The Smiling Ghost

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The Smiling Ghost is a 1941 film about an heiress who seems to be cursed as each of her intended grooms meets with a horrible end.

Directed by Lewis Seiler. Written by Kenneth Gamet, based on a story by Stuart Palmer.

Lil Barstow[edit]

  • Listen, it's more than an accident when a cobra strikes a man on the 18th floor of a Boston hotel.


  • Grandmother Bentley: You need a different barber, young man. That haircut looks like an inside job.


Elinor Bentley: What kind of a kiss do you prefer?
Alexander "Lucky" Downing: You mean there's more than one kind?
Elinor Bentley: I thought you were a college man.
Alexander "Lucky" Downing: Oh, I guess I was too busy studying chemical experiments to learn more than just plain old every day kissing.
Elinor Bentley: Suppose we try that?
Alexander "Lucky" Downing: Well, all right. [Kisses her lightly on the cheek] Goodnight.
Elinor Bentley: You must have been a whiz at chemistry.

Clarence: [Carrying bags up the stairs] What do a valet do?
Norton: [Also carrying bags up the stairs] You mean you don't know?
Clarence: No, sir.
Norton: Then that makes two of us don't know.

Clarence: Boss, if you hear something whizzing by you, it'll be me.
Alexander "Lucky" Downing: Why, Clarence, don't tell me you're afraid.
Clarence: I ain't afraid, but my feets ain't gonna stand around and see my body abused.

Clarence: That Mr. Bentley must have been seeing things.
Alexander "Lucky" Downing: Well that's what whiskey does to a person Clarence. Now let that be a lesson to you.
Clarence: You're right boss. From now on I'll drink nothing but straight gin.

Clarence: Well, boss, we're locked in.
Alexander "Lucky" Downing: Try turning the doorknob.

Alexander "Lucky" Downing: Clarence, you turn around and stop acting like a coward.
Clarence: What makes you think I'm acting?

Clarence: Mr. Lucky, you best be getting ready. The Justice of the... stuff is here. How you feeling?
Alexander "Lucky" Downing: Like a guy who's about to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel...

Norton: Ain't a thing for you to worry about, pal. I'm loaded to the hilt.
Alexander "Lucky" Downing: Oh, what's this gonna be - a wedding or a Wild West show?


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