast. Written by Sam Graham and Chris Hubbell.


  • Time for a shortcut.


  • So, don't you guys know flying without wings is against the law?


  • Timmy you've got to be strong mentally and physically ha ha!


Young Timmy: This was our last race together and I ruined it. I'm sorry Martin.
Young Martin: Nah I'll be the sorry one if something happens to you hero. Ha ha ha.
Young Timmy: Don't call me that, you're the hero type not me. Nicodemus would've chosen you.
Young Martin: For once you're right. I am older and stronger than you. If Thorn Valley wanted Jonathan Brisby's son. Why'd they pick the runt?
Young Timmy: It's true. I mess up everything.
Young Martin: Look I'm sorry Timmy. You'll do great. Really. Come on or you'll miss your flight. Hey, wait a minute. I've got something for you. Here, a going away present. [Martin gives Timmy the slingshot]
Young Timmy: Golly for real? Teach me.

Jenny: Too quiet. Gasp! Someone's coming. [They hide as the Rat Guards of NIMH march out of the elevator]
Rat Guards: Left, left, left right left! Left, left, left right left! Left, left, left right left!
Timmy: Those are the biggest rats I've ever seen in my life.
Jenny: Keep an eye out, there are bigger creatures than that in this place.

Martin: Just say yes.
Timmy: No!
Martin: Wrong answer.

Timmy: After you. Martin. Jenny, promise me something. [The fire explodes]
Jenny: Anything.
Timmy: Don't come after me. [Kisses Jenny and slides down the thread quickly down the floor]
Jenny: Tim! Where are you going?
Timmy: I'm doing what you said! I'm following my heart!
Jenny: I love you!
Timmy: Woo, I love you too!


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