The Stranglers of Bombay

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The Stranglers of Bombay is a 1959 film about a captain in the East India Company who lobbies to investigate the criminal Thugee Cult of Kali, an organized crime group of stranglers and thieves.

Directed by Terence Fisher. Written by David Zelag Goodman.
Murder Cult Terror In Exotic Asia  (taglines)

Capt. Harry Lewis[edit]

  • [to Mary] This is some kind of organized conspiracy. I know it, and I'll find it out!

Patel Shari[edit]

  • Whoever rules decides the truth.

Capt. Christopher Connaught-Smith[edit]

  • [wakes and finds that his entire company have been strangled in their sleep] IS ANYBODY ALIVE? ANYBODY?


Capt. Christopher Connaught-Smith: [Interrogating witness through translator] Now tell him that no one can live anywhere for 40 years without seeing a great deal. What has he seen?
[the translator confers with the witness]
Capt. Christopher Connaught-Smith: [Impatiently] Well?
Translator: He says he has seen 40 harvests and 160 changes of season.


  • Murder Cult Terror In Exotic Asia
  • This is true! This is real! This actually happened!
  • In Strangloscope!


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