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The Swan Princess is a 1994 American-Russian animated fantasy musical film based on the ballet "Swan Lake".


Prince Derek: What? You're all I ever wanted. You're beautiful!
Odette: Thank you. But what else?
Prince Derek: What else?
Odette: Is beauty all that matters to you?:
Queen Uberta: Derek, what else?
Prince Derek: [stammers; to Odette] What else is there?
[Rogers imitates a buzzer]

Rogers: What else is there?! She says, "Is beauty all that matters?", and you say, "What else is there?"!
Prince Derek: It was dumb. I know!
Rogers: You should write a book: How To Offend Women In Five Syllables Or Less.
Bromley: Your turn.
Prince Derek: I didn't know what else to say.
Bromley: [cheating at chess, takes Derek's queen] You lost your queen, Derek!
Prince Derek: That's twice in one day!
Rogers: Think. You must see something other than Odette's beauty.
Prince Derek: Of course I do, Rogers! She' know. And's like...I mean, right?
[Lord Rogers rolls his eyes]
Prince Derek: Aw, I don't know how to say it! [He drums his fingers on the chessboard] I know. I'll prove it to her. I'll prove my love!
[With that said, he lifts his rook and moves it across the board]
Bromley: Checkmate!
[Bromley's jaw hangs open. Once again, his best friend has won. Everything Derek wants, Derek seems to get]
[Well, almost everything]
[Miles apart, in a dark, secluded forest, a white-bearded man waits behind an oak tree. His eyes are trained on King William's caravan, plodding slowly along the mud-soaked trail]
Rothbart: Today's the day, Willie. Everything you own, everything you love, will be mine!
[The dripping rainwater does not bother Rothbart. He has worked these sixteen years to gain back his magical powers, and nothing can stop him now]
[He steps apart from the tree, into the path of the approaching caravan]
[Inside the royal carriage, King William shakes his head mournfully]
King William: I just don't understand. What else did you want him to say?
Odette: I need to know that he loves me.
[As the horses neigh and buck, the carriage lurches to a stop]
King William: What on earth? [He turns the door handle and steps out. Beyond the horses, a caped man is blocking the path. Although the man is in silhouette, King William can recognize the aggressive stance. The slightly hunched posture. Can it be Rothbart? After all these years?] Stay inside, Odette.
[The King takes a step forward. His guards move to encircle him, spears drawn]
[Rothbart opens his arms. A fireball of light explodes around him. His cape becomes a pair of leathery black wings, his fingers sharp talons. His wrinkled face stretches forward into the shape of a massive, razor-sharp beak]
[Shielding their eyes, the King and his guards step backward. Before them stands a tremendous, hideous animal; the face of a hawk, the wings of a bat, the body of a bear and the clawed feet of a tiger]
[With a deafening roar, the beast attacks]

Rothbart: [to Odette, after kidnapping her] Once you steal something, you spend your whole life fighting to keep it.

Prince Derek: [ready for target practice] The Great Animal's never gonna give her up without a fight.
Rogers: You're not still thinking she's alive?
Prince Derek: When I find the Great Animal, Rogers, I'll find Odette.
Rogers: Oh, Derek. You've looked everywhere. She's not coming back. The whole kingdom knows that.
Prince Derek: The whole kingdom's wrong! Odette's alive, and I'm gonna find her.

Odette: You're being sneaky again, Jean-Bob!
Jean-Bob: What sneaky? You deserve a nice bouquet!
Odette: And you deserve a kiss.
Jean-Bob: Well, all right! [puckers up]
Odette: You know I'm under a spell!
Jean-Bob: But my kiss would break ze spell!
Speed: Give it up, Jean-Bob.
Odette: I can only kiss the man I love, and then he...
Jean-Bob: Must make a vow of "everlasting love". I know - !
Odette: And prove it to the world!
Jean-Bob: WHAT do you think I was doing with ze flowers and ze alligators going "CHOMP CHOMP"?
Odette: Speed, make him understand.
Speed: I'm only a turtle.

Odette: Every night you ask the same question.
Rothbart: No! No!
Odette: And every night I give you the same answer...
Rothbart: DON'T!
Odette: ...I'll die first.
Rothbart: You know... you are really starting to bug me!
Odette: I would think you'd be use to it by now.
Rothbart: THAT'S IT! Just keep pushing it! But someday I'm gonna BOIL OVER!

Jean-Bob: Whenever I have to do something in a hurry, I'll always bring a turtle.

Rogers: Think, you must see something other than Odette's beauty.
Prince Derek: Of course I do, Rogers. She’s like… You know! How about… And then… Am I right?

Puffin: Me name is Puffin. Lt. Puffin.
Odette: It's a pleasure, Lt. Puffin. I'm Odette. Princess Odette. [Puffin kisses her hand] And these are my best friends in the whole world: Mr. Lorenzo Trudgealong...
Speed: Friends call me Speed.
Odette: ...and Jean-Bob.
Jean-Bob: I have no friends. Only servants. And they call me "your highness".
Speed: [whispers to Puffin] Thinks he's a prince.

Prince Derek: [about the ball] But please, Mother! Don't turn it into one of your beauty pageants!
Queen Uberta: Oh! No, no, no, no, no! It's just a few friends... [waits until Derek is out of earshot] ...And, their daughters...

Speed: I think I pulled a muscle.
Jean-Bob: I'm gonna die! I know it! I'm on a mission with a lame turtle!

Odette: [dying from Rothbart's curse] Derek... I-I feel so weak... I think...I'm...
Prince Derek: No. You'll live, Odette. The vow I made was for you.
Odette: I know. I love you, Derek. [dies]
Prince Derek: Odette? Odette! [Breaks down in grief and fury] I made the vow for her. Do you hear? THE VOW I MADE WAS FOR HER!
Rothbart: [appears behind Derek] No need to shout!
[Derek, enraged, turns around and confronts Rothbart]
Prince Derek: Don't let her die.
Rothbart: Is that a threat?
Prince Derek: Don't you dare let her die!
Rothbart: [mockingly] Oh, it is a threat.
Prince Derek: You're the only one with the power! Now, do it!
Rothbart: [throws him aside] Only if you!

[Last lines]
Princess Odette: Will you love me, Derek? Until the day I die?
Prince Derek: No, Odette, much longer. Much longer.
[They kiss]

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