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The Tomorrow People is an American science fiction television series. It was a remake of the original British television series of the same name, created by Roger Price, which ran from 1973–79. The series follows a group of young people who possess psionic powers as the result of human evolution.

Season 1[edit]

Opening voiceover
My name is Stephen Jameson. I'm one of the Tomorrow People, the next step in human evolution. They call our powers the Three Ts: telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation. There is a shadow war going on between us and Ultra, a secret organization that hunts us. The only way to keep my species from going extinct is to find my father. The only way to do that, is by working for the enemy.

Pilot [1.01][edit]

Cara Coburn: I know you have a life here. A family. But the people who are like us? The ones we found? The ones we will find? They are my family. I'm not gonna let anything happen to them. And I won't let anything happen to you. Now, please, Stephen. Just come with me.
Stephen Jameson: You know, when you first started talking to me the mysterious voice in my head. Even when I thought I was crazy I trusted you. I have to find out what happened to my dad, okay? Whether or not he's a hero, if he's alive, I have to know. But there's only one way I can find him without losing everyone else. Now, I know you're gonna think I'm crazy for doing this--
Cara: Stephen, you have no idea what you're getting yourself into.
Stephen: Cara. It's your turn to trust me.

Stephen: You think I'm crazy.
Astrid Finch: I didn't say that.
Stephen: No, no. I'm telling you, there's a reason for everything that I've been through, okay? Every unexplained symptom, every misdiagnosis, and you're taking their side?
Astrid: No, I'm not.
Stephen: You want me to be crazy, is that it?
Astrid: Listen, I stuck by you, and your whole year of crazy, because I care about you. And just so you know, everybody didn't leave. You pushed them away. Which is exactly what you're doing to me.

Astrid: Well, are you taking your meds?
Stephen: Yes! Astrid, I'm taking my meds, but maybe I need something a little stronger like an ice pick lobotomy, or maybe I should just save everyone the trouble and check myself into the loony bin.
Astrid: Okay. Let me see your pills.
Stephen: Why?
Astrid: I just want to check to see if being a raging dick is a side effect?
Stephen: Okay, good one.

Stephen: Okay, okay, wait wait wait, wait. Where are we? How-... Who are you?
John Young: You're in an abandoned subway station 100 feet below the streets of Manhattan. You teleported here. Actually... I teleported you.
Cara: We're called Tomorrow People. And we didn't choose the name, I swear.
Stephen: [laughing, seeing the others] This isn't happening. It's just another one of my crazy dreams.
Cara: [telepathically] It's not a dream, Stephen.
Stephen: How did you do that?
Cara: You've heard of telepathy? It's another one of our powers.
John: The three Ts, the third being telekinesis.
[Stephen nods humorfully]
Cara: [to John] He doesn't believe us.
John: It's funny, the teleporting usually sells it.
Stephen: No offense, but any second I'm gonna wake up someplace awful. Maybe another three-way at the neighbors' place.
[John smiles at the thought]
Cara: You don't understand, Stephen. You're one of us. You're breaking out.
John: You're waking up in weird places, Stephen? You're not sleepwalking. You're teleporting. You hear Cara's voice in your head, that's telepathy. Your latent powers are starting to appear. Soon, you'll be able to do this.
[Stephen begins levitating off the floor with no effort whatsoever evident on John's face]
Stephen: Okay, oka- okay! Okay! Put me down! Put me down!
John: You got it.
[Stephen falls into a crouching position. One of the others laughs]
Stephen: No, no, I'm having a psychotic break. My meds are off or something.
John: No, no, no more pills. They're obviously addling your brain.
Cara: What he means... is the drugs are just going to get in your way.
Stephen: Get in my way? You have no idea what my year has been like.
Cara: [with a hurt expression] Stephen, I know exactly what it's been like. I know how alone you've felt, how scared. You feel like you're turning into a different person, like your mind isn't your own. All those hours on your therapist's couch? I was there with you, Stephen. When we're connected, I feel what it's like to be you.
Stephen: That sounds, um, awful.

Stephen: If I'm not human, what the hell am I?
Russell Kwon: You, my friend, are a Homo Superior.
Cara: We didn't pick that name either.

In Too Deep [1.02][edit]

Russell: Look, we get that you're looking out for us, but Stephen called it. At some point we have got to stop playing defense, and fight back. I mean we've hiding out down here for two years.
John: Which is two years longer than any of us would have survived up top.
Cara: We are all for survival. But if we're not going to stand up for our own, what's the point of surviving?

Stephen: You sent in a kill squad to mow down a 17-year-old kid?
Jedikiah Price: Okay, first of all, he's not a kid, he's not even human. No offense. He's a paranormal menace.
Stephen: And that gives you license to put him down like an animal?
Jedikiah: Look, I told you from the very beginning, we were in a shadow war with your kind and mine. You didn't think there'd be any casualties?
Stephen: Okay, enough with the war lingo. This isn't a war, it's genocide.

John: We all made sacrifices, Stephen, but somehow, you think you're special.
Stephen: You don't think I know what it's like to lose someone? Up until last week, I thought my dad, your great hero, was just some human loser who left me. Now I don't know what to think other than he's alive. But how are you gonna find him if you're hiding down here like a bunch of paranormal refugees? I will do whatever it takes to find my dad. If that means working for Ultra, fine.
John: Jedikiah's goal is to eliminate our species from the face of the planet. I worked there, Stephen. I know. Getting inside your head, it's just the beginning. You haven't even scratched the surface of what they can do. And as long as you're down here, the rest of us aren't safe!

Stephen: That's why I have to find him. I can't let that be my last memory of my dad.
Cara: What are you gonna do?
Stephen: I'm gonna do what he asked me to do. I'm gonna take care of my family. I'm going to be a better brother, a better son, and a better friend, to both of our species. Because what I've realized, is that I can't turn my back on either of them. The only way I can do all this, is by pretending to be a good soldier, by working for my uncle, staying one step ahead of him. And that is what I'm going to do.

Astrid: Where'd you come from? I was waiting for you outside.
Stephen: Hey, uh, I teleported. Kidding. Kidding, kidding. Uh, my-my mom gave me a lift.
Astrid: Great. I see we've moved into the comedy portion of your psychotic break.

Girl, Interrupted [1.03][edit]

Cara: You can't change what happened.
Stephen: No. You also don't have to let it define you. Maybe we were given these powers for a reason. You know? Our being able to help people like Emily, it's not playing God. It's just being human.
Cara: You're a real cup's-half-full kinda guy, aren't you? I like that.

Cara: You're right. The real reason not to help these people isn't because it's reckless. It's pointless. They don't deserve saving.
Stephen: You don't mean that.
Cara: The people you love, they don't know the truth about you. If, when, they discover there's a freak living in their midst, then you'll find out who they really are...

Stephen: One of my classmates, who's been having pretty serious mental problems, is thinking about killing herself.
Jedikiah: Oh, that's tragic.
Stephen: So... I-I should try to help her?
Jedikiah: What was it that Stalin once said? "When one man dies it's a tragedy, when millions die, it's a statistic." Well, obviously he was a monster. And he had it backwards. Because what happens if by using your powers to help this person, you accidentally reveal to the rest of the world that there's a new species living amongst them? One that could read their thoughts, steal their secrets, prey upon them. Humans would either try to exploit you or kill you and then millions would die, of your kind and mine. And that would indeed be a tragedy.
Stephen: So what does make Emily? Is she the statistic?
Jedikiah: You can't save everybody.

Cara: You dig around in people's minds, you'll find everyone has a sad story.
Stephen: You talking from experience?
Cara: Not that I'd like to share.
Stephen: Okay, wait... So what? We just ignore them?
Cara: Forget about their kind. We'll be lucky if we can save our own species.

Emily Hightower: (to Stephen and Astrid) I didn't lose her. She is not a set of car keys. I killed her. I wasn't paying attention. I didn't even see a train coming and I killed my little sister Ok. So if you are here to tell me that you know what it feels like to have your parents look at you like you are a murderer!

Kill or Be Killed [1.04][edit]

John: I left Ultra because you made me kill. I swore to myself I'd never do it again.
Jedikiah: And you haven't. Till tonight.
John: You think it's an imperfection. But I think there's a reason we were born unable to kill. It destroys something. A part of your soul you don't get back. I felt it today. Just like I felt it years ago. I hate you for what you made me.
Jedikiah: I made you strong. Perfect.
John: We're not running anymore. From here on, we do everything to stop you. We see you on the street, we don't turn, we fight. Got it?
Jedikiah: Kill or be killed, John.
John: Kill or be killed.

Cara: Making deals with Jedikiah it's not like John.
Stephen: He did what he had to do. I know I'm usually the one criticizing him. The way he runs things down here. I have accused him of being cowardly, and overly cautious. I have even questioned what it is you see in him. But today was different. Today I saw it.
Cara: You're not developing a guy crush on him, are you?
Stephen: The guy's a leader, Cara.

Russell: (about John's meeting with Jedikiah) No! No way. It's a trap.
T.I.M.: What you just said could be interpreted in the negative. Meaning there's no possibility of it being a trap.
Russell: I meant, no way it isn't a trap, you literal-minded hunk of crap.

Luca Jameson: Stephen, if you joined some sort of fight club, I want in.

Killian McCrane: (to John) That is no way to start a reunion. Maybe I just wanted to see you.

All Tomorrow's Parties [1.05][edit]

Cara: (about his ability to kill people) This is what you've been hiding from me all these years? This is why you've been keeping me at arm's length? Do you see what it has done to us, John?
John: What choice did I have? How do you think they'd take the news? That Jedikiah had turned their fearless leader into a freak. That I wasn't one of them anymore.
Cara: I'm not talking about them. Why didn't you tell me?
John: 'Cause of the way... because of the way you're looking at me right now. Like I'm some monster.
Cara: I don't care what your secret was. It's that you kept it from me. That is what you were seeing, John.

Stephen: Wow. Just so you know, I took your side in all this. Ultra's acting like it's DEFCON 1 and I'd like to figure out what's going on before you guys take your little spring break topside.
John: Stephen, it doesn't matter whose side you take. The problem is, I'm about to fight Cara now because you already have her, everyone down here, thinking that we can just live in the human world. Because you can.
Stephen: You can tell me to take a hike, deal with Ultra on your own, or you can figure out how to be a leader to your people without blaming me for your problems. I'm not gonna be your scapegoat.

Stephen: Hey!
Cara: (about his black-eye) Nice shiner. Darcy?
Stephen: Different chick.
Cara: Chick. No wonder she clocked you.

Irene Quinn: I graduated from Yale when I was 14 and would've finished my PhD last year at MIT, not to brag, if I hadn't accidentally TK'd my dick advisor into a wall and ended up for 6 months on a 5150.

Cara: I think a night out could do all of us a lot of good.
John: It's not worth the risk.
Cara: John, what's the point of surviving if we don't get to really live? We're dying down here, John. All of us.

Sorry for Your Loss [1.06][edit]

Cara: (about partners) All right, Romeo. What about you?
Stephen: More than one.
Cara: But no Tomorrow People.
Stephen: So?
Cara: So, you're a televirgin?

Cara: So, what you're saying is that you only date girls with stripper names and who start with C?
Stephen: Well, then I guess you're in luck. Cara.
Cara: Cara's not a stripper name.
Stephen: Okay.
Cara: Is it?
Stephen: No. No. It's pretty... strippery.

Morgan Burke: (to Jedikiah) Maybe I like to flaunt the rules.

Piper Nichols: (to Stephen and Cara) She was all I had left. I can't go home again. I have no one.

Cara: You tried to reunite two lost, lonely siblings. And you risked getting caught to stay with Piper. It reminded of what I've known all along. You're the best person I've ever met.
Stephen: I don't know if I belong here, Cara.
Cara: Why would you say that?
Stephen: It's like John always says, we're at war. And in war there's no room for-for whatever, sentimentality.
Cara: You mean humanity?
Stephen: John keeps people alive.
Cara: You kept Irene alive. Before we brought you in, we'd lost sight of what it is to be alive. At least I know I had. You've given us a gift.

Limbo [1.07][edit]

Cara: Do me a favor. The next time you want to go after a psychotic breakout on your own without your powers, don't.
Stephen: Sure thing. But I wasn't on my own.
Cara: You're lucky I even knew you were in trouble. That cuff should have blocked me from hearing your voice.
Stephen: That's what I've been saying all along. We're connected. Look, you can fight it, deny it all you want, Cara. But you and I, we're inevitable.

Cara: You know how we said we would tell each other everything? That we could get past anything as long as we were honest with each other?
John: Yeah.
Cara: While you were gone, I made a mistake.
John: Cara, there's nothing you could of done.
Cara: I slept with Stephen. I'm so sorry. If I could take it back, I would. And it doesn't change how I feel about you. The thought of losing you terrifies me. Say something.
John: Are we even now? I lied to you, you lied to me, is that how it is?
Cara: No. No, that's not--
John: It took me years to tell you the truth about the Annex Project. It took you two days to come clean about this. So, in that respect, you win.

Astrid: Just to be clear, my mind is-is totally off limits. Right?
Stephen: Yes, okay? I would never. It'd be like seeing you naked. It'd just be wrong.
Astrid: Oh, what's wrong with me naked?

Cara: We're looking for a rapist? No, that doesn't make any sense. Are you sure he's one of us?
Irene: The way he vanishes into thin air, he's gotta be.
Cara: So much for homo-superior.
John: Our powers don't make us good. They just make us powerful. How we use them is up to us. This guy is twisted. With or without 'em.

John: So it turns out our resident klepto is actually a mad musical genius.
Cara: Like a violin prodigy or something?
Russell: Oh, 'cause I'm Asian I must play the violin.

Thanatos [1.08][edit]

Jedikiah: You're wasting your time, Cara.
Cara: I've got nowhere to be.
Jedikiah: Well, all humility aside, I am a very important person and very powerful people are searching for me, so...
Cara: Shut up.
Jedikiah: Such hostility.

Cara: You're lying.
Jedikiah: And how would you know? My nephew stripped you of your powers. How different it must feel living down here, like some scared, paranormal rat when you really belong on the surface with the rest of our species.
Cara: I see more rats up there than I ever do here.

Morgan: Do you remember how we met?
Jedikiah: Coney Island. You were posing as a psychic, using telepathy to tell poor saps what they wanted to hear. And then I made the mistake of letting you read me. And in that instant you took my hand, you knew more about me than anyone, and you weren't repulsed or scared.
Morgan: I'd never met someone like you, of any species. So passionate. So intelligent. So vulnerable. You, my darling, are a web of contradictions. You need me inside that tangled head of yours.

John: I trusted you like a father and you used me. Don't you get it? I lost everything that day.
Jedikiah: You were just a boy looking for a family. That's what you'll always be.
John: You don't get to decide what I am.

John: At the first sign of trouble..
Russell: We're off like a bra on prom night.

Death's Door [1.09][edit]

John: Listen to me, Stephen. Jedikiah ordered me to kill your father. There was no plan. Roger didn't know! I saw it on his face, I read it in his mind. I held his body in my hands. So trust me when I tell you your father is dead.
Cara: Stephen, what you saw was a vision. You were hoping, like we were all hoping, that Roger was still out there. But it's not real.
Stephen: You're both wrong. He's alive. And I need your help. This isn't about me. This is about all of us. The Refuge is real, but we can't get there without my dad. Now, the whole reason you guys tracked me down was so that I could find him. So either you believe that I'm the Chosen One or you don't. Which is it, Cara?

Stephen: It's gonna work.
John: Says who? Some crusty old professor friend of your father's?
Stephen: Limbo exists, I've seen it. Stopping time while teleporting is the only way to get there. Maybe you're not trying hard enough.
John: Oh, I'm teleporting just fine. You're the one who's supposed to stop time mid-jump.
Russell: It can't be done! It's like farting and sneezing at the same time. Scientifically impossible.

Morgan: What's going on, where is everyone?
Cara: We're getting ready to kill Stephen. Don't ask.

Russell: Devil's advocate. If Stephen's wrong, you'll have killed two Chosen Ones.

John: What exactly are you saying, Stephen?
Stephen: You have to try and kill me.

The Citadel [1.10][edit]

Jedikiah: (referring to the change of the leadership) Well, you were always better at taking orders than giving them.
John: You know, one day, Cara's going to order me to kill you. And I won't say no.

Cara: First day on the job, I shoot you, I lead us straight into an ambush.
Stephen: You broke into the Citadel. You saved Charlotte's life.
Cara: I got Errol killed.
Stephen: No, Errol sacrificed himself so that you could save her. That girl has a future now, thanks to both of you.
Cara: Appreciate the spin.
Stephen: It's not spin. Look, I took an actual bullet because I believe in you. I believe in both of us. Either I'm going to find the Refuge, or you're going to build one. Right here.
Cara: Or both.
Stephen: Yeah, okay, or both. Look, I know we're feeling like long shots today, but together? I don't hate our odds.

Cara: Look, I understand Stephen is desperate to believe his father is still alive, but you, of all people, should not be giving him false hope.
John: Stephen is going to do what he wants to do. Regardless of what we think.
Cara: If Roger was still out there, I would have seen it when I read Stephen's mind.
John: Roger was the only one who could have turned the tide in this war. If there is any possibility that he is out there--
Cara: And you killed him. And then you lied about it to all of us. And now, worst of all? You're taking advantage of Stephen's vulnerability to make yourself feel better.
John: I believe that Stephen saw his father.
Cara: Even if Stephen has forgiven you, it doesn't mean that your sins have been erased.

John: Look at her, Cara. If you can't see that she is one of us then you are lost to us as a leader and we are lost as a people.

Jedikiah: So this wasn't your plan. That explains the profound recklessness.

Rumble [1.11][edit]

Charlotte Taylor: (to John) Every time I close my eyes..... it's like I'm back at that place.

Cara: (referring to Stephen and John) If I am such a great leader, why can't I get them figured out?
T.I.M.: Perhaps you enjoy the thrill of being pursued simultaneously by two equally desirable mates.
Cara: It was rhetorical, T.I.M.
T.I.M.: Right. Sorry. I'll be quiet.

Cara: I heard from Stephen. Julian got away. Doubt he'll forgive and forget.
John: You stood up to him and won. That's what he won't forget.
Cara: He'll come back for me. We'll always have to live with a guard up.
John: How's that different from how we live now? That's leadership during wartime. There is no end.
Cara: This fun just goes on and on.

Morgan: (referring to Charlotte) Her attacks are starting to attack everyone around her. It's only getting worse. With all they've been through recently, people are starting to talk.
John: About what?
Morgan: About kicking her out of the lair. I didn't say I was for it.
John: Because that's what they do here now? Kick the weak from the herd.
Morgan: Look maybe the group is just starting to feel a little unsettled. You know, being under new leadership and all. Hey, look, we all feel sorry for the kid.
Cara: So what, we just put her back on the street? Let Ultra snatch her up again? Is that what you guys want? Chloe's first month, she screamed in her sleep. And before we trained him, Dunbar's telekinesis was like a firehouse. If we kicked out everyone who showed up with bruises, this place would be empty. Charlotte stays.

Charlotte: I'm trying to do what you said. I'm concentrating on my breathing.
John: No, you're learning to concentrate on your breathing. Once you master it, you'll be able to... you'll be able to take all that anger, frustration, confusion, and turn it into something good.
Charlotte: How do you know all this?
John: Well, I was taken by Ultra when I was your age. Maybe even younger.
Charlotte: It seems like you turned out okay.
John: Well, only after I was able to take my fear of them, what I thought was my greatest weakness, and turn it into something powerful.
Charlotte: How?
John: By taking all the darkness that's trapped inside you, and using it as a weapon. Close your eyes, Charlotte. Close your eyes. All those horrible memories are like clouds passing through your mind. And the cloud that's about Ultra is black. And it blocks out the sun. But now imagine that you reach out with one hand. You take that black cloud and... (Charlotte throw him across the room)
Charlotte: Destroy it.
John: (smiles) Destroy it.

Sitting Ducks [1.12][edit]

Cara: So, what happened with your mom's boyfriend?
Stephen: There were times that I was sure he was using his powers. Objects that had to have been TK'd. But when I forced his hand--
Cara: Wait, what do you mean, forced his hand?
Stephen: Uhm... I might have accidentally shoved him off a cliff.
Cara: What?!
Stephen: Yeah. If he has powers, he's willing to die to keep them a secret.

Astrid: How long do I have to stay here for? Stephen?
Cara: Until it's safe.
Astrid: And when will that be, exactly? What, like, tomorrow? Monday? Longer?
Cara: However long it takes.
Astrid: So, what, you're gonna keep me hostage?
Stephen: No, of course not. But you have to let us protect you.
Astrid: You're the reason I need protection in the first place.

Hillary Cole: Excuse me, Dr. Price, sir? I just wanted to follow up with you regarding your nephew's human confidante, Ms. Finch.
Jedikiah: Yes, I have the situation under control.
Hillary: And Stephen will be reprimanded, the same as everyone else, right?
Jedikiah: I don't answer to you, Ms. Cole. And, uh... you know, a strong work ethic is to be commended, but internal sabotage based on ruthless ambition and personal vendetta won't be tolerated.
Hillary: Yes, but, the girl, you're going to kill her?
Jedikiah: If I say "yes," and you smile, you're next, you got it? Yes. But I want you to understand something. You and everyone like you have the privilege of working at this agency for the exclusive benefit of human beings. And when one of them has to be sacrificed for the greater good, it's not a cause for celebration or personal achievement, you got it?
Hillary: Yes, sir.

Stephen: (referring to his mother's boyfriend) Look, Cara, I know our kind can't kill, but what if he just chops off our hands and leaves us out here to starve or freeze to death?
Cara: Wow, we went straight to the dark place, huh?
Stephen: Have you seen any horror movies? How are things at the Batcave?
Cara: Well, Russ is still laid up, but he hasn't lost his acquired sense of humor. Now I have to listen to his semi-coherent jokes and pretend they're funny.
Russell: I can hear you.
Cara: I know.

John: I've always been fighting to survive. Never thought about how I'd want to live if I had the option. Never had dreams like that.

Things Fall Apart [1.13][edit]

John: I will not be chastised for making the right damn decision!
Cara: Keep your voice down.
John: Let me save you the suspense, Cara. I am gonna do what I think is best for our people, no matter who's leader down here.
Cara: John, don't.
John: And if you're gonna threaten to kick me out every time I step out of line, you should just do it already.
Cara: Finally some leadership advice I can actually use. Pack your stuff. You can say your goodbyes, and then you need to go. Goodbye, John. Good luck.

John: So, are we gonna talk about what happened?
Cara: Nothing happened.
John: I kissed you. And you kissed me back.
Cara: It's old habits.
John: Well, I'm pretty sure that one's not dead yet.
Cara: It doesn't matter, what I want. When we're together, I can't be impartial. You of all people should understand. I can't put my feelings before the group.

Cassandra Smythe: Why did you bring me here? Why are you telling me all this?
John: 'Cause you're like us. You hate your father and everything he stands for. You want to keep him from hurting anyone else? Stephen is our best chance to stop him. He is working for us on the inside but he is about to be exposed and tortured, and the only way to help him is to give your father what he wants. You.
Cassandra: (John takes her cuffs) What are you doing?
John: I can't force you to go back to him, Cassie. But if you wanna stop your father, you'll save Stephen, and maybe he'll save all of us.

Stephen: Well, you can still tell me about your old man, I promise to keep the overshare between us.
Cassandra: Um, my Dad's powerful. Opinionated. A man who doesn't care about anyone, or anything. He just wants to win. At all costs.
Stephen: You just described nearly every guy on the Fortune 500.

Hugh Bathory: Where is Mr. Jameson?
Jedikiah: He quit.
Hugh: See, that word implies he had a choice in the matter.

Brother's Keeper [1.14][edit]

Russell: Talk to me, mama. What's happening?
Cara: I couldn't get close. Stephen and his Ultra gal-pal were crowding the scene.
Russell: But what do you think? Did a breakout actually bump someone off?
Cara: Clearly Jedikiah thinks so.
Russell: It doesn't make sense. How?
Cara: We can't rule out the possibility of an evolutionary mutation.
Russell: Whoa. You think Mother Nature created, like, a Tomorrow Person 2.0? A Day-After-Tomorrow Person.

Cara: John can take care of himself.
Stephen: You willing to bet his life on that?

Hillary: It’s under “H,” for hit man.
Stephen: Let me grab my “P” for pants.

John: (about Stephen) He’s a hero.
Marla Jameson: Just like his father.

Russell: Even Mother Nature can brain fart.

Enemy of My Enemy [1.15][edit]

Astrid: John, what are you doing?
John: Proving a point. Fear doesn't have to own you. Fear is something you can control.
Astrid: I don't want to die.
John: Everyone dies, Astrid. All you can do is make sure you're wearing the right shoes when it happens.

Charlotte: So when are you coming back?
John: I don't know yet, Charlotte.
Charlotte: If you don't come back soon, I'm going to hate you forever.
John: I miss you too, Charlie.

Stephen: You say this war is to protect humanity. You don’t know the first thing about being human.

Russell: Hey Julian, remember what happened when you caught me in your house? Now you’re in my house.

Cara: Next time you want to recruit a sweet, young telepath, don’t corner her in an empty subway car.

Superhero [1.16][edit]

Hillary: Working with you has made me soft. All those things I told you. I'm not used to being this vulnerable.
Stephen: What are you talking about?
Hillary: I mean how else could I have missed the obvious? You didn't want to catch the breakout. You were doing everything in your power to subvert the operation.
Stephen: If you have all these doubts about me, why don't you write up a report? What's stopping you from going to Jedikiah? (They kiss)
Hillary: This is very unprofessional, Jameson. This type of behavior will not be tolerated. Debrief at HQ in 90 minutes.
Stephen: Then maybe after that we can have a little debrief on the debrief.
Hillary: I'm going to debrief you so hard.

Cara: Where are you going?
Russell: I am done taking orders and being a prisoner to a hypothetical cause when I could be out there helping real people. Right now.
Cara: Ultra is hardly hypothetical.
Russell: We act like we have to choose between working for them or fighting them. That's a fake choice. There are dragons to slay. We were given swords. I say we choose greatness.

Russell: Look, maybe it's time to reconsider our position. Do some good. We've been playing an awful lot of defense lately.
Cara: Since when are you a philanthropist?
Russell: Maybe I'm evolving. Maybe I don't want to see a teenage girl get raped by a bunch of gangsters.
John: We got enough problems, Russell.
Russell: Like finding our ghost hero who's lost in limboland? (to Stephen) No offense, dude.

Mallory: You’re Russell Kwon?
Russell: That’s what it says inside my underwear.

Mallory: Look, until Om Lam Chung's behind bars, trust me, this thing ain't over.
Russell: Who's--
T.I.M.: Om Lam Chung, leader of the Made to Kill Vietnamese American crime syndicate, currently awaiting trial under the RICO Act.
Mallory: Bingo. What the snooty, disembodied voice thing said.
T.I.M.: Perhaps I should turn myself off if my intelligence isn't welcome.
Mallory: So sensitive.

Endgame [1.17][edit]

Stephen: T.I.M, this is the best image you've got?
T.I.M.: No other images exist of the address Cassie provided. Seems to be in some imaging dead zone.
Cassandra: It's the same technology the CIA uses to keep you from snooping on Langley.
Russell: So we're gunning for a paranormal supervillain holed up in his secret hideout with government-grade defenses? Hallelujah!

Jedikiah: A little truth? Your double agent was, in fact, mine. I've known about Stephen's deception from the very beginning. In fact, I let you and your friends find him and turn him because I knew it could bring us right to this exact point.
John: You can't! You can't paint yourself as the good guy, after all you've done. You let me think that I killed Roger. You let that haunt me for years.
Jedikiah: Had no choice, kid. Your ignorance was part of the conspiracy.
John: You ruined my life.
Jedikiah: I know.
John: You made me into something that I hate.
Jedikiah: I know. And now, the only way to free ourselves from our past is for you to kill the Founder. For better or worse, John, it's your destiny. Please. Please, stop this war. For all of us.

John: Cara, what if I had a way to end this war? I mean, for good, and get us out of here.
Cara: I'd be for it.
John: What if it meant killing someone?
Cara: The Founder.
John: If Stephen's right, Jedikiah has just been doing his dirty work. Ultra, this war, it all begins and ends with the Founder. But if we kill him...
Cara: It means our freedom. A life for my sister, outside the trenches, up in the real world? I say kill the bastard.

Jedikiah: Love you even though you left me, Tim.
T.I.M.: Thank you, Dr. Price.
Russell: Quit stroking each other.

Sophie Coburn: We were seconds away from being road kill. How are you so calm?
Cara: Practice

Smoke and Mirrors [1.18][edit]

Cara: Hillary is clouding your judgment.
Stephen: You are unbelievable. You said you and I were a mistake.
Cara: We are a mistake.
Stephen: And what about Hillary? She's a mistake too?
Cara: She's an Ultra agent.
Stephen: You know that's not the reason. Come on, Cara. Don't make me read your mind.
Cara: Just because I'm jealous, doesn't mean I'm wrong. At least I can keep my feelings and my judgment separate.
Stephen: Yeah, you've done a great job with that.
Cara: Stephen. If you have lost sight of why you've gone undercover in Ultra in the first place, it's more than just my feelings that'll get hurt.

John: Sorry, zoning off a little.
T.I.M.: Is that slang for being preoccupied with one’s sexual mate?

Stephen: I’m sorry I think I’m having a stroke. Did you just suggest we break a rule?

Jedikiah: (to John) I don’t want you to kill anyone. I want you to save someone.

Jedikiah: Folks, this is a Paranormal intervention.

Modus Vivendi [1.19][edit]

Hillary: What, Astrid? She’s been glaring at me all night.
Stephen: Well, you did try to have her killed.
Hillary: I said I was sorry.

Cara: You didn’t by chance drop Hillary on the train tracks, did you?
Russell: Jealousy is an ugly thing.

Stephen: As far as I’m concerned, both the Founder and Jedikiah…
T.I.M.: Can suck it.

Stephen: Until I figure out how to stop time, I’m sure as hell not going to waste it.

Jedikiah: You’re absolved, kid. How does that make you feel?

A Sort of Homecoming [1.20][edit]

Astrid: Listen, Hillary, this better be for real. Stephen is my best friend and he's a very special guy--
Hillary: I'm aware.
Astrid: I'm still talking. He's got a lot going on right now, and he needs someone he can trust and rely on, and if that happens to be you... then great. But if it's not--
Hillary: I'm in love with him. Does that answer your question?

Natalie: (to Cara) We wait for him all these years, and then he just bails on us. What kind of savior is that?

John: Well, the man they thought was gonna lead them just left. I guess they feel a little lost.
Charlotte: But you and Cara are leaders now.
John: Roger was the one... they thought was gonna come back and save them from this life. And now that he's left them all over again...
Charlotte: They only believed in Roger because you did. You're my hero, John

Natalie: So, what now? Is he gonna throw on a cape and take us straight to the Refuge?
Russell: Natalie, the dude just thawed out. One miracle at a time.

Hillary: My whole life, I’ve wanted to be a hero. I’ve finally found a way.

Kill Switch [1.21][edit]

Stephen: Okay, Cara, out of my head.
Cara: I'm just trying to--
Stephen: No, no, you hack into people's brains. You learn their vulnerabilities, but you don't let anyone know how you're really feeling.
Cara: That is because I am scared. You want to know how I'm feeling? My friends are dying and I am second-guessing every decision I have ever made. Only I can't admit that because I am supposed to be the strong one. And now John's gone, and I am doing everything I can not to fall apart. That is how I am feeling.

Marla: How did you get so brave?
Stephen: I learned it from you.

John: So that’s it? You just call me to tell that the world’s gonna end?
Astrid: I thought you’d want a heads-up.

Jedikiah: Yeah, well, you know what? I’d rather be alive than the blueprint for somebody else’s skin, thank you very much.

John: Astrid, when I kiss you next time. It’s not going to be because the world is ending.

Son of Man [1.22][edit]

Stephen: Our future is only as small as our imagination.
Cara: I like that.
Stephen: Thanks. I got it from a fortune cookie.
Cara: You the lamest Chosen One ever.
Stephen: Ever?

Astrid: I don't think anyone would think a dork like you could save the world.
Stephen: Oh, thanks for that. Way to tame my ego.
Astrid: Yeah, that's why I'm here.

Natalie: The Founder has offered us the world and you want to just hand it back to the humans?
Russell: Look. I've made some major mistakes in my life, but mass extinction? That's where I draw the line.

Stephen: What happened to you?
Cara: Natalie lead a team of agents down to the Lair. Only they've been mutated with the same recombinant gene therapy you're about to take.
Stephen: His agents can kill. I have to do this, Cara. The Founder took my family, my father, Hillary, he took everything from me!
Cara: I'm still here.
Stephen: If we don't stop him, John, Astrid, Luca, they're all dead.
Cara: I believe in you, Stephen. I have from the very start. The first time I heard your voice. I knew.
Stephen: Knew what?
Cara: That you'd be the one to save all of us.
Stephen: How?
Cara: It's not like this. Not by giving up your humanity.

Jedikiah: I wish I could take back what I did to you, John. It was for nothing. Now, my brother's gone and the world's gone to hell.
John: And here you are, watching old movies.
Jedikiah: Yes, indeed. You're, uh... you're all I have left. You're...
John: Human. I'm just a man, now, Jed.
Jedikiah: You're just a man? John. That is all a father could want for his son.


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