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The Strangers is a 2008 American film about a couple staying in a country house that gets infiltrated by three homicidal possibly cult members.

Directed and written by Bryan Bertino.
We tell ourselves there's nothing to fear, sometimes we're wrong(taglines)


  • What you are about to see is inspired by true events. According to the FBI, there are an estimated 1.4 million violent crimes in America each year. On the night of February 11, 2005, Kristen McKay and James Hoyt left a friend's wedding reception and returned to the Hoyt family's summer home. The brutal events that took place there are still not entirely known.

James Hoyt[edit]

  • [yelling out to Dollface] What do you want? Why don't you get the fuck out of here?
  • [on phone] Mike, it's me. Um, we're at the house now. I... uh... I know you're fucking drunk and you're sleeping now, but uh... I'll tell you when I see you. Things... they didn't work out the way I planned, at all. Um, I'm going to need you to come out here and get me, just whenever you wake up in the morning. I'm going to give her the car. Just call me when you get this, okay? I know... I know it's a bitch to come all the way out here, but sorry. This sucks. Okay.
  • [to Kristen] I'm going to open the door, and I just want you to run. Okay? [the Man in the Mask suddenly starts to break down door with axe]


  • [to Kristen] You're gonna die.


  • Pin-Up Girl: [to Dollface] It'll be easier next time.
  • Mike: [on phone] Yo! Jimmy James. What's up buddy? It's Mike. Listen man, I'm outside. I got here early. Uh, just decided to come out and you know... just be here for you as soon as I possibly could, because you know how I like to wait on you hand and fucking foot... [object suddenly is shot through his windshield] What the fuck?


Kristen: Why are you doing this to us?
Dollface: Because you were home.

Dollface: [standing at front door] Hi.
James: Hello.
[James tries to turn on the front light but it won't work]
Dollface: Is Tamara here?
James: No, you got the wrong house.
Dollface: You sure?
James: Yeah. I'm sorry.
Dollface: [after a long pause] See you later.

Dollface: [referring to Christian Living pamphlet] Can I have one?
Mormon Boy #1: Are you a sinner?
Dollface: [after long pause] Sometimes.

Dollface: Is Tamara home?
Kristen: You already came by here.
Dollface: Are you sure?

911 Receptionist: 911, what's your emergency? 911, what's your emergency? Are you there?
Mormon Boy #1: [upset] There... there are people here!
911 Receptionist: Okay, calm down. Where are you? What's your address?
Mormon Boy #1: I don't know.
911 Receptionist: Are you in danger?
Mormon Boy #1: Yes. Yes!
911 Receptionist: What's your name?
Mormon Boy #1: Jordan. I need help.
911 Receptionist: Okay, can you tell me what street you're on?
Mormon Boy #1: I don't know where we are.
911 Receptionist: Jordan, who are you with?
Mormon Boy #1: We... went in the house. We found people.
911 Receptionist: You found who, Jordan? Who did you find?
Mormon Boy #1: There's... there's blood on the walls. Help us! Help us!
911 Receptionist: Jordan, calm down.
Mormon Boy #1: It's everywhere!
911 Receptionist: Jordan, what happened?
Mormon Boy #1: There's blood everywhere!

Kristen: What are you thinking?
James: Since we've been here, I haven't heard a dog bark... or a car pass. Nothing. Just us and them.

James: [referring to shotgun] How do you use this thing?
Kristen: What do you mean?
James: I'm not even sure how to load it.
Kristen: But you said you used to hunt with your dad.
James: No, I never did. It's just something I said.

James: [referring to bathtub full of rose petals] I didn't know if the roses went in first or after.
Kristen: Yeah, I don't know either.

Kristen: [seeing Dollface standing outside] She's watching us.
James: She looks like a ghost. Do you want me to go talk to her?
Kristen: They don't want to talk.
James: Well they want something. People don't just stand out there, staring at us like that. They want something.

Kristen: It's freezing. Let's get back in the car.
James: Wait a second.
Kristen: What?
James: I just want to tell you something.
Kristen: What do you want to tell me?
[pulls out engagement ring]
James: I was in love the first time I saw you.

James: I was thinking while you were taking a bath. I want you to take the car tomorrow.
Kristen: What do you mean?
James: I don't think a road trip is a good idea right now.

Kristen: Why are you doing this to us?
Pin-Up Girl: [pause] Because you were home.

Kristen: I'm out of cigarettes.
James: I'll go get you some more.
Kristen: I didn't... I didn't mean that. You don't have to. I'll just go to sleep. I'm tired anyway.
James: No, you won't.
Kristen: I'll try.
James: It's alright. I want to drive for a little while anyway.

James: Clothes are in the bedroom if you want.
Kristen: [referring to dress] I want to wear this. I only get to wear this tonight. It makes me feel pretty.
James: You are pretty.
Kristen: I'm so sorry it wasn't the way you thought it would be. Really sorry.
James: What do we do now?
Kristen: I don't know. I'm just not ready yet.
James: Okay.
[James gets up to walk away]
Kristen: [grabbing his hand] James, please. Talk to me.
James: Christ. This is embarrassing.

Kristen: It's really nice, everything you did. It's beautiful.
James : [quietly] Yeah. Here...
[hands engagement ring to Kristen]
James: I can't keep it. I can't take it back. Please. Just take it, please.

Kristen: James, we need a gun. Does your dad have a gun?
James: Kristen, I'm looking! There was one here when I was a kid. He always hid it.


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