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The Strain (2014-17) is an American horror–drama television series in which the head of the Center for Disease Control Canary Team in New York City is assigned to investigate a viral outbreak. He, his team and a party of ordinary New Yorkers become witnesses of an ongoing epidemic which has its roots in ancient times and the fantasy creatures known as vampires inspired by it. It was created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, based on their novel trilogy of the same name.

Season 1[edit]

Night Zero [1.01][edit]

Abraham Setrakian: [voiceover] Hunger, a poet once said, is the most important thing we know, the first lesson we learn. But hunger can be easily quieted down, easily satiated. There is another force, a different type of hunger, an unquenchable thirst that cannot be extinguished. It's very existence is what defines us, what makes us human. That force is love.

Abraham Setrakian: Listen very carefully, son. I know your little friend has a gun and the hammer is cocked, but I don't care. I can control your entire body weight from this pressure point. And this knife is pointing straight at your radial artery. By the time he clears his coat pocket, your artery will be punctured and sliced wide open from top to bottom. You fall down bleeding, I go under the counter and your friend starts shooting at an empty space. I can guarantee you this. You will bleed out before the 9-1-1 operator answers the phone. That is Option One. Option Two is you release the bills, your friend gives me the gun – he can keep the bullets, I don't care – and you leave this store. Now, son... you have a choice.

Ephraim Goodweather: You don't like terrorists? Try negotiating with a virus. A virus exists only to find a carrier and reproduce. That's all it does and it does it quickly. It has no political views, it has no religious beliefs, it has no cultural hang-ups and it has no respect for a badge. It has no concept of time or geography. It might as well be the Middle Ages, except for the convenience of hitching a ride on a metal tube flying from meal to meal to meal. That's how a plague begins. So... you still want to be the first one through the door?

Eldritch Palmer: Throughout my life I've learned what it feels to cross a line, to do things. Things that cannot be undone. That line it has been crossed now, hasn't it?

The Box [1.02][edit]

Thomas Eichhorst: The great game is over, Jew.
Abraham Setrakian: Not while I still breathe.
Thomas Eichhorst: Amazing. Despite all evidence to the contrary, you cling to the delusion that you will prevail. Don't tell me you still believe in that God of yours. So where is He? Why has He done nothing? Face the truth. He is nothing but a figment of your imagination. Your arrest report says you were apprehended with an antique sword. Is it Sardu's?
Abraham Setrakian: Don't worry. I will give it back to your Master in due time.

Ephraim Goodweather: Hi, my name's Eph. I'm an alcoholic. I've been sober one year and eleven days. I'm in therapy. Learning about myself. It's a journey of discovery. Uh, I'm passive-aggressive and actively aggressive, which is a rare combination, I'm told. Let's see, what else? I'm controlling. I'm self-centered. I'm emotionally distant for my family. Oh, and the greatest sin of all: I love my work. But I'm taking it all in, you know, I'm owning it. And it's really making a difference. My wife's divorcing me, and screwing this new dude in my bed. In my house, on which I'm still making payments. There I go again, right, Richard? My sponsor says that I use sarcasm to avoid my real feelings, that if I truly loved Kelly, I would be happy for her, I wouldn't resent her. I'm trying, Richard. But it is a very steep hill.

Thomas Eichhorst: The sun has fallen. You are very fortunate, Mr. Palmer. He has chosen you to bear witness to his glory. Welcome to the New World.
[Palmer averts his eyes from the Master]
The Master: You brought me all the way here. Aren't you going to look at me?

Gary Arnot: Comment as-tu? (French, "How are you feeling?")
Emma Arnot: Faim. ("Hungry")

Gone Smooth [1.03][edit]

Vasily Fet: I got an elementary school, a hospital and a church and you want me to go to this guy first?
Mike Rivers: His daughter was bitten by a muncher, and he's a hedge fund manager and a major contributor. So yes, you will go there first and you will be - on your best behavior. Got it?
Vasily Fet: I'll wear my top hat and monocle.

Thomas Eichhorst: zum Sieg. (German, "To victory.")

Nora Martinez: What was in that coffin?
Abraham Setrakian: A thing of enormous power and terrible will. A will to devour the world and swallow the light.
Nora Martinez: Is the military covering it up?
Abraham Setrakian: Do not be so easily distracted. He thrives on human self-interest and bureaucratic complacency. You and Dr. Goodweather, you think that being good is enough? Being good means nothing, unless you are willing to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done.

Foster: I want this rat found and killed.
Vasily Fet: I'm not here to rehabilitate it.

It's Not for Everyone [1.04][edit]

Dutch Velders: It's much harder to hide evil shit these days, isn't it?

Nora Martinez: We're not hunting down human beings.
Ephraim Goodweather: They're hunting us!

Runaways [1.05][edit]

Vasily Fet: Rats don't migrate like that unless they lose their food source, or something disturbs them. There's plenty of food down there. Something is driving them out of their nests.
Lauretta: Like what?
Vasily Fet: A bigger predator.

Occultation [1.06][edit]

Vasily Fet: Something evil has taken root. Some disease. Some horrible, horrible strain. A pestilence that's overrunning the city. It's turning people into hungry vermin.

Thomas Eichhorst: What I find fascinating is how love is considered a gift, A blessing, with no acceptance to the fact that it also binds And chokes and strangles.

Augustin "Gus" Elizalde: What are you?
Thomas Eichhorst: I am your salvation or your downfall. Your choice.

For Services Rendered [1.07][edit]

Thomas Eichhorst: Ha! Ha! I think the Third Reich is in its death throes.
Abraham Setrakian: Very likely.
Thomas Eichhorst: But suppose a new Reich rose from the ashes of this one, led by a new Führer, who's able to deliver everything Hitler promised and more.
Abraham Setrakian: I think that would be a very sad day for humanity.
Thomas Eichhorst: Quite the opposite, my friend. It's what humanity craves: a strong leader, a visionary...
Abraham Setrakian: Visionary? Hitler is a megalomaniac who declared himself dictator.
Thomas Eichhorst: Wrong! Hitler was elected democratically! He went before the Reichstag. He asked the elected representatives of the people to grant him extraordinary powers! And they did by an overwhelming majority!
Abraham Setrakian: Because they were terrified.
Thomas Eichhorst: Yes! Terrified of democracy! They had lived through the chaos of the Weimar Republic: governments gridlocked by parties and bickering! They realized Plato was right: the republic can only be led by a philosopher king with the wisdom to look after the needs of the many.
Abraham Setrakian: Unless you are a Jew.
Thomas Eichhorst: Ah You see? This is the problem. You take all of this too personally.
Abraham Setrakian: After the murder of my family, I suppose I do.
Thomas Eichhorst: Oh, the nobility of the victim! I see. You comfort yourself with the fantasy that you're morally superior to me, but you're not. First day you arrived, I asked if anyone was a carpenter, and you eagerly threw up your hands! And from that day on, you've labored here, working on behalf of the Third Reich!
Abraham Setrakian: I had no choice!
Thomas Eichhorst: Yes, you have! But you're afraid of the choice.

Thomas Eichhorst: [to Setrakian] I give you another day of life, Jew, for services rendered.

Creatures of the Night [1.08][edit]

Vasily Fet: You look like a bunch of looters to me.
Ephraim Goodweather: We're from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Who are you?
Vasily Fet: I'm a looter.

Vasily Fet: Any reward for turning you in?
Ephraim Goodweather: No, sorry.
Vasily Fet: Too bad for me. Very good for you.

Vasily Fet: I need the rules. What kills these things, aside from direct sunlight?
Abraham Setrakian: The brainstem must be destroyed or severed from the spinal cord.
Vasily Fet: So, beheading or rebar bashing.

Jim Kent: Once I turn, I'm gonna go after them, right?
Abraham Setrakian: The ones you love, yes. The cruelest feature of this dark curse is that the bond that joins you in life, human love, is corrupted into the need to consume those closest to you.

The Disappeared [1.09][edit]

Vasily Fet: How would you have handled it, hmm? Teach me something.
Nora Martinez: If someone was going to help him die, it should have been one of us. Someone who loved him.
Vasily Fet: Oh. But you weren't ready to do it.
Nora Martinez: I can't teach you how to be a human being. Eat your bologna.

Dutch Velders: Nikki, the girl I was with at the store, she, um, stole all my money. Every last penny that I had.
Vasily Fet: This is why I don't have roommates.
Dutch Velders: Yeah that, and 'cause you're 40.

Zach Goodweather: Why did you call him a vampire?
Abraham Setrakian: Because that's what he turned into.
Zach Goodweather: My dad didn't use that word.
Abraham Setrakian: He will. Trust me. There's power in naming things.

Abraham Setrakian: Mourn Matt's passing, then move on. Life will insist. You mustn't fail life.

Loved Ones [1.10][edit]

Mr. Fitzwilliams: My employer is misguided.
Dutch Velders: Misguided is not the bloody word I would use.
Mr. Fitzwilliams: I don't agree with what he's doing, so I can hardly carry out an order to kill the people who are trying to make it right.

The Third Rail [1.11][edit]

Ephraim Goodweather: I'm sick of this Brooklyn-pride shit. Save it for somebody who cares.
Vasily Fet: You're used to having the last word, huh, Doc? How does it feel to know that a pawnbroker and a rat killer know more than you do, huh?
Ephraim Goodweather: You've been waiting for this your whole life, haven't you? Congratulations on the vampire apocalypse.
Vasily Fet: The first will be last, the last shall be first, Doc.

The Master: You have come here to destroy me? The old professor has a new pupil, to fail as he failed. I have taken everything from him. And I will take everything from you. Your wife, your son. I am a drinker of men.

Last Rites [1.12][edit]

Thomas Eichhorst: Your pulse is slowing and your heart is struggling, Eldritch. I can hear it.
Eldritch Palmer: Is he here now?
Thomas Eichhorst: Oh no, I came here on my own.
Eldritch Palmer: I've kept my part of the agreement; the Master will keep his.
Thomas Eichhorst: He will not be compelled or coerced. He is the Master. He does or he does not.
Eldritch Palmer: I used every resource at my disposal. No one else could have done his bidding as I have.
Thomas Eichhorst: And if he denies you what you want? What if he sent me instead in order to offer you your last rites?
Eldritch Palmer: He will save me. He still needs me. I have faith.

Dutch Velders: [to Eph] Look, I get it, yeah? We're never gonna be best mates. It breaks my heart, truly, but you need me even if you don't know it yet.

Dutch Velders: More details you require?
Vasily Fet: Only one: Men or women?
Dutch Velders: I specialize in passionate, destructive relationships.
Vasily Fet: The best kind.

Abraham Setrakian: I prepared, yes, but I had resigned myself to the reality that I would pass from this world without ever facing him again. Seeing the Master in the tunnels after all that time, I, uh I lost perspective. I realize that now. I reacted with raging impulses, and anger, and emotion. I-I apologize.

[The Master appears at Palmer's deathbed]
Eldritch Palmer: I knew you'd come. I believed. Save me.
The Master: [administering 'the white'] Behold.

The Master [1.13][edit]

Eldritch Palmer: I want all this boxed up - and brought back to my office.
Mr. Fitzwilliam: Right away, sir.
Eldritch Palmer: [seeing a decapitated body] That can stay.

Eldritch Palmer: Bring the car around. Contact Eichhorst.
Mr. Fitzwilliam: No, sir.
Eldritch Palmer: Excuse me?
Mr. Fitzwilliam: Won't do it. Not anymore. When people called you cruel and selfish, I defended you. I said they didn't know you as I know you. Then Eichhorst showed up and his ilk, and I told myself it was them, manipulating you, warping your judgement. I was wrong.
Eldritch Palmer: You've been by my side the entire time.
Mr. Fitzwilliam: Yes, I am complicit, because I served you loyally.
Eldritch Palmer: This is the part where the whore declares herself a virgin.
Mr. Fitzwilliam: You made a devil's bargain. You pulled me into it with you. Your sudden resurrection is an affront to nature and to God.
Eldritch Palmer: What a load of horse shit! You self-righteous son of a bitch! How dare you defy me!
Mr. Fitzwilliam: Part of me thinks I should kill you right now, restore the natural order of things. But I can't. Not after all you did for me. Consider my debt to you paid in full. Never come after me.
Eldritch Palmer: You fool! Deserting me when we're on the verge of triumph! Where will you go? What will you do without me to protect you?
Mr. Fitzwilliam: The question is, sir, what will you do without me to protect you?

Vasily Fet: Fire in the hole, vermin!

Vaun: An ancient truce has been broken. An act of war has been declared. We need a human soldier, who can move freely in the daylight. Someone who can use the power of the sun to massacre the unclean.
Augustin "Gus" Elizalde: You know what it sounds like to me? Sounds like you got a vampire turf war going on.
Vaun: You have proven yourself capable.
Augustin "Gus" Elizalde: Why should I help them? Or you?
Vaun: Payback. And a rich payday.
Augustin "Gus" Elizalde: I'm listening.

Abraham Setrakian: Too long I've lived, too much I've seen. This planet, our host, once so wild and unknown; we've mapped it, paved it, arranged it on a grid, never imagining that something else was watching us, a creature even more ruthless and predacious than we are, eager to exploit the very infrastructure we so obligingly arranged. Is the war already lost? Are we destined to be cattle for monsters? Or, now that the enemy has finally shown his face, do we have a fighting chance? The world today is not what it was one week ago. What will it be one week from now? One month from now? Nothing is written that cannot be changed. It is a small world, after all. We made it that way.

Season 2[edit]

BK, N.Y [2.01][edit]

Ephraim Goodweather: The ground game isn't for me.
Vasily Fet: So what are you gonna do?
Ephraim Goodweather: Well, seeing as how as a vampire hunter I'm total shit, I'm gonna go back to being a doctor.

Vasily Fet: Where the hell were you all day?
Abraham Setrakian: Don't concern yourself with me.
Vasily Fet: Did you think that maybe, "Gee, uh, I should check in, let them know that I'm not dead, let 'em know I'm not a vampire"?
Abraham Setrakian: I'm not dead. I'm not a vampire.

Eldritch Palmer: I was under the clear impression that he was going to be here!
Thomas Eichhorst: The Master will attend or - will not attend, according to -
Eldritch Palmer: Please! Spare me the "he will or he will not" spiel. It's tiresome. This is the most significant part of the next phase of operations! Now, where is he?
Thomas Eichhorst: I see a little of the Master's white in your veins has made you bold, Eldritch. But as a friend, I'm telling you, being too bold - may not be wise right now.
Eldritch Palmer: Eichhorst, honestly? You're not my friend, and I don't give a warm shit what you think. Don't try and manage me. I'm not one of your foot soldiers. I am the Master's partner.
Thomas Eichhorst: His partner? Hmm, Of course. The Master will be very interested to hear that.

[Dutch and Ephraim are sharing a drink]
Dutch Velders: To survival?
Ephraim Goodweather: To victory.
[They drink]
Ephraim Goodweather: [about Dutch's project] What the hell is this?
Dutch Velders: I won't know really until it's finished.
Ephraim Goodweather: Well, how will you know when you're finished?
Dutch Velders: When I know what the hell it is.
Ephraim Goodweather: That's a Zen riddle. Too bad my job is so results-oriented.
Dutch Velders: You still have a job?
Ephraim Goodweather: Oh, yeah. Saving the human race.
Dutch Velders: Oh, right. I forgot.

Zach Goodweather: [about his drink] It's warm.
Dutch Velders: We're in the middle of a vampire apocalypse; everybody's making sacrifices.

By Any Means [2.02][edit]

Vasily Fet: Just checking in, you know. It's almost noon and you hadn't come out and, uh...
Abraham Setrakian: You thought I dropped dead.
Vasily Fet: I figured there was a 20% chance. Now look, Dutch and I, we're we're gonna go clear out some local munchers. I just wanted to check in and see if you need anything before I go.
Abraham Setrakian: No, nothing.
Vasily Fet: All right. Well, don't forget to eat something, all right?
Abraham Setrakian: You want to remind me to go to the toilet, too?
Vasily Fet: Professor, I was wondering, what do you hope to find in these books?
Abraham Setrakian: Something I overlooked. Of all the evils a man faces, growing old is the one I cannot do anything about. When I was young, I could hold all this in my head, and now it seems to be slipping away from me.

Eldritch Palmer: Abraham. Look at you. Withered by age and failure, yet your blind optimism carries you on. Don't tell me you still cling to your belief in the Supreme Being?
Abraham Setrakian: You should fear His wrath.
Eldritch Palmer: Your "Being" doesn't exist. Realized that when I was 10 years old. Prayed for Him to heal me. He never answered.
Abraham Setrakian: Yes, He did. The answer was no.

Fort Defiance [2.03][edit]

Abraham Setrakian: I've, I've never confided this to anyone. I consume the worms to maintain my health.
Nora Martinez: You've been eating the worms?
Abraham Setrakian: Well, you can't ingest them orally. I discovered I needed to, uh, absorb them in solution through the eyes. Did you ever see this number on my arm? Did it not make you wonder about my age? I was a prisoner in a German death camp in 1944. I'm 94 years old. I need this to keep living. I've made my choice. It may be wicked, it may mean I go to a fiery and horrible place when I die, but it's too late to stop now. I will not stop. I'm going to win or die confronting the Master. I will not fade away as a weak old man.

Ephraim Goodweather: [to a captive Strigoi] So the Master can see through all you things, huh? Are you watching me now? You took my wife. My son's mother. I'm gonna take hundreds, thousands of yours. I'm gonna work my way all the way to the top, to you.

The Silver Angel [2.04][edit]

Vasily Fet: They say one out of every four people are mentally unstable.
Nora Martinez: Luckily there's only three of us.
Vasily Fet: Not unless you include my invisible friend Donny.

Abraham Setrakian: Help me rid the evil from this world.
Eldritch Palmer: There will always be evil in this world, Professor.

The Master: The ancients are the past. I am the future.
Augustin Elizalde: Guess what. I'm not fighting for the Ancients. I'm not fighting for nobody but myself.
The Master: Cowardice. Ignorance. I sensed both as you ferried my coffin across the bridge into this city.
Augustin Elizalde: If that's the case, then what am I to you? Huh? What do you want from me?
The Master: Your mother's disappointment is still here. The torment you put her through in life. It lives along with her dumb animal love for her criminal son.
Augustin Elizalde: Taking someone's soul is not enough for you? You gotta put on their skin and dance around in their body?
The Master: Of course you fight for yourself. You always fight for only yourself.

Abraham Setrakian: You may have resigned from Stoneheart, but you haven't resigned from Eldritch Palmer. You remind me very much of your father. You can break this chain of misguided loyalty once and for all. I don't think you're afraid of him. I think you think it's too late. That evil has already won. I don't believe that for a second. When you change your mind, we can be reached at this address.
Reggie Fitzwilliam: I'm not gonna change my mind.
Abraham Setrakian: Yes, you will. You already have.

Quick and Painless [2.05][edit]

Abraham Setrakian: [in a stand-off with Alonso Creem] A chain of events is about to play out here, Mr. Creem. Your loyal bodyguards will riddle me with bullets, but not before I draw this blade across your throat. To put it in language we both understand, you will not come out well in this trade.

Ephraim Goodweather: I'm not letting you get in my way again.
Everett Barnes: You think I like the position they've put me in? They nearly threw me over a balcony, Eph. I can't even sleep. I barely eat.
Ephraim Goodweather: Then just let me go. I've got a plan to wipe out all the infected and clean all this up.
Everett Barnes: Well, that's great news. I'll let you go. I appreciate you still trying to do something about this.
Ephraim Goodweather: You're lying.
Everett Barnes: Trust me, Eph.
Ephraim Goodweather: I can't trust you, Barnes. I know you.

Identity [2.06][edit]

Angel: Where'd you learn those manners? Same place you got your tattoos?
Augustin "Gus" Elizalde: Okay, I get it, man. I thought I knew you, so you want to give me a hard time. So here it is. I went to prison. I was a thief. I wanted to be a fighter, but I couldn't make a living at it. So I broke my mother's heart, and I did a bid upstate. Now I'm nothing.

Mr. Quinlan: [to the Ancients] Pitiful, this city of New York. I expected Constantinople, Baghdad before the Mongols. Rome. Oh. Those were cities. This is a factory. A machine. I can see why he started here. You indulged him. You looked the other way for too long. Perhaps you're growing complacent. You should have stopped him 70 years ago, if not seven centuries ago. I get no pleasure from your anxiety. I trained Vaun and the others to be better; they failed us. I'm here now. I will stop him. But for my own reasons. I sensed him when he was injured. I need to know who got close enough to hurt him. And I need human hunters who can work during the day. That is, if you have any left.

Eldritch Palmer: I need to know that our plan is not in jeopardy before I proceed. And that he is able to uphold his side of the bargain.
Thomas Eichhorst: Let me assure you -
Eldritch Palmer: Your assurance is not enough! I assure you, I didn't become one of the wealthiest men in the world by being played for a fool. Either he is ignoring me or avoiding me. Tell him he does so at his peril.
Thomas Eichhorst: For your sake, I shall tell him no such thing.

The Born [2.07][edit]

Mr. Quinlan: I see you've been hunting the Master for some time.
Abraham Setrakian: Most of my life. You?
Mr. Quinlan: All of mine.

Mr. Quinlan: [to The Master] So it is "Sardu" now? Your new host body no longer requires this fine cane. You knew I would hear of the strange tale of the possessed giant and come for you. I suppose that's why you left these here. To taunt me. But your vigilance belies a deeper concern. Your fear.

The Master: Welcome to the new world.
Mr. Quinlan: I see you had little time to prepare your new vessel.
The Master: I chose this host for its loyalty. Something you know nothing about.
Mr. Quinlan: It lacks intimidation.

Abraham Setrakian: His disappearance coincided with the fall of the Roman Empire. While his immediate fate was unknown, sightings persisted throughout Eurasia over centuries. Yet to this day, no record exists to explain where he came from nor how he was created. Perhaps a clue lies in the nickname given to him by his sponsor, Senator Sertorius: "The Born".
Zach Goodweather: I don't understand. Is that a legend, or is it real?
Abraham Setrakian: The answer to both questions, is yes.

Intruders [2.08][edit]

Eldritch Palmer: By the way, I haven't seen your man Bolivar lately. I hope nothing's happened to him.
Thomas Eichhorst: Bolivar has a new assignment.
Eldritch Palmer: Really? Doing what?
Thomas Eichhorst: The Master has chosen him as his new vessel.
Eldritch Palmer: Well! Imagine that! I always assumed he would pick someone with a distinguished record of loyal service like you. Instead, he selects a washed-up pop star? It boggles the mind.
Thomas Eichhorst: A narrow mind is easily boggled.
Eldritch Palmer: Well, it's not for us to question. The Master does or does not. In this case he did, but not with you.

Vasily Fet: Rob a cardinal?
Abraham Setrakian: I prefer to think of it as recovering a stolen artifact, but yes, we're going to rob the son of a bitch.

Augustin "Gus" Elizalde: I don't get it, man. Why? Why me? Why me?
Mr. Quinlan: That is a question I learned to stop asking myself many centuries ago.

The Battle for Red Hook [2.09][edit]

Kelly Goodweather: Why do I still feel pain?
Thomas Eichhorst: It took a few years for pain to subside. Be patient.

Abraham Setrakian: Remaining human at all costs is very important, even when dealing with murderers.
Ephraim Goodweather: Is that your bit of grandfatherly advice for the day?
Abraham Setrakian: Merely a warning from someone who has lived among monsters.

Thomas Eichhorst: You have too much faith in that sword.
Abraham Setrakian: If you're so eager to drink me, why do you stand there flapping your lips?

Thomas Eichhorst: [as he stalks Ephraim] Goodweather. I'll wager that's not your family's original name. What country did your people immigrate from? Poland? Ukraine? Latvia? What was their original name? Goldstein? Gotlieb? I can smell your sweat. Same stench as the old man's. Bitter. Brackish. Like the Dead Sea. That sound takes me back the satisfying crack of a Mauser K98. The Master allows me to share Kelly's thoughts, her memories. I must say, many of those about you are most unpleasant your ambivalence about having a child, for instance. How selfishly you anguished over this, even after Kelly was pregnant. Her desire for Zack is strong. It will be very interesting to see whose desire for your son is stronger after I've turned you.

Season 3[edit]

Gone but Not Forgotten [3.04][edit]

Thomas Eichhorst: [as he talks to selected small group of vampires] May I have your attention! You have been selected to undertake a critical task much too critical to be left to imbeciles like yourselves. These are trying times and we will persevere. Won't we? You want to feed, yes? If you can follow my simple instructions, I promise you a great feast. The virgin blood of 70 humans. But only once the task is complete.


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