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The Star Chamber is a 1983 film about an idealistic young judge who, disgusted with criminals escaping the judicial system via technicalities, investigates an alternative method for punishing the guilty.

Directed by Peter Hyams. Written by Roderick Taylor and Peter Hyams.
They meet. They judge. They execute... All in the name of the law.  (taglines)

Superior Court Judge Steven R. Hardin[edit]

  • The law. Nothing is right or wrong! It's either the law or it's not the law. Well, we got a problem here, because it's not working anymore. It turns out that right and wrong count.
  • There's a lot of nobility in this room. Must be the paneling.

Judge Benjamin Caulfield[edit]

  • Someone has taken justice and hidden it in the law.


  • Dr. Harold Lewin: How can someone torture a child? How do you erase that sound from your head? Those two are creatures, they're not human beings.


Judge Caulfield: It's always been a game, only now the bad guys have a stronger team, got a better draft.
Judge Hardin: You know I took a lot of notes in your class and I can never remember you saying anything quite like that.
Judge Caulfield: You should have taken fewer notes and listened more.

Det. Wickman: Did you eat?
Det. Lowes: Yes.
Det. Wickman: When?
Det. Lowes: Yesterday.
Det. Wickman: If you don't eat, you could die. You could die here. I don't want you to die here. If you die here, I have to fill out all kinds of paperwork. And you know how I hate to do paperwork.


  • They meet. They judge. They execute... All in the name of the law.
  • Someone has hidden justice within the law. Now justice is breaking out.
  • ...Where justice is served with a vengeance.
  • The only one willing to stop them is one of their own. And when you know who they really are, you'll wish you didn't.
  • They are the most powerful members of our community. They have a shattering secret. A secret that will affect us all. Only one man is willing to stop them. On August 5, you'll know who they really are.


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