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The Star is a 2017 American computer-animated Christian comedy film directed by Timothy Reckart. Based on the Nativity of Jesus, and off an original idea by Tom Sheridan, the screenplay was written by Carlos Kotkin and Simon Moore.

It takes many tails to tell the greatest story ever. Taglines


  • Donkey kick!
  • Mary, you're in danger! You need to listen to what I'm about to say extremely carefully. [braying]
  • [to Dave] You jump out and create a distraction.
  • [to Thaddeus and Rufus] You wanna get to my friends, you're gonna have to get past me first.


  • You lead the way, and wherever you go, your best friend, Dave, will be right behind you.
  • Seriously? We're doing this?
  • Wait a second, are they eating chicken? Ladies, run!
  • I'm gonna go find someone to poop on.


  • Sheep are usually good at following but I will do my best.
  • Told ya it was important.
  • Excellent climbing form, Bo! Be the wedge!


  • The angel said that the child would be the new king!
  • Ho! I am not a rat, I'm a pygmy jerboa.


  • You've been telling your story to every critter in Galilee. Now it's our turn to hear it...from the beginning.
  • Keep talking.
  • But, Rufus, if we had eaten him, he would never had led us here. [to Bo] We've been meaning to thank you. Now, be a good little donkey and run along. You served your purpose.
  • We have to try.


  • [to Abby] Nice story, rat! Here's how it ends! [puts Abby in his mouth] The end.
  • That's her scent. Now we just gotta figure out which way she went.
  • Thaddeus, you think I'm bad at being bad?
  • [growls] We should've eaten him the first time we met him.
  • [sighs] We're bad dogs.
  • Thaddeus, are we good dogs now?


  • I expected a left turn two deserts ago.
  • Hide, quickly.
  • Okay, that was sinister.
  • In most cultures, a king is set apart from the plebeians with an ornamental headdress.
  • [to Felix] You had it right as well. It is a birthday party. Literally. It's the day of his birth.


  • King Herod is up to something, and we are gonna find out what.
  • I told you.
  • They wear hats.
  • You know, I think people are gonna remember this night. What happened here around this manger will celebrated for thousands of years. Families will come together and exchange presents and sing carols all to remember the grace of this moment that we are witnessing right now.


  • These wise guys are lost.
  • That's it! I'm biting through their reins.
  • Deborah, are you okay? How many hooves am I holding up?
  • They're coming for you, Your Majesty! Run for your life! Run like the wind!
  • [to Cyrus] After all that, it is a baby shower. You were right the whole time.
  • [to Thaddeus and Rufus] LOOK WITH YOUR EYES!


  • There's a really realistic vision of a donkey who's talking to God and he won't stop eyeballing you!
  • What? What's wrong with my eyes?
  • I'm gonna chew him free.
  • [with his tongue sticking out with splinters on it] I think I got a splinter in my tongue.


  • They're not usually like this. You caught us at a bad time.
  • No sleep at all since that giant night light turned on.
  • Step aside.
  • Great. Now we'll never sleep.


  • We haven't slept in nine months.
  • Sorry. So excited. [to Bo] Zach and Edith don't like the spotlight, but I think it's beautiful.



  • It takes many tails to tell the greatest story ever.


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