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The Suicide Squad is a 2021 American superhero film about a task force of convicts who are sent to destroy a Nazi-era laboratory and encounter the giant alien Starro. It is a standalone sequel to 2016's Suicide Squad and is the tenth installment in the DC Extended Universe.

Directed and written by James Gunn, based on the DC Comics team of the same name.
They're dying to save the world.(taglines)

Robert DuBois / Bloodsport[edit]

  • I'm not joining your Suicide Squad. [Amanda Waller: We'll see.]
  • Tyla, I told you when I came here that any goodness I ever had in me had been wrung out bare by my old man. I also told you to go out there and do your own thing, and to stay far away from me or anyone like me, didn't I? So why are you here when you and I both know I have nothing good to offer you?
  • You're threatening my fucking daughter!
  • We're all gonna die.
  • Oh, for fuck's sake.
  • We find out any information you've given us is false, you die.
  • Fuck.
  • It's your Mom!

Harleen Quinzel / Harley Quinn[edit]

  • Hey, guys, sorry I'm late. Had to get a number two. [Rick Flag: Good to know.]
  • Oh, my God! Is it a werewolf?
  • I'm sorry. Recently, I made a promise to myself that the next time I got a boyfriend, I'd be on the lookout for red flags. And if I saw any, I would do the healthy thing, and murder them. Killing kids? Kind of a red flag.
  • We find out you have personalized license plates, you die.
  • I love the rain, it's like angels are splooging all over us!

Christopher Smith / Peacemaker[edit]

  • Starfish is a slang term for a butthole. Think there's any connection? [Amanda Waller: No.]
  • You’re being facetious, but if this whole beach was completely covered in dicks and somebody said I had to eat every dick until the beach was clean for liberty, I would say "no problemo!" [Ratcatcher 2: Why would someone put penises all over the beach?] Who knows why madmen do what they do?
  • I cherish peace with all my heart. I don't care how many men, women and children I need to kill to get it.
  • (regarding his helmet) It's not a toilet seat, it's a beacon of freedom!
  • [preparing to kill Ratcatcher 2] Sorry, kid.

Rick Flag[edit]

  • Here's the deal, we fail the mission, you die.
  • Hey, hey! He's not a werewolf, okay? He's a weasel! He's harmless. I mean... he's not harmless, he's killed twenty-seven children, but y'know... we got him to.. I think he's agreed to do this. Whatever the case, everyone get into position to drop.
  • Did anyone check on whether Weasel could SWIM?!
  • I didn't pick the damn team!
  • Nanaue, stay off the comm!
  • (last words) Peacemaker. WHAT A JOKE.

Amanda Waller[edit]

  • Robert DuBois. He's imprisoned for putting Superman in the ICU with a Kryptonite bullet.
  • Nanaue's the strongest member of your team. You need him to get into Jotunheim.
  • I wouldn't take such extreme measures if this mission weren't more important than you could possibly imagine. I'm protecting this country. You don't know half of what I would do.
  • Are you in or out? Good. Let's meet your team.
  • You know the deal. Successfully complete the mission, you get ten years off your sentence. You fail to follow my orders in any way, and I detonate the explosive device in the base of your skull.
  • [King Shark: Hand.] Yes, that is your hand. Very good.
  • Your mission is to destroy every trace of something known only as Project Starfish.

George "Digger" Harkness / Captain Boomerang[edit]

  • What kind of dog do you think it is, mate?
  • All names are letters, dickhead!
  • (last words) Strewth!

Nanaue / King Shark[edit]

  • So smart, Me. Enjoy book so much.
  • Where go, Friends?
  • Nom nom?
  • Hand.
  • Bird.
  • New dumb friends!

Cleo Cazo / Ratcatcher 2[edit]

  • Why would someone put penises all over the beach?
  • If I die because I gambled on love, it will be a worthy death.
  • [to Polka-Dot Man] I thought you were the crazy one. [Polka-Dot Man: I am.]
  • [Bloodsport: I'm gonna get you outta here alive.] I’m going to get YOU out of here alive.

Abner Krill / Polka-Dot Man[edit]

  • [Ratcather 2: I thought you were the crazy one.] I am.
  • I don't like to kill people, but if I pretend they're my mom, it's easy.
  • [on killing soldiers] I turned them into my mother in my head and killed them.
  • Aw, fizzle sticks, hold on.
  • (last words) I'm a Superhero! I'm a motherfucking su-!

Dr. Gaius Grieves / The Thinker[edit]

  • This is suicide. [Rick Flag: Well, that's kind of our thing.]
  • I call it Starro the Conqueror!
  • Let's just talk about this. I understand where you're coming from I crossed the line. Okay! I crossed the line! But I'm ready to change! I AM ready to change! Please! I didn't mean to hurt you!

Starro the Conquerer[edit]

  • Have you come to save me from that madman? Thirty years he's kept me here, torturing me.
  • This city is mine.
  • (last words) I was happy... floating, staring at the stars.


  • Calendar Man: Hey, Polka-Dot Man! I was hoping you'd entertain my kid's birthday party! YA FUCKIN' PUSSY!!! (laughs maniacally)
  • Emilia Harcourt: Oh, come the fuck on. Bloodsport's got a RAT PHOBIA


Harley Quinn: I love your accent.
Javelin: American women ALL love accents.
Harley Quinn: We do. 'Cause we don't got none!

Javelin: What does T.D.K. stand for?
T.D.K.: What?
Javelin: Your name is T.D.K., correct?
T.D.K.: Yeah.
Javelin: And it stands for WHAT?
T.D.K.: It stands for me. It's what a name is.
Javelin: Your name is letters?
Captain Boomerang: All names are letters, dickhead.

Bloodsport: Next time you wanna nick something, you take a partner and they can be a lookout.
Tyla Dubois: That's your advice?
Bloodsport: Yeah.
Tyla Dubois: You're a terrible father.
Bloodsport: Hey, I didn't ask to be a father in the first place.
Tyla Dubois: I know. You make that perfectly clear.
Bloodsport: Your mother sprung that one on me.
Tyla Dubois: Well, she's not around anymore, so you can lay off of her, okay?
Bloodsport: Oh, I tried to lay off her, but then she dragged out the paternity test.
Tyla Dubois: FUCK YOU!
Bloodsport: No, FUCK YOU!
Tyla Dubois: FUCK YOU!
Bloodsport: FUCK YOU!
Tyla Dubois: FUCK YOU!
Bloodsport: FUCK YOU!
Tyla Dubois: FUCK YOU!
Bloodsport: FUCK YOU!
Tyla Dubois: FUCK YOU! I can't believe you don't care that I stole, only that I got caught!
Bloodsport: I don't only care that you got caught, I care that you got caught for stealing something as STUPID as a fucking TV watch!
Tyla Dubois: It does other things too!!

Bloodsport: To get me to lead your shite fucking mission, you're gonna send my fourteen year-old daughter to prison?
Amanda Waller: No. [pause] Your daughter is SIXTEEN, DuBois. You're a real father of the year.

Amanda Waller: Each member of your team is chosen for his or her own completely unique set of abilities. This is Christopher Smith, known as Peacemaker. In his hands, anything is a deadly weapon. His father was a soldier who trained his son how to kill from the moment he was born.
Bloodsport: Are you having a laugh?
Amanda Waller: What?
Bloodsport: You just said each member of the team is chosen for their unique abilities. He does exactly what I do!
Peacemaker: But BETTER.
Bloodsport: I always hit my targets dead center.
Peacemaker: I hit them MORE in the center.
Bloodsport: Well, you can't hit something more in the center.
Peacemaker: I use smaller bullets.
Bloodsport: What?
Peacemaker: They go inside your bullet holes without even touching the sides.

Amanda Waller: Miss Cazo, will you be joining us?
Cleo / Ratcatcher 2: [groans] I just woke up. I don't function well early in the morning.
Amanda Waller: My deepest apologies for disturbing you.
Ratcatcher 2: It's all right.
Amanda Waller: [bangs on cell door] Get your ass out here!
Ratcatcher 2: [groans and gets up]
Peacemaker: [scoffs] Millenials.

Bloodsport: [notices a rat on Ratcatcher's shoulder] Oh, no way. That's not coming with us.
Amanda Waller: She controls rats.
Bloodsport: I know, I caught that. It's a DISGUSTING superpower!
Ratcatcher 2: This is Sebastian. Say hello, Sebastian. [the rat offers it's paw]
Bloodsport: I'm not shaking the rat's hand.

Amanda Waller: [introducing Abner Krill] They call him the Polka-Dot Man.
Peacemaker: [scoffs] Polka-Dot Man. What's he do, throw polka-dots at people? [Waller remains silent] He does. He throws polka-dots at people.

Peacemaker: "Starfish" is a slang term for a butthole. Think there's any connection?
Amanda Waller: [deadpan] No.
Peacemaker: [jotting in notebook] "No... connection".

Amanda Waller: Nanaue?
Nanaue: [pointing to his raised hand] Hand.
Amanda Waller: Yes, that is your hand, Nanaue. Very good.
Bloodsport: We're all gonna die.
Polka-Dot Man: [turning to him] I hope so.
Bloodsport: Oh, for fuck's sake...

Gaius Grieves: Hey, what is this?! You slaughtered my staff!
Mateo Suarez: They were loyal to the Herreras. Who are you loyal to, Thinker? They call you "Thinker", yes? All that shit in your face is to make your brain good?
Gaius Grieves: [sarcastic] Yes, it makes my brain good.

Peacemaker: You've gotta be kidding me. You're gonna risk the entire mission for a mental defective dressed as a court jester?
Bloodsport: THIS coming from a guy that wears a toilet seat on his head.

Nanaue: [staring at pigeon] Bird.
Rick Flag: Nanaue, stay off the comm!

Bloodsport: Once we're clear, we blow the tits off that thing, and go home.
Gaius Grieves: This is suicide.
Rick Flag: Well, that's kind of our thing.

Bloodsport: Are you Milton?
Milton: [traumatized and crying] Si!

Peacemaker: God damn it, Nanaue, quit being a playbaby.
Nanaue: [offers a lump of C4 he has shaped to look like...] Peacemaker.
Peacemaker: ...It's actually very nice. Just put it against the wall. It looks nothin' like me.

Ratcatcher 2: I knew Sebastian sensed good in you for a reason.
Bloodsport: Just keep that fucking rat away from me.

Cleo: Why rats, Papa?
Ratcatcher 1: Rats are the lowliest and most despised of all creatures, my love. If they have purpose, so do we all.

Bloodsport: Oh, that’s just a taste of what’s on that drive. I’ve uploaded it all to a secure server. Now, if you kill any one of us, or my daughter ever sees the inside of a prison, it goes public. If we all go free, it never has to see the light of day.
Amanda Waller: I told you I’d make you a leader, DuBois. You got a deal.


  • They're dying to save the world.
  • Don't get too attached.


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