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The Thundermans is an American comedy television series created by Jed Spingarn that premiered on Nickelodeon on October 14, 2013. The series stars Kira Kosarin, Jack Griffo, Addison Riecke, Diego Velazquez, Chris Tallman, Rosa Blasi, and Maya Le Clark.

Season 1[edit]

Adventures in Supersitting[edit]

Phoebe vs. Max[edit]

Dinner Party[edit]

Report Card[edit]

Ditch Day[edit]

This Looks Like a Job For…[edit]

Weekend Guest[edit]

You Stole My Thunder, Man[edit]

Weird Science Fair[edit]

Crime After Crime[edit]

Going Wonkers[edit]

Restaurant Crashers[edit]


Phoebe's a Clone Now[edit]

Have an Ice Birthday[edit]

Nothing to Lose Sleepover[edit]

Pretty Little Choirs[edit]

Paging Dr. Thunderman[edit]

Up, Up, and Vacay![edit]

Breaking Dad[edit]

Dr. Colosso: I was watching the whole time, and I still don't know how this happened!
Max: [grunting] Come on!
[Dr. Colosso laughs]
Max: This is for a prank that's gonna be so big, the school's going to name an entire day after me.
Dr. Colosso: Dancing turkey head day?
Max: No, Max Thunderman day. You know the chemical in turkeys that you make you super sleepy after you eat 'em?
Dr. Colosso: Of course. It's one of the top ten evil chemicals, right after the stuff in asparagus that makes your tinkle smell.
Max: Well, when I steal my machine back, I'm going to use it to boost that turkey chemical and make super sleepy sandwiches for all my classmates.
Dr. Colosso: Then when they fall asleep, you're going to draw mustaches on them, right?
Max: I am now!

Season 2[edit]

Thunder Van[edit]

Four Supes and a Baby[edit]

Max's Minions[edit]

Pheebs Will Rock You[edit]

The Haunted Thundermans: The Haunted Hathaways crossover[edit]

Shred It Go[edit]

Blue Detective[edit]

Cheer and Present Danger[edit]

Change of Art[edit]

Winter Thunderland[edit]

Parents Just Don't Thunderstand[edit]

Meet the Evilmans[edit]

The Neverfriending Story[edit]

You've Got Fail[edit]

Double Trouble[edit]

Who's Your Mommy?[edit]

The Amazing Rat Race[edit]

Mall Time Crooks[edit]

It's Not What You Link[edit]

Cape Fear[edit]

Call of Lunch Duty[edit]

One Hit Thunder[edit]

The Girl with the Dragon Snafu[edit]

A Hero Is Born[edit]

Season 3[edit]

Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel[edit]

On the Straight and Arrow[edit]

Why You Buggin'?[edit]

Exit Stage Theft[edit]

Are You Afraid of the Park?[edit]

Evil Never Sleeps[edit]


Floral Support[edit]

Patch Me If You Can[edit]

Give Me a Break Up[edit]

No Country for Old Mentors[edit]

Date Expectations[edit]

He Got Game Night[edit]

Kiss Me Nate[edit]

Dog Day After-School[edit]

Original Prankster[edit]

Henry Danger crossover: Danger & Thunder[edit]

Chutes and Splatters[edit]

I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka[edit]

Beat the Parents[edit]

Can't Spy Me Love[edit]

Robin Hood: Prince of Pheebs[edit]

Aunt Misbehavin'[edit]

Stealing Home[edit]

Back to School[edit]

Secret Revealed[edit]

Season 4[edit]

Happy Heroween[edit]


Smells Like Team Spirit[edit]

Max to the Future[edit]

Better Off Wed[edit]

Billy: Three, four, five, six. Cool! I landed on the carrot patch!
Dr. Colosso: Oooh, but you got stuck in farm jail!
Billy: Can I pay my way out with Colosso bucks?
Dr. Colosso: No, because the farmer ran you over with his tractor, which means... I WIN AGAIN!
Billy: How do you win every game of Farmageddon?
Max: I'm asleep and even I know he's cheating.

Parks & T-Rex[edit]

Date of Emergency[edit]

Orange is the New Max[edit]

Ditch Perfect[edit]

May Z-Force Be With You[edit]

21 Dump Street[edit]

Super Dupers[edit]

Come What Mayhem[edit]

Thunder in Paradise[edit]

Pheobe has Dark Mayhems power that turn her evil while Max tries to save her

Save the Past Dance[edit]

Z's All That[edit]

Can't Hardly Date[edit]

Revenge of the Smith[edit]

Nowhere to Slide[edit]

Significant Brother[edit]

Rhythm n' Shoes[edit]

Make it Pop Pop[edit]

Side-Kicking and Screaming[edit]

Cookie Mistake[edit]

All the President's Thunder-Men[edit]

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderhome[edit]

The Thundredth[edit]


The Thunder Games[edit]


Phoebe Thunderman - A daughter of a superhero who has Telekinesis, Freeze Breath and Heat Breath, who have always dreamed of being a superhero

Max Thunderman - A son of a superhero

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