The Silver Chalice (film)

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The Silver Chalice is a 1954 film about a Greek artisan commissioned to cast the cup of Christ.

Directed by Victor Saville. Written by Lesser Samuels, based on the novel by Thomas B. Costain.
The Mightiest Story of Truth and Temptation Ever Produced!  (taglines)


  • It will be restored, but for years and for hundreds of years, it will lie in darkness; where, I know not. When it is brought out into the light again there will be great cities, and mighty bridges and towers higher than the tower of Babel. It will be a world of evil and long bitter wars. In such a world as that the little cup will look very lonely. But it may be in that age when man holds lightning in his hands, and rides the sky as Simon the Magician strove to do it will be needed more than it is needed now.


  • I bid you seek the lost Silver Cup... for Sin is rising like the swollen rivers...
  • The Mightiest Story of Tyranny and Temptation Ever Written- Ever Lived- Ever Produced!
  • The Mightiest Story of Truth and Temptation Ever Produced!
  • For This Was the Time of Temptation and This Was the Day of Sin.


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