The Slow Mo Guys

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The Slow Snow Guys is an American YouTube channel about slow motion.


Gavin: Do you think that if you [wrapped rubber bands around] a human head, it would eventually cave it in.

Dan: Eventually? Yeah.

Dan: It’s hard to write on an egg.
Gavin: You’ve got uh– 'eggcellent' handwriting.
Dan: Thanks, b.
Gavin: Mine’s shocking it’s so bad–
Dan: –Mine’s really bad too.
Gavin: I haven't had to write anything for years.
Dan: Everyone always told me I should be a doctor because I’ve got rubbish handwriting.

Gavin: Everyone always told me I should be a doctor and then they realized I was an idiot.

Gavin: Okay, how's this for a mental stat: The camera recorded for 5.1 seconds... Dan: Yeah. Gavin: ...and generated nineteen and a half hours of footage. Dan: *pulls a face* I think I'm gonna be sick. That's disgraceful. Gavin: Almost a day of footage. Dan: That's vile. Gavin: Do you think we should just stick it... like, put it on the second channel, as a whole video? *Video annotation, linking to said footage: Oh no we didn't*