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The Sentinel is a 2006 action thriller film about a veteran Secret Service agent who is suspected to be a traitor after uncovering a plot to assassinate the President.

Directed by Clark Johnson. Written by George Nolfi and Gerald Petievich
In the 141-year history of the United States Secret Service, there's never been a traitor... until now.Taglines

Agent Pete Garrison[edit]

  • In a hundred and forty-one years, there's never been a traitor. Now, all of a sudden, there's two? I don't buy that. Somehow, they're connected.
  • I'm being framed. Think about it! I'm the guy who initiated this investigation in the first place. Why would I do that if I wanted to kill the President?
  • The traitor is still out there, Dave!
  • You wanna shoot me? Forget about the Kevlar! Shoot me in my face! Dave! My buddy! C'mon! Shoot me!
  • Sarah, I want you to know that if I don't make it, I was doing my job. I gotta turn this thing off before they track me. I love you.

Agent David Breckinridge[edit]

  • An agent maybe draws his weapon once an entire Presidential term. When we draw our weapon, we intend to use it. Bottom line? Agent Merriweather was assassinated. I want the murder weapon; I don't care if you have to drag the Potomac. If this guy had been one of yours, you would have treated him with a lot more respect.
  • C'mon, Pete. People would understand that. I mean, Jesus Christ, you took a bullet for the President of the United States, and in the twenty-five years since, you haven't made shift supervisor on a Presidential Detail, and that I know you wanted. But they don't put guys that bend the rules—not even a little bit—in charge of P.P.D., do they? Even if they did take a bullet for the old man.
  • Now I know it's hard to believe Pete Garrison could be involved in something like this. For some of you, he's a friend. To some, a legend. But the fact is, the evidence against him is overwhelming. So how do we find him? To begin with, know this—he is smarter and more experienced than all of you. You've never trained for this. You are chasing your worst nightmare. He knows how you think. He knows how you operate, and he will use that against you. He also knows it's going to be difficult for you to pull the trigger if you have him in your sights. So I want you to take a second and visualize that. Because there is a very good chance that is exactly how this is going to end.
  • Listen to me: Pete Garrison was my best friend for ten years...until he slept with my wife. So trust me when I tell you that the only thing Pete Garrison cares about is Pete Garrison.

Agent Jill Marin[edit]

  • On a gut level, it doesn't make sense. I mean, the only thing this guy cares about in life is his job.
  • A lot of people are looking for you, Pete.

First Lady Sarah Ballentine[edit]

  • Pete. They think you're an assassin. They will kill you.
  • Pete Garrison and I are having an affair. I don't know all the evidence you have against him, but I do know why he failed the lie-detector test. And I know why he was in that coffee shop looking for someone.

President John Ballentine[edit]

  • Bill, what do you think would happen to the power of the President if people thought I wasn't even safe from my own Secret Service? It took over two hundred years to create the symbol of the presidency and I'm not going to undermine it with something like this. Let's circle the wagons, okay?


Agent Bill Montrose: Speeches and signings should take about ninety minutes, after which Classic will return for meetings in the Oval. Cincinnati's next move is... T.B.D.
Secret Service Agent: What's the "B" stand for?
Agent Bill Montrose: Brass ones... which you don't have.

Agent Pete Garrison: (into his radio microphone) Cincinnati's on the move.
Command Post: (over radio) Copy that. All posts, be advised: Cincinnati moving to the cars. Break. Montrose, what's your status?
Agent Bill Montrose: (into his radio microphone) Classic is moving.
Command Post: (over radio) Montrose, Command Post: copy that. Break. All posts, all posts, be advised: Classic moving to the cars.

Agent Jill Marin: Agent Breckinridge? Jill Marin, sir. Your secretary said I could come in.
Secret Service Agent: "Secretary"?
Agent David Breckinridge: You're late.
Agent Jill Marin: (chuckles) It's... a minute past.
Agent David Breckinridge: Yeah. And that makes you late.
Agent Jill Marin: Right. Sorry.

Sarah Ballentine: How do you think it went in there?
Agent Pete Garrison: Excuse me, ma'am. Are you talking to me?
Sarah Ballentine: Yes.
Agent Pete Garrison: I thought it was, uh... an excellent speech.
Sarah Ballentine: One to ten?
Agent Pete Garrison: Ten, ma'am.
Sarah Ballentine: (smiles) You're not a very good liar, Pete.
Agent Pete Garrison: Seriously?
Sarah Ballentine: Yes, I--I really want to know.
Agent Pete Garrison: Nine-point-five.

Sarah Ballentine: It always amazes me how thorough you are.
Agent Pete Garrison: Well, we try to do the best job we can. Hopefully, you sleep better at night.
Sarah Ballentine: And I definitely do.

Walter Xavier: Maybe he stumbled into somethin' he wasn't supposed to, like I did.
Agent Pete Garrison: And what was that something?
Walter Xavier: A plot to kill the President.
Agent Pete Garrison: Walter... you know, it's a little more difficult than it sounds.
Walter Xavier: Not if you've got somebody on the inside.

Polygrapher Medina: Have you received adequate training for your profession?
Agent Davies: No... but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express.

Agent David Breckinridge: Do you have any idea why your informant would want to have you killed?
Agent Pete Garrison: No, I've been wondering the same thing.
Agent David Breckinridge: You might want to figure that one out, Pete.

Agent David Breckinridge: You're being investigated for treason.
Agent Pete Garrison: ...Excuse me?

Agent David Breckinridge: You really are an idiot, you know that? You honestly thought that this wouldn't be uncovered?
Agent Pete Garrison: Dave, I love her.
Agent David Breckinridge: Well, that's practical.

[Agent Garrison just escaped]
Secret Service Agent: He got my gun.
Agent Tommy: He got my radio, too.
Agent David Breckinridge: [livid] He got your gun? And your radio?
[both agents glance at Jill, who did not shoot Garrison when she had the opportunity]
Agent David Breckinridge: What the hell are you looking at her for? She's been here two days. How long have you been here!?


  • In the 141-year history of the United States Secret Service, there's never been a traitor... until now.


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