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Cat Burglar is a 2022 American animated television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation and Renegade Animation, based on the Tom and Jerry characters and theatrical cartoon series created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera in 1940.

Season 1[edit]

Spike Gets Skooled/Cats-Ruffled Furniture[edit]

Sleep Disorder/Tom's In-Tents Adventure[edit]

Birthday Bashed/Feline Fatale[edit]

Cat Nippy/Ghosts of a Chance[edit]

Holed Up/One of a Kind[edit]

Belly Achin'/Dog Daze[edit]

Little Quacker: [singing] Scooby-doo-be-do dah day I'm going swimming I'm going swimming I'm going swimming Today

Rick: Look who found my fan. [He sees the mess] I suppose you had nothing to do with this, eh, Tom? [Tom gives him an "oh, well" expression] Meet the great outdoors, cat! [He throws Tom outside]

Birds of a Feather/Vampire Mouse[edit]

Butch: Cheer up, Tom. You ain't a bad kitty for wanting to eat that bird. It's what we cats do, we eat birds. [Tom shakes his head] You're darn right, not you. Why? Because you wanna get back in that house. All you gotta do is win back Ginger's trust. And how do you do that? You don't eat the bird. I do.

Butch: [As he gets his net closer to the cage, Jerry runs up and warns him with a sign that says "Warning: Electric Fence"] Oldest trick in the book.
[When his net touches the cage, he gets electrocuted]

Beatie: Good morning, Thomas. You've been very busy, haven't you? I don't love what you've done to the place. That was mother's broom.
Hildie: And grandmother's spell book. Not to mention the smoke and the dust.
Beatie: I think Tom needs a little fresh air in the dark woods. With the nose.
Beatie and Hildie: Indoor cat, damages untold, cast him out into the cold!
[Tom disappeared into the woods outside]
Beatie: So long, cat, and goodbye, mouse.
[Jerry disappeared into the woods outside next to Tom, then he starts chasing Jerry]
Beatie: I remember once turning a newt into a loaf of pumpkin bread. It was very tasty.
Hildie: I remember it being a bit dry myself.
Newt: I don't think I taste very good.
Hildie: Relax, Newt, I'm transforming you into a glorious eagle.
Newt: An eagle, huh?
[As he took a sip of the potion, he transformed into a bat, instead of an eagle, then Hildie screams]
Beatie: Oh, too bad, sister. And I really thought you were going to get the transformation potion right this time.
Hildie: If you weren't constantly distracting, Beatie, I would have. Into the cold with you as well.
[She sends Newt outside into the woods with her wand, then as Tom continues to chase Jerry, Newt appears in front of them]
Newt: Guys, it's me, Newt. I'm an eagle. [Tom and Jerry freak out and ran away] Hey, where are you going? Can I come? [A bright of light disintegrated Newt into black dust]

Entering and Breaking/Franken Kitty[edit]

Tom-Foolery/Haunted Mouse[edit]

Here's Lookin' A-Choo, Kid/Superfied[edit]

What a Pain!/Hop To It[edit]

For the Love of Ruggles/Sleuth or Consequences[edit]

Dinner Is Swerved/Bottled Up Emotions[edit]

The waiter: okay if you want to serve all of your food to your customers, look out for my goodness Fancy Cat now make sure she's all clean! (Tom is thrown into the baking room but survives a crash accident) (Then he sees Jerry and little quacker holding a small piece in their hands) I wonder what were eating today. Hang on I see something is that a little smudge? I need to get a closer look. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! I wonder what happens when you put this on this customers back. (Tom jumps to the cat's Aid shaking his hands) Hey move out the way you big lousy cat! You notice you got mud all over the wall! Now somebody is going to be very disappointed in you! Hey what's that? Why are you pointing to that smudge? Stop stammering and get to work you're going to make a very big mess. ???? I think he's a very confused cat what is he askin? He's trying to say something but I don't know why he is- Wait a minute he's trying to eat us! (Grabs a fork stabs Tom's foot with it causing him to yell with pain) (Tom is now Angry and chases after Jerry and little quacker first he knocks over a pile of a bookshelf then he knocks over a dash of pepper before knocking over water knocking it onto the cat then all of the noises interrupts the waiter from its meeting) Sorry but I have something particular a little-eh??? Oh I know it's just a kitty wait a second it's a gray cat. Tom what are you doing?! Do you know that you're supposed to be working?! Look at you!! You are all covered in- Gasp! You're all covered in Pepper oh dear oh dear oh Deary dear! And now it's all your fault! You were supposed to look after this restaurant not wrecked my restaurant! How do you care about my restaurant you little naughty and lousy cat?! (About to hit Tom with a hamburger) And you are fired for this crime!!! (Slaps the hamburger on Tom) And you might need this!!!! (Hitting him with another hamburger ice cream cone and many other food including a box of cheese and pizza, the waiter takes a dirty Tom out) Why the naughtys of you dirtied my cat and you are going to be punished for this mess! Like it's not fair!!!! (Breaks down sobbing Jerry and little quacker are feeling sorry for the waiter so they tug him on the sleeve so he can stop crying) What is it you little mouse and little ducky? You want to wash my cat? All right I was just grab a sponge and a bucket of water. (The cat screeches and runs away in Fright) (But the waiter grabs her and drops her into a bucket filled with cold water before scrubbing bubbling and also rinsing before dropping her out) There you are you are a very clean kitty even though you are a very wet kitty. Now the only question is can you fix my restaurant? Good you little mice I thought you never told me!

Turn About/The Plight Before Christmas[edit]

Tuffy Love/Poof![edit]

Percy: I'm not going. Magic got me here, magic will bring me back.

Top Cat/Mummy Dearest[edit]

Domestic Kingdom/Molecular Breakup[edit]

Just Plane Nuts/Pets Not Welcome[edit]

  • " we're not welcome? Nonsense! I wanted to be there!
  • " [Tom blows up a balloon but then it pops] nice try.
  • " [Jerry steps on a no mice and pets allowed Mat] be careful Mouse!
  • " I think I sprained one of my doggie ankles.
  • " we need more popcorn cat! Get the butter! Yummy butter! Call it buttery popcorn!

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'/Road Trippin'[edit]

Magic Mirror/Bone Dry[edit]

My Bot-y Guard/Little Quacker and Mister Fuzzy Hide[edit]

Pipeline/No Brain, No Gain[edit]

Cat Napped/Black Cat[edit]

Hunger Strikes/Gravi-Tom[edit]

Ghost Party/Cat-Astrophe[edit]

Curse Case Scenario/Say Cheese[edit]

Season 2[edit]

Dental Case/Picture Imperfect/One-Way Cricket[edit]

Slinging in the Rain/Squeaky Clean/Tough Luck Duck[edit]

Spike: Wait a doggone minute, how can it be raining inside when the sun is shining outside?
[He, Tom and Tyke look at Jerry and Tuffy]
Tuffy: Hehehe. We sure had you fooled.

The Paper Airplane Chase/Round Tripped/Smitten with the Kitten[edit]

Cheesy Ball Run[edit]

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