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The Time Machine is a 1960 science fiction film starring Rod Taylor as George, a time traveler from Victorian England, and Yvette Mimieux as the woman he finds in the distant future.


  • [The time machine takes George first to 1917 (during the First World War), then to 1940 (the Second)] Then I realized the truth of the matter – this was a new war...
  • [In the year 802,701, George speaks to Weena about the past] Man's past – is mainly a grim struggle for survival. But there have been moments, when a few voices have spoken up...
  • [George becomes furious when he discovers the Elois' passive nature] What have you done? Thousands of years of building and rebuilding, creating and recreating so you could let it crumble to dust. A million years of sensitive men dying for their dreams, for what? So you can swim, and dance, and play... You, all of you, I'm going back to my own time; I won't even bother to tell of the useless struggle and their hopeless future, but at least I can die among men!

David Filby[edit]

  • George... I speak to you as a friend – more as a brother... if that machine can do what you say it can, destroy it. Destroy it, George, before it destroys you!


  • [George's friends have just seen the small-scale replica of the time machine vanish before their eyes]
    DR. Philip Hillyer: I'll be damned! But where did it go?
    George: Nowhere in the usual sense - it's still here!
  • [In 1900, David Filby discovers that George has left in the time machine again]
    David Filby: He must have taken something with him...
    Mrs. Watchett (George's housekeeper): Nothing... except three books.
    David Filby: Which three books?
    Mrs. Watchett: I don't know... is it important?
    David Filby: Oh, I suppose not. Only, which three books would you have taken?
  • [Last lines]
    Mrs. Watchett: Mister Filby, do you suppose he'll ever return?
    David Filby: One cannot choose, but wonder. You see, he's all the time in the world.

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