The Spirit Is Willing

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The Spirit Is Willing is a 1967 film about couple and their teenage son who rent a haunted New England seaside house, and their summer vacation turns into a ghost-hunt.

Directed by William Castle. Written by Ben Starr.
Kiss-Hungry Girl Ghosts Looking for a Live Lover in a Haunted House of Mayhem.  (taglines)

Ben Powell[edit]

  • What's the matter, you still mad 'cause I wouldn't let you split my skull with your ax?


Ben Powell: Look, you can't afford a new car.
Steve Powell: But dad, neither can you but you drive one.
Ben Powell: I'm too poor to drive an old car.

Fess Dorple: You mean to tell me that the anchor you just saw down there a, a minute ago, i-it's not there any more?
Steve Powell: That's right.
Fess Dorple: Look kid, I got a surprise for you: all the anchors I know don't know how to swim.

Uncle George: Keep Steve handy, I have a little present for him.
Kate Powell: I hope it's money.
Uncle George: You wouldn't have said that if you were sober.

Dr. Frieden: Well, happy birthday.
Steve Powell: Thank you.
Dr. Frieden: I'm sorry I didn't bring you a present.
Steve Powell: [scoffs] Oh, that's okay, who wants presents on their birthday, anyway?


  • Kiss-Hungry Girl Ghosts Looking for a Live Lover in a Haunted House of Mayhem.
  • The first picture to face the biggest problem of our time: the sex life of ghosts!


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