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The Trumpet of the Swan is a 2001 animated film produced by Nest Family Entertainment and RichCrest Animation Studios, directed by Richard Rich & Terry L. Noss, and distributed by TriStar Pictures.

Directed by Richard Rich & Terry L. Noss. Produced by Paul J. Newman and Lin Oliver. Screenplay by Judy Rothman Rofé. Based on The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White.


  • May the hills echo with your new voice, my son.


Boyd: [while playing Marco Polo] No fair! Louie didn't say "polo"!
Ella: Well, he can't talk.
Boyd: Can't talk? And he calls himself a Trumpeter Swan? I don't think so.
Billie: Louie can't help it. Father says he's, you know, [whispering] defective.
Boyd: Well, defect, Marco Polo is a talking game, and if you can't talk, you can't play!

[while Ella and Billie are playing a game, Louie stands nearby]
Ella: You've got the beat, bro. Wanna join in?
Louie: [to himself] If only she knew how much.
Ella: Oh, sorry.
Billie: Now see what you did?
Ella: Sorry. It's not my fault he's, you know, defective.

Serena: [seeing Louie's heart-shaped cloud] It's beautiful.
Boyd: Okay, okay, what does it say?
Serena: It says that Louie is mine, and I am his, forever.
Boyd: [angrily; to Louie] So you can talk now, huh? Well, let's see what you have to say without your horn!
[Boyd attacks Louie and knocks his horn into the water]
Louie: No! My voice!
Boyd: Ha, ha, there goes your love call, songbird! Now get off my lake, and this time, don't come back!
[They both fight]

[after Sam saves Ella and Billie from a wolf, with Louie's warning]
Father: Thank goodness you are safe, my precious daughters. When I think of what could have happened with poor Louie here unable to cry out a warning! But I'm sure you tried your best, son.
Louie: I did try! Can't he see how hard I tried?
Mother: Darling, that human boy, he saved the lives of our children.
Father: He has my eternal gratitude.
Sam: Hey, it was no problem.

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