The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning is a 2006 horror film. It is a prequel to the 2003 remake of the original film. After the Hewitt family loose all the products, they decide to kill off their first victims as meat.

Directed by Jonathan Liebesman. Written by Sheldon Turner & David J. Schow.
Witness The Birth Of Fear. taglines


[Final lines]"From 1969-1973 the Hewitt Family murdered 33 people across state of Texas to this day the crime is to be considered one of the most sadistic crimes in the annals of American History The Texas Chainsaw Massacre."


Chrissie: What are you doing?
Eric: Shh! Keep your voice down. This is how you sneak up on 'em, how you catch 'em.
Chrissie: Catch who?
Eric: Gooks in the swamp.
Chrissie: Eric, the only thing you're gonna catch in this water is disease.
Eric: Chrissie, come on.
Chrissie: No, I'm not going in that water.
Eric: Consider it the last wish of a soldier.
Chrissie: Oh, no.
Eric: No, you've been getting last wishes this whole past week, G.I. Joe.
Chrissie: And you call yourself a patriot.
Eric: You know what I think is patriotic?
Chrissie: What?
Eric: Me driving you across state to go to Vietnam, again. You goin' all the way to Vietnam, baby?
Chrissie: No honey, base camp's far enough for me, trust me.


[As Eric puts a ring on Chrissie, who had her eyes close.]
Eric: Just close your eyes. Let me see your hand. You're gonna love this.
Chrissie: Can I look?
Eric: Yeah.
[Chrissie opens her eyes, looks at the ring and she is amazed.; Eric smiles]
Chrissie: Eric, you got that from a Cracker Jack box!
Eric: Wha... I... I had to eat 17 batches to find the one I wanted.


  • Witness The Birth Of Fear.
  • Every Legend Has a Beginning.
  • The Only Thing More Shocking than How it Ended, Is How it All Began.


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